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Revealed! The Secret Ingredient For Email Marketing

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According to Mediapost reporting on a study by Yesmail , emails seent on Saturdays generate 60% higher-than-average conversion rates. Weekends!

Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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Today, we are going to take a look at email marketing and fundraising using data from these reports: Sage Nonprofit Solutions Email Marketing Report 2012 (Sage). 2012 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study (Convio). Email Lists. The average unsubscribe rate from a single email was 0.19%. (M+R).

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Five Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Facebook

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A big welcome to our new guest blogger John Haydon, who advises nonprofits on new media marketing strategy. Make messaging the same.

8 Great Ways to End Emails or Letters


So here are some great ways to end emails you send to donors: 1. What are your favorite ways to end your emails? Whew! Related Posts. >

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A Simple Strategy for Running an Email Marketing Test

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As a busy organization, it''s rare that you have time to even think about testing your nonprofit email marketing. But what if running an email marketing test didn''t need to take a ton of time? Experiment with CTAs: The call to action (CTA), is one of the most important parts of any email. It''s really that simple.

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What age group responds to planned giving email marketing most?


We sent out about 300,000 emails over the course of the year and generated about 3,500 requests for information. Among the requests, many asked us to email the information to them. We took those emails and appended age data to them. Only a certain percentage of those emails had age data available. Time to think again?

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

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I receive a lot of email newsletters – from nonprofit organizations, from businesses and from consultants. 1) Make it mobile friendly.

Nonprofits Grew Online Giving, Website Traffic & Social Media Fans in 2013

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Some of the more interesting findings: Email continues to account for about a third of online fundraising revenue. ” (YES!). No, really.

30 Questions on Nonprofit Email Marketing. What’s Yours?

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What questions do you have about nonprofit email marketing? Now I just need the questions! Got one? Like other questions too.

7 things about email subject lines that will help you save the world


Firstly, email subject lines are actually headlines. Here are some things I’ve learned that work well in email subject lines.

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How Mature Is Your Email Marketing Program?

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I just received this interesting chart from MarketingSherpa about the evolution of email marketing in the business world. ”).

New FREE e-Book on Email Marketing for You!

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Start an email newsletter today! Download this e-book - From Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey , by Kivi Leroux Miller of Nonprofit Marketing Guide , sponsored by Network for Good. email marketing e-newsletters Kivi Leroux MillerWant to save money on your print newsletter? Happy communicating!

3 Things To Do Instead of Facebook Marketing in 2014

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3 Things Your Nonprofit Can Do Instead of Facebook Marketing. In marketing (and in life), never put all your eggs in one basket.

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


The post 9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors appeared first on MarketSmart | . I failed to get into business school. I hoped to be a business major at the University of Maryland in the 80’s. But my ability to read, comprehend and recapitulate the institution’s business lessons was not so good.

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How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Here’s an old letter from my alma mater. Here’s why: It’s boring. It lacks emotion. It fails to tell a story. way too much).

3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


She was showing off her firm’s marketing emails. No smart marketer cares about them. First, a short story. 17% open rate.

How to Prevent the New Gmail Inbox From Hiding Your Emails

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Recently, I was forced to change my email inbox. Enough about me and my email OCD. The email went like this: Hi friends, . Tweet.

3 reasons to run an OPT-OUT campaign


That’s why helping people change their preferences and/or helping them opt-out of receiving emails could be a really good thing. You care.

2 big reasons why email open rates are meaningless and 3 things you should track instead


I keep hearing so-called planned giving experts congratulate themselves for getting phenomenal open rates from their e-blasts even though email open rates don’t matter whatsoever. Here are 2 huge reasons why email open rates are meaningless. Outlook, for instance, has a preview pane that records emails as “opened.”

We’re Sorry Ben!

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How To Build Raving Fans, A Huge Email List & Facebook Ads That Work: Lessons from #AOC2014

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4) Heather Jackson – Email Marketing for Success: Simple & Effective Strategies. SEO and YouTube marketing are key.

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Heads-Up for Year-End Email

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A good part of the email-marketing world has been in a dither scrambling for ways to keep their messages in front of Gmail subscribers.

The top 3 kinds of emails your donors actually want to receive from you?


Marketing Sherpa frequently delivers fantastic research right to your inbox for free (if you sign up for it). link].

Direct Mail Hanging In

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Email had the highest ROI (28.5), compared with 7.00 Even so, direct mail pulls a better overall response than digital channels.

Declining Email Read Rates

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Here’s another troublesome trend line to add to falling retention and acquisition rates — falling email read rates.

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Meet Your Email Competition

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It’s not bad enough that every nonprofit you compete with for funds is badgering your donors with email appeals. The advice given.

Google This!

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In a study titled The Path to Donation ( download summary here ), Google and the market researchers from MillwardBrown Digital revealed that donor research leading up to year-end giving starts early and spans multiple sources. Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing fundraising Hot Research online fundraising online video premium

‘F’ Grade For Online Giving

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What I found interesting is that many of these so-called online fundraising failures are actually failures of Direct Marketing 101. direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing Hot Research online fundraising online publishing social networking You Deserve a Raise premium

Seniors Go Social, But Don’t Hyperventilate

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But before you online fundraisers get all giddy and delirious out there, celebrating the coming convergence of seniors’ Boomers Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing media usage online activism online advocacy online fundraising pew internet project social networking premium That’s good news.

Petition Signer To Donor

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Acquisition database marketing direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing online advocacy online fundraising premium Demonstrating what should be a staple in your acquisition toolkit, here’s a brief ‘petition-to-donor’ case study from Care2, involving the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

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32 Email Marketing Tests

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I think we can all agree that today’s workhorse of online fundraising is outbound email appeals. If your nonprofit is in that biz, here’s an Email Testing Guide you’ll find helpful. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts direct marketing email marketing online fundraising Any dissenters?

141 Shopping Days Until Christmas

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Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing online fundraising premium and online giving up 14% for the first six months of 2013.

‘Cause Fatigue’ On Social Media?

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12 Digital Fundraising Trends

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Trend #7 – Getting smarter with Email. communications Don't Miss these Posts email marketing innovation nonprofits online advocacy online fundraising online publishing social networking You Deserve a RaiseHe’s grouped them together in this post , which has the links to each of his 12 January posts on the subject.

It’s Still Email Folks

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No, that place in my digital heart belongs to email. And corporate consultancy McKinsey reminds me why in their recent study, Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails , ( reported here by BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins), which finds that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers.

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Let's Get Together! 5 Steps to Combine Your Nonprofit's Social Media and Email Marketing

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If you''re already using email marketing and social media to promote your nonprofit, it''s important to unite your online communities—giving supporters the opportunity to stay connected with all the stuff you''re doing online and giving you the opportunity to better engage your target audience. Email + Social = Success.

Cashing In. God Bless America.

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We Need To Raise More Money Online!

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Make our fundraising emails ‘mobile friendly’ 2. Personally, I would probably look at my email fundraising first, and make sure we were delivering our appeals in a mobile-friendly way. email marketing online fundraising online video premium Get on it!” ” Oh my … what to do?!

Test with email first.


I think it’s time we finally let go of direct mail as the first option for planned giving marketing— especially if your budget is tight.

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Using Videos For Retention

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communications creativity donor retention email marketing loyalty online fundraising online video premium Here are some suggestions about using videos to encourage retention from Peter Reynolds at For the Record Productions in Toronto, relayed via fundraising firm Hilborn. Peter provides links to example videos of each type.

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