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July 23 Free Webinar: Launch Team of Passionate Messengers

Getting Attention

Learn how to ask, train, and support your team in this free webinar on July 23. Register now. We all have an incredible resource right in front of us — our colleagues, board, donors, volunteers, and members. Just as you discuss your work and affiliations with your friends, family, and colleagues, these messengers share information on your organization’s focus and programs.

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How to Get People to Share Your Nonprofit Video on Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

You’ve undoubtedly heard that to amplify your nonprofit marketing, you need a strategy to create and share great videos on your website and social media channels. Video is the best performing content type on social. Having videos on your website increases the time spent on the site by 71%. After watching a video, 64% of people are more likely to make a purchase online.

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Why your capital campaign feasibility study could be leaving a lot of money on the table.


I think most campaign feasibility studies leave a ton of money on the table. Here’s a hyper-simplified description of how it usually works. You hire a consultant. Together, you conduct the feasibility study and review the results. Then, you make a decision on whether or not to go forward with the campaign. So what then? What about the supporters who helped you come to that conclusion? Prior to conducting the study, did you prepare a plan to give to them after they helped you?

What Nonprofit leaders need to know about the brain

Fundraising Coach

Nonprofit work is stressful. So often we go about our work without realizing the effects of that ongoing stress on our brains. But Jessica Sharp does. The founder of Sharp Brain Consulting , Jessica helps leaders and the people they serve. Here she gives insights into what we should know about the brain to help our clients and our staff. And ourselves. On Twitter, you can follow Jessica @sharpjes. What Nonprofit leaders need to know about the brain.

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Newsletter: Why Companies Can't Aid Migrants at the Border ; ALDI Asks Shoppers to ‘Pay Your Quarter Forward’; Tito’s Vodka Gives Employees ‘Joy Budget’ to Support Causes

Selfish Giving

We got a great response to our new survey question on nonprofits that require or request a minimum revenue commitment from corporate partners. Some really interesting feedback, including the responses displayed above for the question: Why DON'T you require/request a minimum revenue commitment for specific fundraisers? Have you taken the survey yet? If not. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW! ?? Partnership Notes. I found so many great programs this week!

Does My Nonprofit Qualify for Google for Nonprofits?


by Angharad Miller. Google for Nonprofits offers unique advantages to its members, so it’s worth trying to figure out if your organisation qualifies. What is Google for Nonprofits? Google for Nonprofits can help you spread the word about your mission, engage new supporters and fundraise online, all for free! And best of all, it’s very easy to register! Registering for a Google for Nonprofits account allows you to access many one-of-a-kind benefits and opportunities.

Entice Your Donors With Visual Stories

Ann Green

In these days of information overload, it can be hard to get your donors’ attention. In my last post, I wrote about the importance of telling stories. Written stories are great, but since donors get so many messages from different sources they may not want to read another word. . This is why you also need to use visual stories. Some people respond better to visual stimuli, anyway. Here are a few ways to tell visual stories. Tell a story in an instant with a photo.

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The Ultimate Google Ad Grant Eligibility Checklist


by Angharad Miller. Does your website qualify for the $10,000 worth of free in-kind advertising offered by the Google Ad Grant? . What is the Google Ad Grant? The Google Ad Grant is a scheme which provides access to $10,000 worth of in-kind advertising every month to nonprofits all over the world. By qualifying and applying to the Grant, your nonprofit, however big or small, can gain access to a huge wealth of advertising power.

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How to Make Your Website Eligible for the Google Ad Grant


by Zoe Allen. Follow our checklist for a professional nonprofit website that’s eligible for $10,000 in advertising credits from Google. What is the Google Ad Grant? If you aren’t accessing Google Ad Grants , you are missing out on an excellent opportunity for your organisation. Google offers $10,000 of advertising credit every month to nonprofits to allow them to share their story and outreach to new donors and volunteers.

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16 Features Every Nonprofit Website Should Have


by Zoe Allen. Is your nonprofit website actually encouraging visitors to donate? What should my nonprofit website look like? A great website will get plenty of visitors and a good conversion rate – but how do you actually get visitors to convert to donors? We’ve pulled together 16 features which are essential for your website to be accessible and reliable for your supporters.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Nonprofits


by Zoe Allen. Is your nonprofit using the most effective way to access thousands of new donors around the world? How do your reach new supporters, donors and volunteers? Digital marketing can be used to reach out, share information and encourage donations across the internet. It allows you to reach thousands of people quickly, and often for little-to-no cost.

A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics for Nonprofits


by Zoe Allen. Analytics can help you make smarter financial decisions to increase your donations – what’s not to love? What are analytics? Analytics allow you to understand your donors and the process they go through before supporting your cause – you can leverage this information to increase donations. Analytics services track data on your website and your social media profiles to understand how users use your site.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Charity in England and Wales


by Angharad Miller. Starting a charity can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled an ultimate guide to help get you up and running. Establishing a social enterprise: the options. In many ways, starting a nonprofit is just like starting a business – in both cases, you’ll need to decide on a business structure in order to form a ‘social enterprise’ which helps individuals and/or communities.

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The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Nonprofits


by Angharad Miller. Blogging is a great tool to inspire your supporters – get started with our ultimate guide! Why is blogging important for nonprofits? Nonprofits derive a lot of their influence from their ability to tell inspiring and powerful stories, which makes blogging one of the best ways to connect to their audiences. Storytelling through your blog allows you to leverage real, human stories to connect with individuals reading about your mission.

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