True or False? A Quick Guide to Understanding Journalism Ethics

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If you handle media relations for your nonprofit, it’s important to understand the rules that govern professional journalism. Journalists aren’t supposed to let the fact that advertisers spend money in their pages or on their networks have any sway over the news they report.

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Segmenting Audiences for Social Media Engagement

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Unfortunately, for most government organizations, a comprehensive market segmentation study is rarely a top priority. As a taxpayer, I want to see my money spent well and optimized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Top 10 Grant Money Myths: Do You Think You Know What You're Doing While Looking for Grant Money? Or, Do You Know That You Don't?!

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Top ten myths about grant money : The myths are in red font. Time, money, research, planning, team work, writing, etc. A new fundraising method takes at least three years to make money and advanced committee planning. There are grants for individuals If I had a dollar for every time I'm asked to help raise money for an individual (I could donate a lot of money to a good cause). Legit grants for individuals come from municipalities (governments, Tribes, etc.)

Data, data, data, and more data…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

One obstacle is that most countries lack America’s open-government ethos, nurtured over decades by laws on ethics in government, transparency rules and the Freedom of Information Act. Public access to government figures is certain to release economic value and encourage entrepreneurship. I can think of plenty of departments that spend a great deal of money on web analytics software, email databases, valuable primary research , etc.

Doomsday Has Been Rescheduled, But What About The Donations Raised for It?

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According to CNN Money 's article (found on Yahoo Finance 's June 1), Doomsday believer donates entire inheritance to Family Radio , Doris Schmitt, an elderly American lady, left in her will $25,000 to Family Radio. Eileen Heuwetter, t he executrix of the will, who is also Schmitt's niece, was saddened to hear of the large sum of her aunt's money going to the group. Family Radio did not respond to [CNN Money's] requests for comment." ethics fundraising

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Question: Objections?

A Small Change

At a community college it was, “Why should I give you money when you are a government funded organization?” I imagine a number of government related organizations and advocacy groups get the, “I pay my taxes isn’t that enough speech.” Related posts: Talking About Taxes Question: Legal Advocacy Question: Fundraising Ethics Question: Building Community Raise Supporters Not Support. Each organization seems to have the classic question with which it has to deal.

Why I Hate Sugarcoating Issues

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The ethical dimension of fundraising in the homelessness sector. Many didn’t care if money was raised to solve a problem as long as the problem wasn’t shown. The government wanted to diminish the impact.

Don't Let Trust Hang in the Balance: Follow These 5 Principles

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Unfortunately, the public's trust of institutions and organizations of all kinds-especially with respect to some of our most venerated for-profit, nonprofit, government and dare I say religious institutions-is at an all-time low. There's a difference between what's legal and what's ethical.

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Mission-Based Thinking - Why It Matters, Especially Today - Why It Works, And Examples of It Enabling Organizations That Use It

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The reason why it matters to governments whether alleged charities in their jurisdiction spend less than 70% of each dollar raised (or more - which Oregon is trying to dissuade) on overhead rather than its mission is simple - a charity operates at no profit in order to do something (as described by the charity, itself, when it incorporates and receives official charity designation from the state(s) in which it will operate and from the Internal Revenue Service in order to raise tax free dollars).

Charity Navigator's 2013 Nonprofit Salary Study Findings Got A Gawker Writer 'Shot' When Really, Nonprofit Employees Should Insist Nonprofit Leaders Attract and Retain Employees By Operating and Fundraising Better

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Donors should learn that Charity Navigator exists to provide the public (for free) with data that can assist them in determining whether a give nonprofit is doing the work of its mission statement, if it achieves mission success regularly and often, how much of each dollar raised recently went to the mission/work, and whether it is run professionally and ethically. Probably according to all states'' governments, too.

Grant Writing.Grant Writers.What's the Hubbub? My 100th Post!

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We professionals must adhere to ethics to maintain the trust and health of our relationships with our bosses, clients, and the grant donors that we apply to. We also must follow ethics to keep our strong standing in our local communities. You must work hard to maintain your organization's reputation; so work ethically. processes, ethics, funders, etc.) They ask for results and want to know what happened with their money.

Why Do Donors Give Grants At All?

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Foundations, corporations, local businesses, governments, individuals, families, estates, and all others who donate grants do so because: 1. But, money is not always the motivation behind donating, even for for-profit enterprises. Governments who offer grants may be directing federal (grant) dollars (allocated by the President and Congress for specific causes or diseases, etc) into their jurisdiction to the benefit of their community.

The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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The reason why is no one person can do everything necessary to design, deliver, support, sustain, and grow a successful nonprofit (one that achieves the goals of its mission efficiently and ethically). Which other government agencies, nonprofits, companies, etc. No nonprofit, government agency, company, etc. Their needs get met and the organization doesn't waste time, money, or its reputation fumbling and bumbling (even if well meaning).

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Recommended Content, Layout, and Uses of the Nonprofit Donation Remitance Envelope, And Why

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When we solicit donations from established donors and potential new donors we are not simply asking for money, holding the tin can out with a little sign taped to it that simply says 'give to this charity'.

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

Yes, there has been more discussion around ideas of competition, critical marketing, ethics and social media, but as I said in a blog post nearly 4 years ago, the field has essentially become an echo chamber.

Making the Case to the Team, Board, or Executive Director

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Sometimes, you believe in implementing something new to the nonprofit: a fundraising campaign, a thank the donor event, a money saving method, a volunteer and community partners raising campaign, but someone on the team, or a board member or two, or maybe the executive director does not get it.

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Be Familiar Wtih All Other Organizations Doing Similar Or Related Work To Your Nonprofit's.For Your Agency's Improved Grant Raising

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The reason that the grant writer compiles a list of like or related nonprofits serving the same region as your organization does is threefold: __ In order to raise grants (or other money) you must be able to articulate why your organization is needed, in the community, today.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society Has Raised Some Eyebrows. What Could They Have Done Differently?

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Nonprofits sometimes offer us interesting news, like, Indian Artifacts A Tough Sell for SOHS published December 4, 2011 by the Southern Oregon region's Mail Tribune and written by Damian Mann which details another example of a nonprofit's leadership making a decision to raise money through a method that has others in the museum's community at large, concerned. If money were no object, it would be a different story," she said. "We Besides, she said, there is no money to do so. "“I’m

Why It Matters What The Public Thinks of A Nonprofit & How to Check

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For anything and everything that your organization does related to the work of its mission statement, you should be regularly, ethically, and objectively obtaining quantifiable (an relevant) feedback about the beneficiaries’ actual experience of those programs, etc. What does the general public think about your nonprofit organization?

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Why nonprofits are like so totally out of fashion

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People have to trust us to give us money, and transparency and trust go hand in hand. Sadly, only one in ten people strongly believe charities are honest and ethical. In addition, nearly three-quarters of the organizations provided the names of the people who serve on their governing boards and the key staff who manage their organizations and oversee the delivery of programs and services. I did a post a little while back called Transparency Is the New Black.

Nonprofit blog carnival: Your 25 pieces of best advice

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I usually know the person I was talking to quite well and it is hard to come right out and talk about money, even more so to ask for it. You can get more money later, but you’ll never be able to buy your integrity back.”

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Take That Nonprofit's Grant Writing To The Next Level

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Any organization who has been raising grants (or any nonprofit considering beginning grant writing) is investing in its mission statement, organizational plans (and potential), and also its ability to successfully raise grant money. effective, efficient, professional, ethical, modern fundraising methods, paradigms, and tips) a committee of board members can begin to plan to implement the new fundraising method (before it is started).

The Nonprofit That Understands That Without A Strong Relationship With It's Community, It Stumbles - Is the Nonprofit That Succeeds

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in an efficient, ethical, honest, skilled, current, and effective manner - over time they will eventually languish (as an operation) if not altogether close. Proactively spend money on public relations and marketing (even if it's a small amount, annually, for each) and consider it overhead expense for any one of the organization's operations: fundraising, program development, board recruitment, etc.

Wow, What A Shock. Another Example of Piss Poor Fundraising.

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To get to the point, if you want to raise money now and tomorrow - you must be ethically managing the organization and overseeing its operations, health, and vitality. In the short term, the museum can use new donors and a new line of credit to make up the hole left by the stolen money and the money that hasn't arrived from the city of Bellevue , Baldwin said." A Bellevue Arts Museum staffer was embezzling their money.

Fundraising, Grant Writing, Mission-Success, Community Building; It's All the Same

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To help you raise more money for your non profit in an ethical, professional, legal, and effective method, consider the following logic. American nonprofits are allowed by our government to raise tax free dollars to do work, at no profit, for the greater good. and spends money wisely. Think back to the last donation that you gave. Some issue or cause concerned you.

Grant Seeking According To The Various Stages of A Nonprofit's Life

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The founder(s) may perceive the organization as its own entity, separate from the founder(s) (and how the federal government sees a given nonprofit) that will thrive, flourish, and grow if they operate it in the best interest of the organization's mission (rather than operating it from one's own ego or neuroses ). The start up nonprofit can raise seed money (grant money that funds new nonprofits, new nonprofits' programs, etc.).

Top Ten Solutions For Issues That Might Arise While Writing A Grant Proposal

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You'll want to remind them that you need the information in order to effectively work towards raising money for their program. If it's ethical and the nonprofit's leadership is O.K. In a real emergency, call local government or other local nonprofits' offices that your agency has partnered with, recently, and ask if any of them has a typewriter. Top Ten Solutions For Issues That Might Arise While Writing A Grant Proposal 10. Did you miss a deadline?

Is Your Nonpnrofit Providing Enough Or Too Many Programs? Too, How Does A Start Up Nonprofit Know How Many Programs To Open With?

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Is enough money truly going to be raised this year and next year to confidently operate the organization and all of its programs? In the economy that we''ve been living in for the past six years, it may seem unnecessary to state that a nonprofit need not overextend itself and its operations by offering too many programs or services, but of course some organization do so.

DMA Crowd Slams Watchdogs and Donors Who Like Stars - But What’s the Solution?

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and give nonprofits more freedom to spend their money on things demonized as overhead, so they have some hope of reaching a fraction of the scale of the social problems they are trying to confront.&# The studies say the ratings affect donations, with watchdog approval leading to donor money. This is a problem, the thinking goes, because the ratings only measure how much money a nonprofit spends on “overhead&# rather than how effective that charity may be.