3 Steps to Better Email Campaigns

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Ready to launch your email fundraising campaign? If you have been working hard to build a membership community that is generous, driven, and inclined to give, they will be more likely to respond well to your email campaigns, and this will show in your fundraising results. Here are three easy ways to give your email campaigns a boost: 1. Organize your email list. Don''t use emails just to ask for money.

Improve Your Email Campaigns

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has already sent me four email appeals as of December 10th. So here’s a ‘next year’ resource to set aside, if you haven’t seen yet, and read over your holiday window — The Essential Guide to Email Marketing 2014 , from Direct Marketing News. Plenty of intriguing stats, of course … 63% of emails opened on mobile phones and tablets; Mobile marketing and fundraising Online fundraising and marketing premium


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Four Essential Tips for Planning Year-End Email Campaigns

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Because year-end fundraising goals are often so big, it''s important to start planning your year-end campaign now. When mapping out your email appeals, keep the following four topics in mind: Even though your donors might procrastinate, you can''t! Start planning your year-end email campaign now. As you''re brainstorming your email strategy, spend some quality time digging into data on what''s been the most and least effective for you over the past few months.

When to Switch Email Campaign Service Providers

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Whether your nonprofit is considering switching email campaign service providers (ESPs)-or signing up for a service in the first place-there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Just a note: When we talk about email campaign service providers, we're referring to an email marketing service or tool used for sending messages to large audiences. This is not a discussion about personal email systems-Outlook versus others, and so on.

How to make your email campaigns stronger

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Email is still the most important way to engage your supporters online, so take it seriously! So many email campaigns from nonprofits take too long to get to the point, have a dizzying array of information and lack one single call to action. Remember: The more you try to squeeze in that email, the worse off you’ll be. Make the content relevant to the people you’re emailing. Include a very simple call to action in the contents of the email.

Are Images in Email Campaigns a Good Idea?

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This is where "Alt-text" comes in handy: In your email marketing tool ( not Outlook! ) Another way to combat image-blocking side effects is to encourage readers to view your full email in their Web browser where all images show up crystal clear. Let us know if you need an email marketing tool that lets you include images in a stylish, effective way! Tags: Email 101 Best Practices Question: "John Kenyon mentioned using images in e-mail.

A Blueprint for Effective Email Campaigns

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How to Replace Your Biggest Event with an Online Campaign

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How your organization can use digital fundraising campaigns after a canceled fundraising event. The post How to Replace Your Biggest Event with an Online Campaign appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Digital Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofits: It’s Time to Think Twice About Facebook

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Blog Digital Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Social MediaPerhaps you’re not in a position to move away from Facebook entirely - but there are ways to reduce your organization’s dependence on it. The post Nonprofits: It’s Time to Think Twice About Facebook appeared first on Mission Minded.

Look Behind the Brand: San Francisco Village

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Mission Minded strategist, Rosie Powers, led the creation of a communications campaign to help San Francisco Village reach new members. Blog Digital Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Social Media StorytellingThe post Look Behind the Brand: San Francisco Village appeared first on Mission Minded.

The Ever-Changing Digital World: How to Feel Less “Arghh” and More “Ahh”

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Blog Digital Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Social MediaSocial and digital media have become vital components of most modern marketing strategies. They are cost-effective, easy to manage, and. The post The Ever-Changing Digital World: How to Feel Less “Arghh” and More “Ahh” appeared first on Mission Minded.

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3 things that will actually improve email campaigns

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Stop working about subject lines and first make sure you’re emailing relevant content to people who really want it! Keep your email marketing consistent and predictable. Don’t leave it all to email - remember: many channels together work best. What are they? There’s a nifty free white paper out from Infusionsoft (here) on this topic. It’s written for small businesses, but it certainly applies to nonprofits, too.

Change Is Hard—How To Get Through It

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After more than five years of heavy reliance on one email distribution platform/service, change was overdue. Expect glitches, particularly those you never would have dreamed of, and make sure you have the right help to help fix them : Your email templates won’t look exactly right or sign-up forms may not generate the right responses via email or on your site. Strategy change email campaign Mail Chimp Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing

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Why everyone talks about segmenting emails but hardly anyone ever does it


Everyone talks about segmenting emails — sending the right message to the right person at the right time. And the list goes on and on… Then, once the donors have segmented themselves, you can employ an automated cultivation system that will send highly relevant emails that have been pre-written but personalized for each donor segment. Plus these emails can be highly personalized based on other unique information bits the donor has previously provided.

Get Your Emails Read & Acted On—Gmail +

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In case you haven’t heard, Google is now automatically filtering Gmail users’ email messages to pre-defined content tabs. They’re sending emails from friends and family to the Primary Inbox (where we’re used to looking all the time), and sending most e-newsletters and other emails from organizations (including the Getting Attention blog and e-news) to the new (secondary by default) Promotions tab.

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3 Steps to Ensure Your Next Email Solicitation is On Brand

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Do your emails align with your organization’s brand strategy? Too frequently the emails nonprofits send to would-be donors seem to come out of left field. Blog Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Messaging Do they send a clear, consistent message about the value of your work and the difference donors can make by supporting you? Not sure? They take a tone that is […].

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10 Things to Avoid in Email Campaigns | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Tis the season for email marketing. Fundraising Social Networking Web Site 101 Email 101 Donor Databases Nonprofit Marketing Training Network for Good provides easy and affordable online fundraising services. You know that your latest email campaign is the October Newsletter. Itll let people instantly recognize *your* email at a glance and can help with inbox sorting down the road. Keep your campaigns easy on the eyes with simple, intentional style choices.

Sometimes It’s Best Not to Say Anything at All

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But this video , emailed out today to herald a forthcoming benefit, is just plain empty of meaning. Video email campaign nonprofit communciations nonprofit marketing nonprofit video…via video, and every other medium. I’m a big fan of The Wooster Group – an inventive, provocative theater company based in Manhattan. Better not to say (or video) anything at all, than to release a video without meaning.

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How to Show That Your Arts Organization is Critical

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Blog Email Campaigns Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Copywriting Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Messaging Performing Arts branding communications development fundraising key messages marketing messaging nonprofit writing

A Story You Have To Read

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If you’re like me, you get 20 – 40 emails a day that say you simply must read them. These emails range from scams to spam to promotions for things I don’t want or need. I recently got an email whose artful copy motivated me to read on. View the email online.) Blog Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Copywriting Nonprofit Fundraising It didn’t start […].

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The 6 Most Important Email Series for Nonprofit Marketing


An email series is a set of pre-written emails that are sent to a user after that user takes a specific action. It can also be called a drip campaign, email workflow, or branching email campaign. You want to

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Fundraising From the Comfort of Your Living Room

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Email Campaigns Independent Schools Nonprofit Fundraising Performing Arts Social Media Uncategorized Add new tag nonprofit social mediaWith online fundraising and social media causing a riot in the nonprofit sector it’s worth remembering a basic approach that worked even before fax machines were in vogue: Asking people–in person–to make a donation. Seems sort of quaint, doesn’t it?

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5 Tips for Better Nonprofit Fundraising Emails


One of the best weapons in a nonprofit’s fundraising arsenal is email campaigning. We are sending and receiving more fundraising emails than ever before, all vying for the attention of supporters to act on behalf of our cause. nonprofit email fundraising

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Build Your Email List for Year-End Giving

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Integrating email campaigns with your direct mail appeal letter is a great way to get your supporters’ attention during the busy year-end fundraising season. If you need more emails, then we have a great resource to help you build your email list. Download Get Started with Email Acquisition Campaigns: Tactics, Apps and Real-World Examples to Inspire for free now.

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Cool resource for fundraisers

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They have a cool piece for marketing campaigns that you should check out while you’re there and a new guide to email campaigns. If you haven’t found it yet, check out Network For Good’s Fundraising Learning Center at www.fundraising123.org. There are lots of good articles, free trainings, and answers to lots of questions you might have about all things fundraising.

11 Strategic Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit Social Media Followers This Year

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With engaged followers on one or more of the major social networks, organizations can effectively spread the word about fundraising campaigns, new initiatives, and advocacy work. Be sure to sign up for my email list to get notified when the doors open! Use your website, email list, and other social networks to drum up participation. Resource: How Social Listening Resulted in One Nonprofit’s Most Successful Email Campaign Ever.

Your Deal With Email Subscribers: Part 1

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Pay attention to this fresh approach to creating the most effective email campaigns possible. 2) They give us permission to email them in exchange for respect, and targeted content they value. The tension is as strong as the potential, with ongoing evaluation on your subscribers’ part—Are these emails still worth my time and attention? 5) But without your subscribers, your campaigns will fail, every time.

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Campaigns Communications Manager , Compassion & Choices (Washington DC). Email Campaign Manager & Direct Response Coordinator , Human Rights Campaign (Washington DC). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities. Communications Assistant , SC Association of Nonprofit Organizations (Columbia, SC). Communications Director , City Year (Los Angeles, CA).

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3 Surefire Ways to Use Twitter To Promote Your Organization

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You shouldn’t be committing staff to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media application if you don’t have a decent website home page or can’t email supporters. With Social Sharing on EmailNow , you can allow your audience to share your email campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; track the shares and resulting extra traffic to your campaign.

4 Easy Steps to Better Email: Improve Your Results through Careful Testing

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92% of organizations surveyed are using or plan to use email marketing this year -- the most popular advertising channel of all! Heather Dixon works at Emma, a Web-based email marketing and communications company that helps small businesses, non-profits and agencies create, send and track stylish email campaigns. As Emma's agency relations manager, she leads a team of folks dedicated to helping Emma's agency partners become experts in email marketing strategy.

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Do the Best that You Can

Ann Green

If you’re wondering whether or not you should run your fall fundraising campaign, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. You want to get started on your year-end campaign as soon as possible. I wrote about getting ready for your year-end campaign in a previous post.

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4 Easy Steps to Better Email: Improve Your Results through Careful Testing

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92% of organizations surveyed are using or plan to use email marketing this year -- the most popular advertising channel of all! Heather Dixon works at Emma, a Web-based email marketing and communications company that helps small businesses, non-profits and agencies create, send and track stylish email campaigns. As Emma's agency relations manager, she leads a team of folks dedicated to helping Emma's agency partners become experts in email marketing strategy.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s what I have picked out for you this week… Need help getting started with email campaigns? Take a look at Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Create a Campaign from Scratch. Everyone ready to end this week with some Mixed Links? Hootsuite shows you How to Write Effective CTAs on Social Media. Is content marketing a new role for you? Here are Top Tips for Making the First 30 Days in Your New Content Role Really Count.

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1 good example of nonprofit social media

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If you are thinking about uing Facebook or Twitter or email campaigns or any other tools, here are some tips for success. Seems like lots of nonprofits are talking about social media these days, but not many are doing it well. Know your purpose. Be very clear about what you want to achieve by using social media. Too many nonprofits jump into it without clear goals then get frustrated when they don’t raise boatloads of money.

Unsubscribe vs. Opt-out

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Our organization, CEPSM , recently ran a database “cleaning&# email campaign to remind our e-communications subscribers that they are in full control of what they want to receive and how often. While at first instinct nobody wants to see their database decline in numbers, I’m sure most people would agree that clogging your audiences’ email in-boxes with info they do not want is much worse over the long term.

Remember … It’s The Donor And The Mission

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Think about the last time you secured a really major gift, or completed an especially productive direct mail or email campaign. When you left the meeting or put the phone down or read the response data, what was your dominant feeling? Satisfaction at materially advancing your nonprofit’s mission? A warm glow from helping the donor(s) achieve their goals? Pride in your own fundraising prowess? Each of these is legitimate to celebrate.

The Year of the Awesome

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Awesome email campaigns. Beyond December: Raise Money Throughout the Year with These Seasonal Fundraising Campaigns. And we’ll continue adding new webinars throughout the year while still covering the latest on annual reports, email newsletters, editorial calendars, social media, thought leadership, and much more. OK technically it’s the Year of the Rooster, but for nonprofit communicators like you, 2017 could very well be THE YEAR OF THE AWESOME!

CAN-SPAM Act – What Do I Need To Know?

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The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that affects every organization that uses email in its operations. It covers not only bulk email campaigns, but every commercial email message. Think about the email you’re sending. Sending an online donor an email receipt for a gift? Sending last year’s event attendees a save-the-date card by email? Your commercial email messages are in violation of the act if you: mislead the recipient about your identify.

Fundraising in the last days of December

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In the " Simple Year-End Campaign " video, Steven says this is the. It breaks down to three emails: One December 28 around 10 a.m. Just as this email campaign in the last 3-4 days of the calendar year. Ask email fundraising steven screen year-end fundraisingYear-end is a huge time for nonprofit's fundraising.

There Are Big Changes Coming to Facebook – What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

Email is still the best way to connect with donors and supporters. Do you have an email marketing strategy in place? Join me live for Standing Out In the Inbox: Email Marketing for the Modern Nonprofit. . In the interim, there are some strategies that your nonprofit can start to put in place immediately: Focus on email. Email is not dead, and it’s not going anywhere. billion email accounts worldwide and the number is expected to grow to 7.7

Still Time for this Year-End Tweak

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We’re at countdown time for your year-end campaign. But… there is one element you can strengthen NOW to help you hit your fundraising goal this year—your email subject lines. Your subject lines are vital—If your people don’t open your email, you won’t motivate interest OR donations. In fact, the when marketingsherpa experts surveyed how marketers test email campaign elements to strengthen results, they found that 86% of marketers test subject lines.

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3 Steps to Revive Your Email List

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Guest blogger Karla Capers specializes in using the internet to raise visibility for progressive issues and engage people more deeply in campaigns. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), where I’m Director of Engagement, faced a daunting challenge a couple of years ago: How to re-engage the many folks who were not reading or acting on our emails. We segmented the “inactive” people on our list (initially, this group was about 25% of our deliverable email file).

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3 Simple Email Improvements to Make More Money During EOY Fundraising


In fact, according to the annual Benchmarks report from NTEN and M+R , email fundraising revenue alone increased by a whopping 25% last year, outpacing the overall growth of other online revenue sources. But what if I told you that bad email deliverability practices could be dragging down your EOY campaign before it even begins? What Email Deliverability Is and Isn’t. Email service providers like Google and Yahoo!, email fundraising deliverability

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