Mark your calendar: best conferences for nonprofits in 2015


Believe it or not, it''s already time to start planning for the wealth of marketing, education, and networking opportunities for nonprofits in 2015. nonprofit conferences

18 habits every fundraiser should have by their first 6 months on the job

Wild Woman Fundraising

You may have heard of Steven Covey’s habits of highly effective people. But what about fundraisers? What’s one thing you could do, each week, each day, or each month to be more effective in your role, whether you’re just starting out or you have 10 years of experience?

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Most Important Social Media Sites to Nonprofits in 2015

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

More than 800 nonprofits have completed our 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey (please take it now if you are not one of those 800+). Here’s some preliminary data.

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Storytelling Secret Sauce—Via Maya Angelou

Getting Attention

When I heard that Maya Angelou had passed away this week, I was saddened, humbled and hugely appreciative. Unlike most writers (especially poets and memoirists) or activists, Dr. Angelou made herself and her perspective accessible and relevant to all.

Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

To the Canadian federal “govies” out there that may have missed the memo, a crucial policy instrument called PANDU took effect exactly one year ago (excluding section 6.1.3 , which kicked-in 7 months later). What is PANDU? PANDU stands for Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use.

The 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

Social Media Bird Brain

Digiday, which is one of the places I go for social media wisdom, has a great breakdown of the 7 Deadly Sins of social media that may be committed by commercial brands. As often happens, I think it applies to NGOs just as well.

The Top 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Visuals

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It might be old news, but it''s still true: Visuals trump text. Content with compelling images experience 94% more views on average than content without images.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: You Know These Are Different Tools. RIGHT?

NonProfit Branding

Marketing & Promotion. Not close pals. Distant cousins, though. Usually on speaking terms. Not much more to their relationship. Understand the difference. That knowledge will turbocharge your nonprofit career. And help you get the corner office you’ve been lusting after.

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Facebook in 2015 – What Nonprofits Need to Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

Thanks for this great infographic, ShortStack! Love it or hate it, Facebook continues to be an important tool in a nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising kit. On their Q3 earnings call , Facebook released the following mind-blowing statistics: 1.35 billion people log into Facebook each month.

New Tool Helps Determine Your Asking Style So You Close More Gifts


Brian Saber, president of Asking Matters, has spent his career asking for donations on behalf of nonprofits. Now he’s really done it with a cool online test that helps you determine your asking style so you can improve upon it by focusing on your strengths to close more gifts. Try it out here.

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5 Cold Calling Tips to Meet Your Fundraising Goals


The fundraising call has always been a staple of donor outreach. However, changes + advancements in the ways you communicate with your audience means adjusting your approach to the dreaded cold call.

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Why is being a fundraiser so awesome?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Why do we keep getting up, day after day, to go and do this work? One person I chatted with this week makes more as a pedi-cab driver than as a fundraiser!

Creating Your Nonprofit’s Version of the #IceBucketChallenge

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s the question that thousands of nonprofit communications and development staff will be asked over the next several weeks: What’s our version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ?

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5-Star Storytelling Success Story

Getting Attention

Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Julie is intrigued by storytelling, and the opportunity it offers to inspire donors and volunteers to act.

When your employees go too far on social media…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I recently did some work for a client that involved looking into recent Canadian legal cases dealing with employees that have been either fired or reprimanded for their conduct on social media platforms.

Six Points for Good Content Leading to Engagement

Social Media Bird Brain

Engagement comes from content. And the most often given advice about content? Make it good. But what, exactly does that mean? What is good content?

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Presence on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has grown into one of the most popular social media sites for individuals to make connections and build their networks. Although at times it may seem like only big businesses or recruiters use LinkedIn, it also offers plenty of great tools for nonprofit organizations.

5 Factors to Consider with Merchant Services Selection

A Small Change

If you think your nonprofit could benefit from processing credit card payments, your next step is to set-up a merchant account. Luckily, there are many companies that provide this service. Yet, merchant services can be complicated and costly (especially without the right partner to help guide you).

Nonprofit Branding: I Told The President He Was An A**hole

NonProfit Branding

Told the other vice presidents they were A**holes, too. At the same time. In front of each other. The comment just blurted out of my mouth! That was my third Day On The Job! There is no excuse for making that comment in my first meeting with new colleagues.

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How Nonprofits Continue To Get Facebook Marketing All Wrong

J Campbell Social Marketing

In my conversations with nonprofits using social media, I always ask them one question first – What do they want to get out of using Facebook? . I always single out Facebook first because it is alternately so loved and so hated, and the mere mention of it always elicits spirited discussion.

How Gritty Are You?


I think “grit” is more important than talent or skill. Grit is courage, strength of character and “stick-to-it-ive-ness.” ” Here’s a neat test to determine your grittiness thanks to someone at the University of Pennsylvania. CLICK HERE. I got 4.63

50 Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts to Follow


A frequent assumption is that social media runs itself, but the “build it and they will come” model won’t yield the engagement or impact that you’re looking for.

15 ideas for virtual volunteers from the Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you have a hard time getting your volunteers to stay? Are you just dissatisfied with the quality of the volunteers you have?

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5 Leadership Failures That Hurt Communications and Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Communications directors and development directors are not magicians or miracle workers, and yet many executive directors and boards seem to think they should be able to pull rabbits out of hats and turn water into wine.

In the Beginning: Nonprofit Founding Stories

Getting Attention

Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Julie is intrigued by storytelling, and the opportunity it offers to inspire donors and volunteers to act.

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Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I remember delivering a speech in 2008 during the early days of Twitter in which I mentioned to the audience that this platform may soon be the world’s largest sample of live human thought (good and evil) and also the world’s largest real-time conversation database.

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Six Good Nonprofit Infographics and What Makes Them Good

Social Media Bird Brain

This week''s examples of good nonprofit infographics was put togther by Madeleine Hammond. Madeleine is a marketing executive at Skeleton Productions - one of the UK''s leading video production companies. Robyn here. So what makes a good infographic? Lots of things, but in a general way, the most important - especially for a small nonprofit with limited budget - are simplicity and story flow.

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Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit?

Fundraising 123

Much has been written recently about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and its pay-to-play philosophy.

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Oh No! Not Another Good Idea

A Small Change

Do you ever feel like you have way to many ideas? Or do you feel like you have a lot of great ideas and things you want to do but never end up with time to get them done? How do you manage your good ideas?

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Nonprofit Branding: The Governor Sent Us Two Jerks

NonProfit Branding

These two well meaning trustees helped screw up the governance and the administration of a large university. Their misguided loyalties provide a lesson for EVERY nonprofit board and the senior administration of every nonprofit of any size.

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10 Qualities You Need To Become A Stellar Nonprofit Storyteller

J Campbell Social Marketing

Storytelling is not only a fantastic way to relate to other humans on a personal level, it is also a fantastic marketing and fundraising tool for nonprofits.

What’s Wrong with Storytelling for Fundraising


I get it! I get it! Tell stories! There’s been a lot of talk about storytelling for fundraising recently. Just a few weeks ago lots of folks even attended a Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. The reason I say, “I get it!”

Best Halloween costumes ever? We dressed up as our favorite nonprofits.


You have just a few hours before your end-of-the-day office costume contest and evening Halloween festivities, but have no idea what to be. Well, we have your back. For the ultimate procrastinator, we''ve got 6 nonprofit costume ideas that you can do with (almost) no planning at all

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Having trouble holding onto your fundraising staff? Here’s why.

Wild Woman Fundraising

I rece ntly finished Donor Centered Leadership by Penelope Burk of the Cygnus Research Group. Have you read this book yet?

What Board Members Want Staff to Know

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

At a recent workshop with more than 200 nonprofit board and staff members, we did an exercise where board members shared what they secretly wanted staff to know on yellow notes, and staff shared what they wanted board members to know on pink notes.

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Connect as Powerfully as Lupita Nyongo’o: Messages Matter @ Oscars & Nonprofits

Getting Attention

Take 3 minutes to listen to this incredible speech. Relevance rules at the Oscars too.

Two Free Twitter Network Visualization Tools

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Lately, my associates and I have been doing quite a bit of social network visualization research for clients, typically using raw social data and comprehensive, fee-based custom tools.

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