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4 Ways To Convince Your Nonprofit Board to Invest in Fundraising Tools


Having a board member on your side goes a long way toward creating a positive environment for other board members to learn about your proposal, so put in the work ahead of time to cultivate your advocates.

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


For instance, their Beacon of Light program allows participating businesses and schools to sell paper lighthouses for donations of $1, $5, or more, and hang the sold lighthouses to create a visual display of the money they have raised. Positive Education Program Cleveland’s.

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How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


Hint: it’s not for the money. With more to do, across multiple departments, and fewer resources to work with, many professionals looking to shake off the often-restricting structure in the corporate world may find they thrive in this sort of environment.

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

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The benefits of social service were varied and ranged from building relationships, building trust to gaining a competitive advantage, increasing personalized service and saving money (from responses seen by others who have similar concerns). What do people do on social networks and blogs?

June Is Half Way Through the Year - Take Stock, Nononprofits

Seeking Grant Money Today

At this half-way point you can look over your organizations service (or work) statistics, look over your organization's financials and I know that you've been keeping a keen eye on revenue but also planning out the remaining fundraising for this fiscal year based on the trending you are seeing in the region(s) that your organization raises money in. Have you not taken a proactive position in marketing your organization? Welcome to June!

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