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M+R Benchmarks Study

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The M+R Benchmarks Study came out last week. As always, it’s jam packed with lots of insightful information that will help you better understand the online world and how it works for nonprofits. They had 154 nonprofits participating in the study who contributed data for the 2017 calendar year.

This ONE Thing Transforms Your Marketing & Fundraising

Getting Attention

Flickr: Robyn Anderson. The opportunity you have in front of you today is SO big, that it’ can seem overwhelming. …. You’ve decided to take another look at your engagement practices (Yea, yea, yea!), rather than just doing it.

Annual Report Resources Roundup!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you working on your annual report right now? I’ve written a few annual reports over the years- And I’ve edited a LOT more! I’ve taught the Annual Report Masterclass since 2015, and I’ve taught the Annual Report e-course since 2014.

4 Ways To Convince Your Nonprofit Board to Invest in Fundraising Tools


For EDs and other staff who are closely involved in the day-to-day efforts and operations of a nonprofit, it is often easy to see the challenges your organization is facing and understand the solutions necessary to address them.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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May the 4th be with you, friends! I have used the Force to gather the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the galaxy of marketing and fundraising. It’s time for Mixed Links…. Do your colleagues respect your boundaries at work? Take this survey and let us know.

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Facebook Is Changing the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Game Again: What Nonprofits Need To Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

The efficacy of Facebook fundraising tools for nonprofit crowdfunding remains a controversial topic in nonprofit circles. Can the world’s biggest social network really be leveraged to raise significant amounts of money for causes, especially smaller organizations?

The single difference between above average and below average fundraisers


Above average fundraisers have developed the ability to create and deliver value where the donor has never thought to look for it. Related Posts: >>Value. Donor Offer Value Checklist. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND/OR SHARE IT WITH YOUR PEERS!

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Do Your Bosses and Co-Workers Respect Your Boundaries? [Anonymous Survey]

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You want me to do what, when? At the end of the month author and psychotherapist Sarri Gilman is joining us for a two-part webinar series called Transform Your Boundaries and Get Better Results. It’s part of our CALM training for nonprofit communicators.

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5 Tech Best Practices Universities Should Use To Keep Alumni Connected


In this blog series, we're focusing on how Higher Educational Institutions use technology to communicate with and engage their students and alumni. Don't miss the first installment, covering how Student Activities offices are using digital tactics to increase engagement on campus !

Do email open rates matter?


Not really. Not much. Look, many browsers automatically open emails these days. That warps the metrics. Instead of asking about open rates, you should be asking more important questions such as: Do our donors engage with our emails? Do they click on them? Do they go to the web page?

What to Do When Cost-to-Acquire Lies to You

The Agitator

I’ve argued cost-to-acquire (CTA) and lifetime value were the two metrics that mattered most. The idea is that if lifetime value is going to be higher than the cost of acquiring, acquire that donor. If not, you need lower acquisition costs or higher lifetime value.

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Hot Topics in May: E-Newsletters, Content Problems, Leadership, Work Boundaries

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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month: Online Training: STARTS TOMORROW! May 1 & 2 – Creating Awesome Email Newsletters. Learn how to create a newsletter worthy of the time you are investing in it.

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5 Tech Best Practices Universities Should Use To Keep Alumni Connected


In this blog series, we're focusing on how Higher Educational Institutions use technology to communicate with and engage their students and alumni. Don't miss the first installment, covering how Student Activities offices are using digital tactics to increase engagement on campus !

Fundraising Climate Change (EF-S02-E09)


The climate has changed for donors, nonprofits, and fundraising. Learn about this change and how to adapt to meet these new donor expectations. Learn more about MarketSmart at [link]. The post Fundraising Climate Change (EF-S02-E09) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Podcast

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Appeal Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Ann Green

It’s spring appeal time and all of a sudden my mailbox is filled with requests for donations. Some good and some that could use improvement. Whether you’re planning a spring appeal or one later in the year, here are a few lessons, courtesy of this week’s mail.

What Does YOUR Workday Look Like?

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Oh no! I am out of days to share. I need more submissions for our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator blog series. Won’t you please share all the things you do on a daily basis to make the world a better place ? We started this popular series in 2013 to get a glimpse into the everyday behind-the-scenes things you have to do for your job as a nonprofit communicator.

What Your Board Should Learn from Starbucks

The Agitator

There’s no question in my mind that a great deal of the furor over the ‘high cost of fundraising’ on the part boards, CEOs, watchdog groups, the press, regulators and many fundraisers themselves stems mostly from ignorance. Ignorance about what “acquisition” is, how it should be measured, and when or whether its costs should be considered acceptable.

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What Nonprofits Need to Know from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

J Campbell Social Marketing

Didn’t have time to watch the first day of Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference? I’ve got you covered. In this video, I cover the most important announcements and news that nonprofits need to know after the first day of the F8 conference. What’s new from Facebook, why is it important, and what are the implications for nonprofits? . Facebook Is Taking Things Personally.

What’s really wrong with moves management?


A lot of people feel uncomfortable with moves management but they don’t know why. I think discomfort might arise because it focuses a lot on you and your actions, and not enough on your donor and their consideration process. Sure you need to map out your process, set up tasks and ‘make your moves’… But what about theirs? Do you understand their decision-making process? Have you mapped it out on a whiteboard and broken it down? Have you studied it carefully?

Ep263: Partnership for a Healthier America on Growing, Managing a Successful Corporate Partnership Program

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Adrienne Weil , Vice President of Partnerships at Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) about how they approach corporate partnerships, cause marketing and measuring the impact of both. On the show, Megan, Adrienne and I discuss: Adrienne Weil, PHA.

When Have You Acquired a Donor?

The Agitator

When you received their donation, right? Once you have their sweet sweet cheddar in your bank account, the person has made a donation. Thus they are a donor. They have been acquired. Q.E.D. On to the next blog post. But let’s consider this in reverse. You go to a new restaurant.

Measuring Fundraising ROI with Donor Lifetime Value (Season 1, Episode 4)

Fundraising Report Card

Learn how to make better fundraising decisions by measuring ROI and donor lifetime value. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps Frequency of donation [02:34] What is LTV not? [03:03] 03:03] Segmenting [05:30] Viability [08:03] Goal ratios? [11:19] 11:19] The Starbucks example [14:04] Profit margins? [19:35] 19:35] Customer satisfaction [21:17] Any forgotten channels? [22:19]

What nonprofits in China have to do with your overhead


“As the nonprofit employees in the room struggled and strategized whether or not 30% or 25% overhead margins were realistic, one man in the crowd stood up. He was there at the fundraising conference representing a Chinese nonprofit. He told the group that it wasn’t uncommon for mature nonprofits in China to have an operational overhead under 8% and sometimes as low as 5%. And he attributed the ability to achieve these low numbers to one simple thing — the move to online.”. Fundraising

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Newsletter: Landing Your 1st Corporate Partner ; Pretzels for a Cause ; Your Nonprofit's Emails Suck

Selfish Giving

Selfish Giving is all about two things. How to find and land corporate partnerships. How to execute cause marketing programs that are win-win for you and your business partner. Simple, right? You know what else should be simple? Identifying your first corporate partner.

It’s Donor Acquisition Week

The Agitator

Many fundraisers –regardless of the size of their organization—tell us that donor acquisition is one of their biggest problems. The numbers support this. In the UK eight of the largest charities are losing donors faster than they acquire them by a rate of 5 to 3. In the U.S.,

Part 2 — Knapp’s Relational Model: The Key to Raising More Major (and Planned) Gifts

Fundraising Report Card

Earlier in this series we defined what each step is and how it functions within the larger “coming together” phase of relationship development. It may have felt a bit like we reviewed how to fall in love, but today we’ll get a bit more practical. The post Part 2 — Knapp’s Relational Model: The Key to Raising More Major (and Planned) Gifts appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Research

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Breaking Down Your Acquisition Silos

The Agitator

You can spend money on anything. That’s why it’s called money. Economists call this fungibility, which has nothing to do with mushrooms. It has everything to do with how a dollar can be used for rent or food or entertainment or whatever. In our minds, though, we hate fungibility.