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I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


Similarly, donations increased +57% during the same period from people making $500,000 or more (the top 1%). So, what should you do? Should we fret?

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Let’s just get right to the Mixed Links, shall we… For those of you who are Not Sure What to Post on Social Media? Now What? Mixed Links

Feb 26

Is Social Media Working For Fundraisers?

The Agitator

I know, I know … what an impossibly broad question. What I’m really fishing for is some great fundraising success stories … examples of where use of social media has yielded real, measurable dollars. I’m moved to ask because of the question posed yesterday by Cindy Courtier’s Comment to my post on retention.

7 Year-End Fundraising Practices That Work All Year

Fundraising Coach

Year-end fundraising is a bountiful time in the life of the nonprofit. Speak your donors’ language. Communicate across multiple channels.

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


I failed to get into business school. I hoped to be a business major at the University of Maryland in the 80’s. But my ability to read, comprehend and recapitulate the institution’s business lessons was not so good. I didn’t make the cut and failed to get even close to acceptance into the business school. Keep it simple.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Year-End Fundraising – Part Two

Ann Green

In many cases, I didn’t receive anything except a boring, email thank you acknowledgment. With a little extra effort, you can do better than that.

How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Next week, we are hosting a brand new webinar on a very important topic: How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America. 1:00 p.m. hunger.

Get Ready For More Retention!

The Agitator

As much as you might hope for relief from the subject, count on The Agitator to talk more retention, retention, and more retention in 2017! And within retention, a critical sub-theme … donor (customer) service and experience. Consider this article … Is Customer Experience the Great Competitive Differentiator of Loyalty Marketers?

Thoughts On Inauguration Day

The Agitator

This is a day of fear … of anticipation … of celebration … joy and despair. In a divided nation and a divided world these disparate emotions are running wild all over the place. Down the hall in my tiny corner of the globe my neighbors are hanging flags and breaking open champagne to celebrate the Inauguration of President Trump.

Nonprofit Comms Team Size, Budget and Salary [Infographic] #NPCOMM2017

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is officially available! We have so much to share that we are doing three infographics. Here’s the first on team staffing, budgets, and salaries. We’ll share another next week. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the survey and special thanks to those of you who submitted photos.

“All You Need Is Love”

The Agitator

“All you need is love, da…da…da-da…da. All you need is love, da da da-da da. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” ” The Beatles say so (and raised more money than most of us). Agents of Good says so. And Jeff Brooks says so. So it must be so. So let the donor love flow!