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Searching Your Nonprofit’s Web Site—A vs. B Makes a Huge Difference

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I’m a devoted participant in Anne Holland’s blog, Which Test Won.

KONY2012: Judged by their funders?

Wild Woman Fundraising

KONY2012. Everyone’s talking about KONY2012. 82 MILLION people have seen that compelling (and some would say, paternalistic, and misleading) 30 minute video about Invisible Children’s latest marketing campaign to stop Joseph Kony from recruiting more child soldiers, raping, and murdering.

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Vote for the Best Do Gooder Videos of the Year

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I love being one of the judges of the Nonprofit DoGooder Video Awards, and you can experience the fun of judging too! Public voting is now open. Select one of four categories (Small, Medium, and Large Orgs, plus Video Storytelling).

10 Exciting Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Fundraiser Ideas

Sports teams often have to raise money for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they need new uniforms or new equipment. They may need to raise money for travel expenses to go to a tournament. Whatever the reason your team needs to raise money, here are 10 exciting fundraising ideas for sports teams: Fast Pitch Fundraiser – This is a great fundraiser for baseball teams. Organize your fundraiser at a time when lots of other teams will be in attendance, such as during a tournament.

Our Son Trayvon: Make your email subject lines as powerful as this one

Getting Attention

Getting your emails opened is the most crucial part of your email campaign. Without that, there’s no hope of motivating the action your organization needs. When I opened my email this morning to the usual overflow, my eyes were drawn immediately to this short but powerful subject line—Our Son Trayvon. I opened the email immediately.

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Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: March 23, 2012

Getting Attention

Please post your nonprofit marketing position here — FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities. NEW OPPORTUNITIES. 1) Business Development Manager and. Marketing Campaigns Manager. Network for Good (Bethesda, MD). 2) Communications Associate.

Consistent Messaging Across Channels: The Crawl, Walk, Run Method to Consolidated Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Lu Esposito. Facebook, website, direct mail, blogs, Twitter, etc. There are so many different ways to communicate with your supporters now, but how can you make sure all of those channels are integrated? Lu Esposito shares some simple, easy steps to make sure your marketing channels are all in sync.

Personal Branding Within The Corporate Workplace

Diva Marketing Blog

Do you remember Tom Peters’ innovative Fast Company article The Brand Called You ? Back in the ‘90’s Peters presented an innovative concept that employees could position themselves, within their organizations, as though they were a brand.

Don’t Hire a Full-Time Cause Marketer

Selfish Giving

Just about every day I read about a nonprofit either looking for a cause marketer, or searching for someone to do cause marketing along with events, sponsorship, operations, human resources, major gifts. You know, the typical nonprofit multi-tasking stuff.

Just Give Us 1 Day to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Results – Sept. 19 in Chicago

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Register Now! The first 15 registrants save $100.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you had busy week like I did, relax and enjoy some Mixed Links! First off, we have lots of good stuff on nonprofit websites: Is your nonprofit’s website “slick or ick?” ” Find out how your website stacks up and take this quiz from Network for Good.

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Givewell talks about their mistakes

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve been watching Givewell for the past couple of years, because I think they’ve been trying to take on a serious issue with accountability and transparency for nonprofits. And right now Guidestar and CharityNavigator do their best, but it takes QUITE a bit of effort simply to catalogue 990 forms of nonprofits, and that never shows the whole picture. So Givewell started smaller. It started simply by saying, Who will give you the most bang for your buck, charity-wise?

CauseTalk Radio Ep06: Raise Money, Awareness with 3 Nonprofit Contests

Selfish Giving

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]. Nonprofit contests are a dime a dozen, it seems. But which ones are the best? In today’s episode , Megan Strand and I highlight three great contests you can join. First, Ifdy Perez , Community Manager for , joins us to share Twive and Receive , a nation-wide fundraising campaign that pits city against city in a one-day fundraising effort on May 24.

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Get Your Nonprofit Taglines Ready—The Taggies Are Back

Getting Attention

So many of you have been asking that I wanted to let you know a.s.a.p.: The Nonprofit Tagline Awards (a.k.a. The Taggies) are coming back this summer. Great Words Promoting Good Causes!

Utah, A Capital of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

My old friend, author Joe Waters outed me yesterday in his post at As he pointed out I live and work in Utah, one of the least populated states in the Union. How small? We have three Congressional districts in the whole state. Metropolitan Boston, where Joe lives, has five by itself. So how is it possible that Utah could be, as my headline puts it, a capital of cause marketing? Before I answer that directly, let me first describe some cause marketers who started in Utah.

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What causes nonprofit Boards to fail?

Get Fully Funded

I wrote this article in response to several nonprofits that have been in the news lately, including one in my area. I believe that training can solve (or prevent) a multitude of Board problems. However, this works on the assumption that once people know better, they’ll do better. Nonprofit organizations are formed to meet a need in the community and to do it so that no one benefits financially (no dividends to investors).

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Images are great - unless you’re making one of these 3 mistakes

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

As you know, I’m a fan of images. Pictures are worth 1,000 words and all that. When people look at a page, they look in this order: first the image, then the headline, then - last - the body copy. You’re probably aware of that, too, and plan accordingly.

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National Parkinson Foundation celebrates 10,000th Facebook fan


Donordigital joins in celebrating with its client National Parkinson Foundation in reaching its 10,000th Facebook fan. Donordigital worked with National Parkinson Foundation to run a Facebook Ad campaign with the goal of recruiting 10,000 new Facebook fans.

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Cause Marketing To Teens With Time on Their Hands

Cause Related Marketing

If you have a generous heart and more spare time than money is a way for you to monetize your expertise on behalf of a favored charity, $5 at a time. Here’s how it works: you post a small service or task you are willing to perform for $5.

Live Video Streaming For Nonprofits

The Agitator

Two announcements that go together. According to comScore , about 179 million web users watched nearly 38 billion online videos in February, a level that’s holding relatively steady. That’s an average of 21.8 hours per viewer! A medium you must master. And here’s an opportunity … YouTube has started a new feature that will allow all nonprofits to broadcast live events through their own video channels.

A guide to telling your story in pictures

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Network for Good’s friends at Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication today launch Communicating Via Imagery, a complete guide to telling your story with images that touch the heart and influence the mind. ”>.

#TECH: Megauploads Shut Down, Highlighting Concerns Of Cloud Computing

Non Profit Marketing 360

But what about all the legal files on the servers? The move toward cloud computing has numerous benefits , including a place to back up your organization’s most important files and offering access to such files from any mobile device.

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Joint-Issue Promotion in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Usually I highlight transactional-style cause marketing in this space, but there are other possible relationships including ‘joint-issue promotion,’ a category suggested by Wymer and Sumu in their book Nonprofit and Business Sector Collaboration.

12 Tips on How to be a Good Nonprofit Leader: Shackleton Style!

Wild Woman Fundraising

The last several years, I’ve somewhat lost my faith in some nonprofit leaders but in this past year, as I’ve been working with Kurt Steiner of CharityHowTo , I’ve found my faith again that good leaders DO exist, and found him modeling excellent leadership traits that Shackleton also exhibited on his expedition of the South Pole. Shackleton and his men succeeded against overwhelming odds, and arrived safely back in England.

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How to write a perfect donor thank-you: A template and example

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

My favorite nonprofit, A Wider Circle , set me a thank-you letter this weekend. It started with the following quote. “I truly appreciate everything you have given my family. The household items aside, it’s the hope, the faith, the trust, and the reassurance that kind, caring and loving people still do exist. I used to be the one that donated the clothes, the canned goods, and volunteered my time. But here I was having to rely on the same from others.

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He Had Leathery Hands

The Agitator

Or should it be: “He had strong hands”? Here’s one for the copywriters and wordsmiths in our audience. In a NY Times article, Your Brain on Fiction , Annie Murphy Paul (author of Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives ) writes about neuroscience research on how word imagery affects our brains.

Cause Marketing That Still Cooks

Cause Related Marketing

Over the course of the last 11 years KitchenAid’s Cook for the Cure campaign has raised more than $8 million for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. But don’t pay attention to the dollars raised. No, look at the 11 years they’ve been together. In cause marketing years that’s like 22 years.

Tips for the Specific Writing Mechanics When Writing A Grant Proposal

Seeking Grant Money Today

Be Succinct In Your Grant Writing That Program, Project, or Item: Writing In Your Proposal About What You Need the Grant For Use Logic In Grant Proposal Content - Yes, Logic.and for more instructive grant proposal crafting posts, click on "Grant Writing" and "How To" under 'Labels' on the lower right side of this web page. grant writing how to

How Fortressy Are We?

A. Fine Blog

I came across this wonderful quiz from Rich Harwood he developed for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (a notorious fortress!)

Making The Job Harder

The Agitator

If you visit The Agitator website , you’ll notice that we regularly update the crawl listing organizations whose staff subscribe to our email feed. Sometimes I’m a bit incredulous about the names of some of these organizations, thinking … How would anyone know what they do? How would their fundraisers over come that? But I’ve bit my lip. Until now, after seeing Jeff Brooks’ recent Future Fundraising Now post, Shocking truth: Nonprofit changes name in a smart way.

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Small Business Cause Marketing That's Actually Works for Small Businesses

Cause Related Marketing

Yesterday I took a call from a small business owner in Chicago… I’ll call her ‘Roberta’… who wanted to know how cause marketing really worked because it wasn’t working so far for her! Roberta owns a picture framing business and what she meant was that she had made several inquiries at two breast cancer charities. One was smaller and local the other was larger and national. We’ll call the local one Athena Charity and the national one Artemis Charity.

Out of the Shadows: The danger of shadow databases and the 3 keys to eliminating them

JCA Insights

Imagine this scenario: An important donor calls your organization asking why she did not receive her invitation to the annual VIP luncheon. After further investigation, you confirm that she was indeed on the list, but that the invitation went to the wrong address. But I’ve given you my new address several times already!” she says. The culprit might be a “shadow system.”


Is your website ick or slick? Take the quiz!

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Is your website enchanting ? Find out here with this Network for Good quiz. And if you find your website is more ick than slick, consider this webinar and our upcoming training

#HOWTO: Tumbler Can Be Social Media Hub, But Other Tools Are Available

Non Profit Marketing 360

We have sung the praises of Tumblr for the past few Thursdays , and we will continue to do so.