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Just say no to #donorlove and say hello to staff love

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you looking forward to valentine’s day? This time of year always makes me think about the love in our sector. Going out on a limb here. a lot of people are all about donor love. Not me! Nope! I say, “NUTS to donor love, how about staff love? How about THAT?”

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Nonprofit Editorial Calendar FAQs

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Editorial calendars are essential tools for nonprofit communications staff, and we’ve got answers to your questions about them. What Should Go in My Editorial Calendar? At its most basic level, you need the content you are creating, when you are publishing or sending it, and in what communications channel. But you can add a lot more too!

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3 New Ways to Determine Nonprofit Social Media Success (That Don’t Involve Numbers)

J Campbell Social Marketing

Social media continues to perplex, overwhelm, and frustrate many a nonprofit marketer. Does this sound familiar? You are discouraged by your lack of “results” and “ROI” – and your supervisor is also. You post promotions on social media, fairly consistently, but no one engages.

What The Heck Is Progressive Profiling And Why You Need To Do It?


It’s about their timing, not yours. Fundraisers, as well as their organization’s leadership and board members, need to come to terms with the fact that donors make decisions based on their timing, needs, wants, desires, and interests, not your organization’s.

Major update to CrowdRise registration (and all the ways it will help you raise more money)


Hi there. We’ve got some pretty big news and can’t wait to tell you about it. CrowdRise Updates Product

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What’s Missing from Your Online Newsroom?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

A vibrant online newsroom can make you a treasured media source. But what do you include in your newsroom? What should you leave out? Our next BUDGET-FRIENDLY, BRAND-NEW webinar will show you what goes into putting together an effective online newsroom that gets you media attention. What’s Missing from Your Online Newsroom (Hint, It’s Not a Press Release) 60-Minute Webinar with Antionette Kerr and L. Danielle Baldwin Thursday, February 7th 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. Eastern (10 – 11 A.M.

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Get Ready to Show Some #DonorLove

Ann Green

When was the last time you thanked your donors? I mean really thanked them. That lame, automatic thank you email you sent after your year-end appeal doesn’t cut it. And even if you were one of the few organizations who did a good job of thanking their donors, gratitude is not a one-time deal.

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Your Annual Report is Missing Something

Mission Minded

Annual reports generally follow the same formula. It’s a formula we have written about extensively. And there’s a great reason. The post Your Annual Report is Missing Something appeared first on Mission Minded.

Share Your “Day in the Life” with Us!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We are out of Day in the Life submissions. Please share yours! We want to hear from you awesome nonprofit communicators doing your thing, making the world a better place. Tell us all about the day-to-day work that keeps your organization going. What’s going on at your desk right now? Are you chugging coffee all day? Do you hate your donor management system? Have meetings all day? Do you eat lunch at your desk? Do you have the best co-workers? We want to know all about it!

Newsletter: Watch All the Super Bowl Cause Ads ; Become a ‘Poptivist’ ; How to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest

Selfish Giving

Well, it wasn't much of a game to watch, but at least my New England Patriots won! And we had some cause ads to count and watch. Here's my list of this year's Super Bowl cause ads 1. Budweiser, Wind Never Felt Better 2. Verizon, The Coach Who Wouldn't Be Here 3.