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18 Email Subject Line Strategies That Will Increase Your Open Rates

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Do you wish you knew better ways to get people to open your enewsletter? Use these words (sparingly) and watch your open rates climb!

How to Raise Your E-Newsletter Open Rate [Results from Our Experiment]

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Trying to improve the open rates for your email newsletters? The open rate slipped to about 15%. ” email.

Improve Your Nonprofit Email Open Rate by 2%: Go Mobile

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We write all those email messages for one reason: we want people to read them. So, are you ready to start improving your open rates by 2%?

Proof Point #2: Email Subject Line Length Matters, SOMETIMES

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Email subject line length DOES MATTER, as proven by Mail Chimp’s research on open rates for 200 million emails.

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Yes, Your Open Rates Are Wrong. But You Can Still Use Them.

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The main concern is that if the open rate data is bad, any additional analysis like I suggested is also bad. Bye Felicia!”

3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


She was showing off her firm’s marketing emails. 17% open rate. 28% open rate. 34% open rate.

8 Great Ways to End Emails or Letters


So here are some great ways to end emails you send to donors: 1. What are your favorite ways to end your emails? Whew! Related Posts. >

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Why Deleting People from Your Email List is a Good Thing

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Kristina and I are on the verge of deleting about 10,000 people from our email list here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. how you are doing.

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The New Email Metric You Might Want to Try

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Let’s talk about email engagement. The email service providers spoon feed us those numbers, so they are easy to track. In August!

Should You Resend an Email to Non-Openers? 

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So you had an email that tanked. Or an email fundraising campaign that’s limping along. Should you resend email to non-openers?

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Free Webinar: How to get people to open your e-newsletters June 10th

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Do you wish more people would open your nonprofit enewsletters? How can you get your open rates up? AND MORE! Webinar recording.

8 Commandments for Converting Direct Mail Fundraising Appeals to Email

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Looking to repurpose your direct mail appeals into email? Thou Shalt Make Email SHORTER Than Direct Mail. Email is task-oriented.

Get Your Emails Read & Acted On—Gmail +

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In case you haven’t heard, Google is now automatically filtering Gmail users’ email messages to pre-defined content tabs. But far worse, members of your organization’s email list who use Gmail addresses are no longer seeing your emails in their Primary inboxes. . Take a deep breath!

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Learning About Email at #15NTC

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Email is always a hot topic for you, so I decided to focus on that one day and I learned some great stuff! The Science of Email Deliverability.

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Are Your Emails Being Delievered? [New Report]

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Email deliverability measures how successful an email is at making it into a recipient’s inbox. Old email lists.

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MIND YOUR MICROCONTENT: 8 Little Bits That Can Make a Big Difference In Your Next Email

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Small groups of words that can be skimmed by a person to get a clear idea of the content of a web page or email. Your email is dead.

Declining Email Read Rates

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Here’s another troublesome trend line to add to falling retention and acquisition rates — falling email read rates.

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6 Tips to Ensure your Emails are Read (and Enjoyed)

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Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with supporters. to scour your email header, subject line, email body, and footer.

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Email Subject Lines: 6 Cardinal Sins to Avoid

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Email subject lines have one main job—to get your email opened. And never trick your supporters into opening an email.

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How to get donors to enable images in email

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As a rule, I don’t enable images in emails. The solution obviously is to send emails in both text and HTML. Email fundraising.

A Simple Strategy for Running an Email Marketing Test

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As a busy organization, it''s rare that you have time to even think about testing your nonprofit email marketing. But what if running an email marketing test didn''t need to take a ton of time? Here are some easy and telling tests to start with: Subject lines: Create two different subject lines for the same email communication.

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7 Steps to Better Email Fundraising and Communications

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I’m teaching a workshop in Toledo on Wednesday for the Center for Nonprofit Resources (a program of the Toledo Community Foundation) called 7 Steps to Better Email Fundraising and Communications. Email needs to be short, timely and personal. Are you using email to motivate action like donations or volunteering? Great!

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Marketing for Nonprofits

I''ve been thinking about email marketing lately. (I Slow news day. :) Raising money via email is still the primary way to raise money online.

Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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Today, we are going to take a look at email marketing and fundraising using data from these reports: Sage Nonprofit Solutions Email Marketing Report 2012 (Sage). Email Lists. The Convio study has median growth rate for email lists at 17% while M+R has it only slightly lower at 16%. Email Goals and Results.

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Nonprofit Email Newsletter Design from Walden School [Before and After]

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It’s still pretty long for an email newsletter, but it’s definitely easier to read. How about your e-newsletter?

4 Ideas for Expanding Your Email Horizons

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Our friends at the Emma Blog , have pulled together a few of their favorite ideas into a field guide to email adventure. Either way, you’ll find all kinds of ways to expand your email horizons. But you’re committing the email equivalent of that faux pas if you’re not greeting new subscribers with a welcome message. How lovely.

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How to get people to notice (and love) your emails

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Recently MarketingProfs reported that Q2 email open rates decreased 8.3% Click through rates also dropped slightly. Fortunately, there are things you can do to build a stronger email relationship with your supporters now so that you will have better success when you send those December appeals. from Q1 levels.

5 tips for email optimization from the Obama campaign

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In a recent MarketingSherpa webinar on email optimization , Director of Digital Analytics Amelia Showalter shared how President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign generated more than $500 million in online donations. Here are a few especially important tips for optimizing your nonprofit email campaigns: 1. More is more.

Do you want to send the best year end emails ever?

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Are you writing your year end fundraising emails right now? Are you wondering how to get more out of your year end fundraising emails?

Week of Freebies! Day 4: Email Metrics Explained

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You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. Click-through rates. Click-to-open rates.

Wearing Out The Email Welcome Mat

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The report cites online email consulting firm Silverpop as saying email open rates have declined from about 25% in 2004 to 20% now. So email is 20% less effective, just on the basis of lower open rates. How does your open rate compare to 20% these days? They will, though.”.

Meaningful Metrics for Donor Communications [Infographic]

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But how do you know that your website information, email newsletters, and social media posts are resonating?

How to Test Your Nonprofit Emails

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Sending the most effective emails to your donors do es n''t have to be a gu essing game. Split Testing Your Emails. If you have a file of 40,000 email addresses or more, it’s pretty easy to create two segments of 5,000 email addresses each. You can also test the layout of the emails that you are sending.

4 Tips for Subject Lines That Work

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On average, at least 100 emails flood your constituents'' inboxes every single day. That''s a lot of digital noise to shout over, which is why your email subject lines need as much TLC as the content inside. Don''t dance around the point of your email. Before: All the news that''s fit to email. " 1. Before: Hot dog!

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Have you ever gone to a sales pitch disguised as workshop?

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It messed up our emails. And I get a 40% open rate, which is SO MUCH BETTER than the industry standard! You know what I hate?

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Good News For A Friday

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Just saw a brief analysis from Constant Contact of what gets emails opened. And it turns out that, as an industry, the nonprofit sector generates the highest open rates, with an average of 29%. Says the author: “Behind every one of these email. If your organization regularly beats 29%, this is a good news Friday!

Ensuring Your Emails Get Read

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OK, you have crafted an inspired email that you think will do a great job informing and motivating your audience. The ultimate goal of your email campaign is for each recipient to open the email, read it and take action (like making an online donation). You are an overloaded person with a flood of unread emails.

Email Response Metrics

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Here’s a new study from marketing agency Harte-Hanks that will allow you to benchmark some of your email marketing stats against the commercial players. They looked at nearly 3 billion email messages delivered by 100 different companies in various sectors. How do your marketing email stats compare? Target your messaging.

Stand Out from the Crowd with an Amazing Email Message

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Communicating by email is a mixed blessing. It’s fast, easy, relatively inexpensive, and almost everyone has an email address.

Still Time for this Year-End Tweak

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But… there is one element you can strengthen NOW to help you hit your fundraising goal this year—your email subject lines.

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