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Are you as “social” as other nonprofits?

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And 80% of nonprofits on Facebook reported posting on the site multiple times per week, vs. 66% of small businesses,” says eMarketer.

Email is still the leading social sharing tool

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According to eMarketer , AOL and Nielsen Online recently analyzed more than 10,000 social media messages to see how consumers share content online.

Mobile … Mobile … More Mobile

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For example, according to eMarketer , by 2017 the smartphone will replace the tablet as the driver of mobile commerce in the US. You, and consumers, and by extension donors, can’t get enough mobile these days. The hours used are going up. The preference over desktops is solid and rising. of digital buyers or 95.1

Dabblers vs. diehards: How engaged are visitors from social networks?

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eMarketer speculates this makes the media overestimate the attention that social media attracts to websites! This makes intuitive sense to me.

How Great Website Design Drives Connection & Action

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Optimizing your website for mobile devices can be priceless in a world where over 74% of internet users are accessing the web on their mobile phones, according to eMarketer. Thanks to guest blogger Alex McLain, who designs engaging websites for nonprofits as a member of the Wired Impact team. Makes a Good First Impression. It’s not human.

Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

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In March 2012, eMarketer forecast that 46% of Canadian mobile phones will be smartphones by the end of 2012. As a supplement to that spreadsheet I also created a visual presentation with screenshots of each entry, which I try to update every 12 months and have embedded below. Why did I do this? We are at a crossroads. Key definitions.

For Direct Relief, Cause Marketing, Disasters are a Game

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There’s social media, and social networking and then there’s social gaming. Fortunately, I now have a good guide. million. Brand matters.

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Nonprofits’ Growing Use Of Social Media

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eMarketer says corporates should be learning from nonprofits’ use of these tools.

Are organisational silos blocking your online fundraising growth?

Giving in a Digital World

According to the latest IMRG E-Retail Sales Index this results in online now making-up an estimated 21% of all UK retail sales.

UK 13

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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Before I was blogging in 2004, I was already writing a lot for eMarketer (my full-time job), and then started contributing to MediaPost. Update.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is doing it


The first two come to us from eMarketer : and both tell us that no matter what generation, people are moving to the web. In 2006, there were 17.6

32 Email Marketing Tests

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P.S. Thanks to eMarketing & Commerce for the tip. I think we can all agree that today’s workhorse of online fundraising is outbound email appeals. Any dissenters? If your nonprofit is in that biz, here’s an Email Testing Guide you’ll find helpful. It’s from Portland (OR) interactive agency eROI.

Turn Right On Usability Lane

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Here’s a fairly basic but useful article on designing effective web landing pages , from web consultant Tim Ash writing in eMarketing & Commerce. Covers the waterfront from navigation architecture to fonts. But what I really liked was a link there to another article, Turn Right on Usability Lane , from Website Magazine.

I “Like” You

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Here from eMarketer is a fascinating discussion of what actually motivates individuals to “like&# a brand in social nets like Facebook. #1

Using Social Media to Decrease E-Mail Unsubscribe Rates

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Not surprisingly, the most often-cited reason (67%) is irrelevancy of emails. Why is that? Do you receive lots of comments on certain topics or videos?

Health Care Social Media Review #30: The Research Edition


PWC, Comscore, eMarketer and Nielsen A number of organizations offer up research and studies that can help further guide our work. Diving In.

Thank You, Thank You

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And here, from eMarketing & Commerce, is a useful discussion from the online welcome side, titled 4 Ways to Squander the Welcome Email Opportunity. Is there anything more important to fundraising than getting the second gift, and quickly? [OK, OK, wise guys. other than getting the first gift?]. If there is, I don’t know what it is.

Classic “Chicken Or Egg” Question

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eMarketing & Commerce reports on a study of Facebook fans and their brand loyalty, as published in the March Harvard Business Review. In this case, the study examined the behavior and attitudes of customers of Houston’s Dessert Gallery cafe chain who became the company’s Facebook fans. Is Facebook the "chicken or egg"?

Some useful insight into what is and isn’t working in Facebook and Twitter marketing

Giving in a Digital World

Next in the ranking is the creation of a ‘Fan’ survey, followed by the use of Facebook user data to provide insight into customers.

Some useful insight into what is and isn’t working in Facebook and Twitter marketing

Giving in a Digital World

Next in the ranking is the creation of a ‘Fan’ survey, followed by the use of Facebook user data to provide insight into customers.

How Well Do You “Close” Online?

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In eMarketing and Commerce , I recently came across a survey conducted for PayPal of reasons consumers give for "abandoning their shopping carts" during online shopping. PayPal found that 45% of their respondents had bailed out of at least one online retail purchase at the "checkout register" in the preceding three weeks.

Latest Stats On Social Nets

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This eMarketing study says there are 88 million users currently. There’s lots of fresh data floating around on usage of social nets. Everyone else is far behind in the pack. Other research delves into social net penetration and usage by key audiences. Here’s some insight from Forrester Research re usage by "empowered women."

The fast growing potential for Smartphone Fundraising

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But with multiple studies showing month on month exponential growth in mobile web user numbers and eMarketer analysts predicting that there will be more mobile internet users in China by the end of this year than the entire population of the US it’s already looking like the technology adoption curve to beat them all. They forecast 3.4

Succeeding In Your Fundraising

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Writing in eMarketing & Commerce , Lisa Wehr of Oneupweb, a digital marketing agency, offered these recommendations in a commercial marketing context. Here are four bedrock suggestions for succeeding in your marketing (i.e., fundraising) in the coming year. Plan early and follow through. And don’t let up.

Diva Marketing Talks Social Media + eMail with Simms Jenkins and Morgan Stewart

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Diva Marketing Talks i s a live, internet radio (BlogTalkRadio) show. 30 minutes. 2 maybe 3 guests. 1 topic about social media marketing.