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Communications Team Models: What’s Best for Your Nonprofit?

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In brand-new research for the 2017 edition of the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , we discovered that four types of communications teams are most prevalent in our sector. While those teams are equally distributed, that’s really where the similarities end.

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4 things pizza and major gift fundraising have in common


A while back I wrote a blog post that included 5 best practices for delivering progress reports to major donors (sometimes including legacy gift supporters too). Later on, my kids wanted Domino’s Pizza. Honestly, I don’t like their food.

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Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero. Whether quietly spearheading some of the world's most groundbreaking scientific and medical research or not-so-quietly leading revolutions on the battlefield, our history is ripe with stories of ferocious, adventurous, enlightened, and persistent women. In celebration of Women's History Month, we wanted to share some of these sheroic tales and introduce you to young women who are carrying the torch forward today.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now

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There is little doubt that Trump’s presidency has been unwelcome news for most of the nonprofit sector.

What’s Your Top Strength as an #NPCOMM Director?

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We are having some fun with a new quiz tool we are trying, courtesy of Interact. Want to find out your top strength as a nonprofit communications director? Take the Quiz! CALM Nonprofit Communications

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Do You Take a Lunch Break? What Are Your Favorite Tools?

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We want to hear your answers to these questions and more! Yep, it’s once again time for me to ask you to share your Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator.

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7 ways your competitors are stealing your gifts


Planned gifts are often the largest gifts a donor ever makes to a nonprofit, and they are certainly counted among the largest gifts many nonprofits ever receive.

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What your potential boss is REALLY thinking during the interview

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here’s part one of this interview with Claire Axelrad ! If you’d like to learn more from Claire, come to the Fundraising Career Conference! MT: You reminded me of this book called Grit by Angela Duckworth. I don’t know if you’ve read that.

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Raise More Money With Monthly Gifts

Ann Green

Although I often encourage monthly (or recurring) gifts as a great way to raise more money, I just started making them at the end of last year. I made all my pledges online, and it was easy to do. It should also be relatively easy for you to start or grow a monthly giving program.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Good Friday to you! Join me for some Mixed Links… Kivi and I will be at NTC in DC next week. Will you? Here are 10 Conference Hacks to Help You Crush Marketing Event Attendance. And CauseVox also shared some conference advice in Attending NTC?

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Online Or Offline, What Matters Is Relevance

The Agitator

In what amounts to a same-day companion piece to Tom’ post, Are You Under or Over-Invested in Online Fundraising , Nick Ellinger over at the DonorVoice Blog posted a thoughtful companion piece, How the Facebook algorithm works outside of social media.

What the hiring manager looks for in fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

Hey, everybody. Welcome. This interview is part of a series to help you rise in your fundraising career. It’s a preview of what we’ll be teaching at the Fundraising Career Conference. Join us for the 3rd annual Fundraising Career Conference April 17th, 19th and 21st 2017.

Ep206: 98% of Corporate Sustainability Programs Fail. 4 Proven Ways to Boost the Success Rate

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Photo via KT on Flickr.

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30 Questions on Nonprofit Email Marketing. What’s Yours?

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What questions do you have about nonprofit email marketing? On April 5, 2017 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern, I’ll answer 30 questions on nonprofit email marketing in 30 minutes during our next free webinar (registration link coming soon!). Now I just need the questions! Got one?

Your Nonprofit Is Competing With Amazon

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What a scary thought! But it’s true. Consider … every month, more people visit Amazon to make a purchase, browse for products or research a product (85%) than visit their families (40%). In fact, nearly 40% visit Amazon one to three times, and close to 30% visit Amazon more than seven times per month. 56% make a purchase on Amazon up to three times per month. When consumers do visit Amazon, they enjoy superb customer service. And that’s why Amazon is your competitor.

Are You Under- Or Over-Invested in Online Fundraising?

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Two recent studies, one from Blackbaud and one from Merkle , put online fundraising’s share of giving in perspective. Merkle, looking at large nonprofits, gave online 15% of the direct response fundraising pie, while Blackbaud, looking more broadly at all charitable giving (with online giving from 5,000+ organizations), gave online fundraising 7.2% of the total charitable giving pie. In the case of Blackbaud, their measurement showed online giving increased 7.9%

Nonprofits, For Heaven's Sake Listen to Robert Rose!

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I'm a New England Patriots fan. Robert Rose is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Nonetheless, we agree on one important thing: nonprofits are crazy not to focus more on content marketing. Frankly, I've been saying this for years.

Embalming The Elephant – Release 1.0

The Agitator

It’s been 16 months since we announced The Agitator Data Liberation Crusade — a quest to make available fundamental data that’s of daily use to fundraisers free of charge or as near-free as possible. Our rationale for this Crusade aimed at benefitting both small and large nonprofits is explained in our post Fundraising Data and the Cost of Embalming an Elephant.

Should Nonprofits Go Back to Taking Off Their Clothes?

Selfish Giving

This is awkward. Nearly a year ago to the day I wrote that cause marketers could learn a thing or two from Playboy's decision to go nude-less. Imagine, Playboy without nude pictures! It appears that Playboy readers couldn't imagine it because sales slumped over the past year.

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