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A Glossary of Key Fundraising Terms, Jargon, and Vocabulary You Need to Know


Every profession has its fair share of jargon. Fundraising, and nonprofits in general, are no exception. Fundraising terms, acronyms, and jargon are as varied and valid as any other industry. As professionals in this field, we certainly have a wide-ranging glossary of phrases at our disposal. Five years ago I began my career in nonprofit fundraising. As you know, there’s a lot to learn when you get started (we’ve all been there).

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Leadership tensions in fundraising

Fundraising Coach

Leaders are an amazing group. They regularly tackle issues no one else is willing to. And, in the midst of being pulled apart by multiple interest groups, they figure out which priorities to focus on. Leadership is not for the faint of heart! Add to that the tensions created in a fundraising context. In a business, customer service drives your revenue. In a nonprofit, serving your clients is why your organization exists. But it doesn't increase funding.


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The 6 Most Important Steps in Nonprofit Branding

Mission Minded

Great branding takes time—a commodity that you’ve likely got in short supply. Nonprofit leaders are constantly pressed for time, staff. The post The 6 Most Important Steps in Nonprofit Branding appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Nonprofit Branding

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How to Move Away From Your Generic Communication

Ann Green

Are you guilty of sending all your donors the same appeal and thank you letters? In these letters, you never thank a donor for their past support or acknowledge they’re a monthly donor. If that’s not bad enough, many of these letters use vague and impersonal language and even worse, jargon. You can do better, and frankly, you have to do better. Generic communication isn’t going to help you keep your donors. Move away from anything generic and create something more personal. Here’s how.

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Selfish Giving

I had an interesting conversation with a corporate client the other day about the best way for her company to pick a nonprofit partner. I have to admit my first response was: "It can be kind of complicated." It's complicated because there are a lot of variables that go into picking a nonprofit partner. As I talked to her, I started drawing circles and writing things on them. I eventually came up with the acronym T-W-A.