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6 Messaging Options for Email Re-Engagement Campaigns

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Time and time again we have implored you keep a clean, healthy email list. It’s essential to having a successful email marketing program. That means not sending emails to people who no longer engage with your content.

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When and How to Pay Yourself a Nonprofit Salary

Get Fully Funded

As the founder of a new nonprofit, you are probably doing everything yourself and working for free instead of taking a nonprofit salary. . I get it. Everything seems important and you really, really want to get your new organization up and running so you can do the work of changing lives.

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Top 10 ways marketing automation helps nonprofits raise more money for less


Quick review. In my previous post I outlined the 3 types of marketing automation tools fundraising operations really should understand. Plus I recommended you deploy high-level automation to support the raising of major and planned gifts. Plus, I said it can help you move your mid-level donors up.

A nonprofit fundraising plan that adjusts with the time

Fundraising Coach

Today's guest post is from T. Clay Buck, Founder & Principal of TCBFundraising. A Master Trainer, Clay also teaches at the University of Nevada. He's been on all sides of a nonprofit - running the fundraising, analyzing nonprofit databases, and consulting to nonprofits.

How Much and How Fast on Your Editorial Calendar?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We get questions like this a lot. How often should we send out __ ? fill in the blank with emails, tweets, press releases, etc.). What’s a normal amount of content for my team to be asked to create? How much should I put in my editorial calendar ? Of course, the answer is “ It depends.”

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Best Practices When Running a Product Fundraiser

Get Fully Funded

It would be nice if a product fundraiser miraculously raised money on its own, right? You offer something for sale that benefits a nonprofit, and people scoop it up! Alas…they don’t.

3 types of marketing automation fundraising operations need to understand (including one you really need to deploy right away)


In this previous post we discussed the fact that lower-level, basic automation works better for raising low-dollar donors. . That’s why you need more sophisticated automation if you want to raise major gifts and planned gifts, and you want to move mid-level donors up the pyramid.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Nicole Gustafson

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Nicole Gustafson. Here is the latest submission for our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator series. This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. Nicole’s Bio: Nicole joined the Jackson Center staff in 2018. She manages the Robert H.

How to Ask for Money for Your Nonprofit

Foundation Group

The post How to Ask for Money for Your Nonprofit appeared first on Foundation Group®. Funding donations fundraising nonprofit funding nonprofit fundraising online donations

Making Connections With Your Monthly Donors

Ann Green

Monthly giving on the rise. If you haven’t capitalized on this, what are you waiting for? This post won’t focus too much on starting or growing a monthly/recurring giving program, although if you’re interested in that, here’s more information. 10 Quick Tips to Create a Great Monthly Giving Program. I want to focus on making connections with the monthly donors you already have.

Your Fundraising Strategy: The Nonprofit Digital Checklist

Fundraising Report Card

Your website is the heart of your virtual fundraising strategy. Ensure you’re ready to start earning donations by making and ticking off your digital checklist. The post Your Fundraising Strategy: The Nonprofit Digital Checklist appeared first on Fundraising Report Card.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – June 18, 2021

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

How did your week go? Let’s finish it off with the most helpful articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

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How to Know if Your Organization is Ready to Embark on a Post-Pandemic Strategic Plan

Mission Minded

Hear what organization leaders who are kicking off strategic planning initiatives right now, are telling us about how they knew it was time. . The post How to Know if Your Organization is Ready to Embark on a Post-Pandemic Strategic Plan appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Strategic Planning

How Businesses Can Become More Sustainable Over The Next Ten Years

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

How Businesses Can Become More Sustainable Over The Next Ten Years. Businesses understand the Benefits of Becoming more Sustainable. But how can they take their first steps? Check out the tips below.

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Podcast Recap: Dana Snyder (& Cause Camp Speaker Reveal!)

NonProfit Hub

First Cause Camp Fall speaker revealed! Check out our conversation with Dana Snyder of Positive Equation on our podcast! Are your social media ads helping or confusing your donors?

Newsletter: Company Giving Dropped 6% in 2020 ; Burger King Uses Cause Marketing to Take Shot at Competitor ; Why Every Nonprofit Should Use Animal Marketing

Selfish Giving

One of the articles I had planned to share with you this week was from Hubspot called Everything You Need to Know About Using Tie Downs in Sales. I hadn't heard of "tie downs" before.

New Webinar: Donor acquisition best practices for 2021


Every year, charities and nonprofits experience churn on their donor file. A significant percentage of supporters will eventually stop responding to direct mail, donating online, following a charity on social media, or opening cause-related emails!

The Best Content Creation Platforms to Tell Your Story

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

The Best Content Creation Platforms to Tell Your Story. Creating great content is a MUST! Lucky for us, there are plenty of Content Creation Platforms that can help make our jobs easier. Check them out! Back in the days, we had a pen and paper to create content.

Good Finds For Nonprofits: Bonjoro

NonProfit Hub

Each week we’ll bring you a new resource that we think could revolutionize the nonprofit sector—or at least your workweek. It may be an app, platform, podcast, or product that will help you do more good. This time, we’re looking at Bonjoro , a video messaging app. Bonjoro. “Bonjoro!”