The Rule of 7 vs. 3-to-1 fundraising


That’s why we recommend automated email marketing along with your 3-to-1 Fundraising efforts. Automated email provides supporters with personalized, highly relevant communications that are NOT spammy.

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Tapping The Potential Of Missionaries

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I say, “an important first step&# because as Seth noted in an exchange of emails, quantity of friends is not the only, or even most important, factor that yields clout. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts DonorTrends Seth Godin email marketing fundraising loyalty new media nonprofit management online activism online advocacy online fundraising social networking Last week Seth Godin , as he often does, posed an important ‘what if?’

Make Your Nonprofit Website an Email Capturing Machine

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Email is dead. No one reads their email anymore.”. Email is one of the most powerful tools available. In fact, every organization (including yours), regardless of its size or mission, can do great things with an email list. Email is dead! I love social media almost as much as I love email. a replacement for email marketing. Email and social media are complementary and they should *both* be in your nonprofit’s toolkit.

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Email Reporting 101: How to Use Your Reports to Improve Your Results

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If you''re using email newsletters and announcements to stay in touch with your supporters, donors, and volunteers, it''s important that you''re keeping an eye on your results. Your open rate tells you how many people saw your email in their inbox, clicked to open, and viewed your message.

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Newsletter: Do Cause Marketers Go to Jail? ; Coke's 'Peace Tea' Rewards Random Acts of Kindness??; Where the Hell is Geoffrey the Giraffe??

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That's not quite true, according to my supah-smaht friend and cause marketing lawyer, Karen Wu. Marketing your cause ?? ??Lead They're offering something valuable and interesting in exchange for your email. What could you offer to earn a supporter's email?? ??Is

How Do You Take The "Fear Factor" Out Of Social Media?

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before there was Facebook or Twitter people tried to make sense of marketing in a digital world by tapping the experiences of those who were exploring the (then) innovative ideas of blogs and RSS. . So I did what any good social media marketer might do, I tapped my social networks.

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Tis the season for email marketing. Fundraising Social Networking Web Site 101 Email 101 Donor Databases Nonprofit Marketing Training Network for Good provides easy and affordable online fundraising services. We can help.