December, 2019

6 Nonprofit Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020

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Nonprofit email marketing continues to be a driving force of donations, advocacy, and participation actions for many nonprofits small and large. . This is despite the fact that most of us dread opening our inboxes in the morning and feel like we are drowning in email ! . Blackbaud found that on average, nonprofits receive donations from 18.4% of their email lists. .

How to Take Care of Yourself This Season #NPCOMMLIFE

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This time of year is already chaotic enough without the added stress of being an nonprofit communicator. It’s very important to us that you take care of yourself. You have people to help and planets to save! Around this time last year, I shared some tips for dealing with the extra stress that pops up this time of year. Below you will find some newer articles as well as sharing ones that I think will still be helpful.

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MarketSmart’s “How-to” Guide for Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)


Click here for the free comprehensive guide for donor-advised funds. Trends come and go, but donor-advised funds are forever. I’m not quite sure that’s the quote, but I think it goes something like that. In our sector, week in and week out it seems there is a new “hot topic” to be focused on. Artificial intelligence, donor-centricity, peer-to-peer giving, the list goes on and on.

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Book review - 10 Simple Fundraising Lessons

Fundraising Coach

One of the joys of being a speaker and executive coach is that people send me their books. I have such a long reading list, that I usually take a l-o-n-g time reading the ones that are sent to me. I'm glad I didn't wait to read Jim Eskin's. (It It definitely helped that he sent me the physical book. It's been sitting here on my desk, reminding me of its presence. There's a big fundraising lesson in there for any of you who think you can raise funds 100% online!).

Show Me What You’re Talking About: The Power of Visual Language

Mission Minded

Recently, I attended a forum on education. I rose early, drove to the elegant downtown ballroom, poured myself a coffee. The post Show Me What You’re Talking About: The Power of Visual Language appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Copywriting Nonprofit Messaging Nonprofit Training Storytelling

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How to Put Together a Communications Calendar

Ann Green

In my last few posts, I’ve emphasized the importance of keeping in touch with your donors throughout the year. Some nonprofit organizations are good at communicating with their donors, but many are not. Often the only times you hear from these organizations is when they’re asking for donations. Raising money is only part of the fundraising equation. You also need to thank donors, keep them updated on how their gifts are helping you make a difference, and build relationships.

GivingTuesday 2019 Wrap Up – How to Follow Up After Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

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The final numbers are still being calculated, but GivingTuesday 2019 is shaping up to be a huge success! . CEO Asha Curran reported on Twitter: The numbers are in. 511M was donated online on #GivingTuesday yesterday–a 28% increase from 2018. Projected online + offline donations: $1.95B. Kindness & generosity not expressed with funds harder to quantify, just as meaningful. This is about co-creating a better world. Asha Curran (@RadioFreeAsha) December 4, 2019.

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Soliciting Item Donations for Auctions: 5 Best Practices

Fundraising Report Card

This is a guest post from our friends OneCause. Running a charity auction involves tracking many moving parts. But, one of the most important elements of your event is the items you procure. Without a solid list of auction items, you’ll have a harder time hitting your fundraising goals. That’s why it’s important to engage … Continue reading "Soliciting Item Donations for Auctions: 5 Best Practices".

7 Donation Page Strategies That Actually Convert

Fundraising Coach

Over the past few years, charitable giving has evolved with online donations rising as its new star. If you’re not including a digital giving option by now, your organization is almost certainly missing out. According to Nonprofits Source , online giving has seen consistent year over year growth (up over $10 billion since 2012). Further, 54% of donors prefer giving online via card.

The Ever-Changing Digital World: How to Feel Less “Arghh” and More “Ahh”

Mission Minded

Social and digital media have become vital components of most modern marketing strategies. They are cost-effective, easy to manage, and. The post The Ever-Changing Digital World: How to Feel Less “Arghh” and More “Ahh” appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Digital Email Campaigns Nonprofit Communications Social Media

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Make Your New Donors Feel Welcome

Ann Green

As your year-end donations come in, you may notice you have some new donors. Don’t jump for joy yet, the likelihood these donors will stick with you continues to drop. . You’ve focused a lot of time and energy on acquiring your new donors. Now you need to work on keeping them for a long time. Start with a special thank you. By now you should know the importance of thanking your donors as soon as possible and doing a good job of thanking them.

How to Crush Your Nonprofit Marketing Goals in 2020

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I LOVE goal-setting – and then making an action plan to CRUSH my goals – and the New Year is one of the best times to do it! Getting out brightly colored markers and a new calendar makes me happy, just as when I got my back-to-school supplies as a child! Post-its etc. . No matter when you start, it’s the perfect time to evaluate what you accomplished with your nonprofit marketing in the past few months and to take some time to sharpen your focus.

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Let’s Hear Those 2020 Resolutions for Your Workplace!

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A new year can hold so many new possibilities! Yes, it’s just another day on your calendar really, but January 1st can be a symbolic reset button that allows us to be so much better in the upcoming year. Or maybe you crushed 2019 and just want to maintain your awesomeness. Either way, you need an idea of what you will do to reach your 2020 goals. In addition to personal resolutions, we want you to focus on some of your work resolutions as well.

Corporate Partnerships & The Law: Registration & Reporting Requirements ??

Selfish Giving

This is the second-part of a four-part series on the four key legal issues you - my readers! requested guidance on in the Selfish Giving / Accelerist Partnership Law Survey you completed last spring. Advertising Disclosures [Released 10/02/19] Registration & Reporting Requirements Contract Issues [Coming Soon!] UBIT Today, our legal expert, Karen Wu of Perlman & Perlman , is answering your questions on registration and reporting requirements.

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A surprising way to better fundraising

Fundraising Coach

Improving fundraising is a never-ending quest for nonprofit leaders. But recent research shows a startling discovery on how to make your fundraising better. In " The Wake Up Call ," researchers Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Harriet Day researched leadership styles and their connection to successful fundraising. In the course of their research, they made a remarkable finding: Organizations that. undertook higher quality strategic planning. undertook higher quality succession planning.

Creating a Unique Value Proposition for Your Nonprofit (Part 1)

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Today and tomorrow, we welcome guest blogger Sean Kosofsky to explain an important marketing concept for all nonprofits to understand: Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). What is it and how do you get one? Read on! Guest Post by Sean Kosofsky. Sean Kosofsky. A unique value proposition (UVP) is an underutilized and really effective tool. But the process of developing a UVP can feel foreign and unnatural, especially for nonprofits.

Week of Freebies, Day 1: Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for Every Month

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Happy Holidays to our awesome readers! Let’s kick off this week of free stuff with: Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts. Let’s take some of the grief out of nonprofit writing and smash through your writer’s block! At the start of each month, we’ll send you an email with at least 10 prompts to get you thinking about articles, stories, press releases, blog posts, Facebook updates, letters, and other content that you could write for the following month.

The Skills Nonprofit Communicators Want to Build

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The 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey is officially closed. Getting lost in the data crosstabs will begin soon! Since many people are starting to think about next year, I thought I would share a quick Word Cloud on the answers to this survey question: “Please list three professional skills you would like to develop in the next year.” ” Topping the list are. Social Media Writing Video Storytelling Management / Leadership Analytics Graphic Design.

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Unsuccessful #GivingTuesday? 3 Reasons Why You May Not Have Hit Your Goals

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Nonprofits raised nearly $2 billion on GivingTuesday in 2019. And yet, we hear a lot of complaints every year about how it doesn’t work. If you aren’t getting the return you want, Julia Campbell joins us today to encourage you to assess your approach to Giving Tuesday. Did your GivingTuesday go well? See Julia’s top tips for wrapping up a successful GivingTuesday campaign ) ~Kristina. Guest Post by Julia Campbell. Did your campaign succeed on GivingTuesday?

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Week of Freebies, Day 4: The 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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It’s the last day of our Week of Freebies! Let’s look forward to next year with: The 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. The 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is compiled from the answers of the over 600 nonprofit professionals who took our 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey in November, 2019. They answered these and other questions. How effective did you personally feel in your communications job in 2019?

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Most Comms Directors Feel Valued and Respected. If You Don’t, Get Out.

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I spend a decent amount of time online where nonprofit communications staff congregate, including several Facebook Groups. Naturally, people who need help or find themselves in challenging positions post a lot more often about their situations than those who work in well-resourced, inclusive, and respectful environments. You could leave those groups assuming that it’s pretty awful out there for comms staff.

Our Top Blog Posts of 2019

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Heating Up December: Save on 2020 Training, Annual Reports, and Communications Trends

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Here’s what’s happening next month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. Get the scoop on communications trends for 2020 by taking the survey and being among the first to get the 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. Take the Survey. Online Training: Annual All-Access Pass Sale All Month. It’s time for our BIG sale on the All-Access Pass. Save $200 on the best way to attend all of our training webinars.

Week of Freebies, Day 3: Your Customized Training Plan

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Welcome back to our Week of Freebies! Today we’re going to find your Communications Effectiveness Level and design a training plan for you based on that. Get the free customized training plan that comes with our Free Membership.

Week of Freebies, Day 2: How to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

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Ready for Day 2 of our Week of Freebies? Today we give you: 20 Ways to Raise Awareness on a Budget . You want to raise and spread awareness for your cause, but how? Raising awareness is important for just about every nonprofit, but in practice “raising awareness” can mean hundreds of different things. Getting specific about what you and others mean by “raising awareness” for your cause is your first step. For some people, raising awareness is about public visibility.

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Reserve Your Copy of the 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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We’ve closed the 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey and are pouring through the answers of the 600+ nonprofit professionals who took the survey. Here are a few preliminary tidbits we’ve pulled already: Most Comms Directors Feel Valued and Respected. If You Don’t, Get Out. Your Favorite and Least Favorite Projects This Year [Word Clouds]. Stand Out from the Crowd with a Welcome Series.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – December 6, 2019

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Wintzell’s Oyster House, Mobile, AL. Happy Friday, Friends! Everyone doing good so far? Survive #GivingTuesday and year-end planning? Let’s dive into the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. We have some 2020 trends for graphic design and websites, fundraising advice, Twitter news, and whether or not your boss should email you when you’re on vacation.

Get Your 2020 Communications Training Pass

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Are you ready for 2020? You could do your best work ever next year and we want to help! If you join our All-Access Pass Holder Community now through January 3, 2020, you can get ALL of your training for 2020 taken care of with one purchase of $599. That’s $200 off the regular price.). An All-Access Pass gives you: Tips and best practices to help you get your work done better. The most effective communications strategies so you can make important decisions on the fly.

Your Favorite and Least Favorite Projects This Year [Word Clouds]

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We asked a new question in our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey this year about your most and least favorite projects. (We We are closing the survey Wednesday night — take it here to get the full results before everyone else in January.). We’ll analyze this more in the coming weeks, but here’s what the word clouds look like. Most Favorite Project of the Year. Least Favorite Project of the Year. What do you see in these results?

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Why Long-Form Content Should Be Part of Your Nonprofit’s 2020 Strategy

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By Peter Panepento. We’ve been hearing for years that today’s audiences want shorter content. It makes sense, right? In a world where more of us are reading and watching videos on tiny screens while on the go, we’re more likely to prefer information in shorter, bite-sized chunks. Short is what made Twitter Twitter. Short is why Vine’s 6-second videos were so popular for a time. But what if I told you that shorter content isn’t always better?

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – December 20, 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Good Friday to you, good friends! Let’s check out the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. This week we have some writing tools, email subject lines examples, and combating racism in your storytelling. It’s time for Mixed Links… Katherine Austin-Evelyn is Demystifying Next Generation Donor Audiences to Drive Engagement and Donations. Here are 22 Instagram Stats You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic].

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – December 13, 2019

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Penrose. Oakland, CA. Friday the 13th in December? That doesn’t seem right! Anyway, no bad luck here as I still have the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. This week we have some “ultimeate guide” to various subjects, what to do when you don’t like your board, influencer marketing tips and more. It’s time for Mixed Links…. Here is The Ultimate Social Media Image and Video Size Guide for 2020 [Infographic].

Newsletter: McDonald's Launches Round-Up for Charity at 14,000 Restaurants ; Build an Audience for Your Cause with Free-Noting ; Ten Ways to Sell a Great Idea

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With both Christmas and New Year's falling on Wednesday this year, I'm taking the next two weeks off. Woo-hoo! ??Truthfully, Truthfully, it's going to be weird not publishing my newsletter. It will be interesting to see if I can actually relax and not publish something. Watch for my newsletter in your inbox again on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. In the meantime, enjoy this awkward holiday photo of me and my twin brother, Jeff. Isn't it a classic? But which one is me? Am I on the right or the left?

Newsletter: Goodwill’s Winning Model for Influencer-Brand Partnerships ; Flutie Flakes are Back After 20 Years ; Three Research Methods to Get to Know Your Audience

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You could learn a lot about influencer marketing from Lauren Lawson-Zilai , senior director of PR at Goodwill™ Industries International. The influencer marketing program she's developed is building an engaged audience for Goodwill, particularly on Instagram , where the nonprofit has seen a 200% increase in followers. Lauren's program is as much for local nonprofits as it is for national organizations. According to Lauren. "We’ve

Newsletter: In Which States Should Your Corporate Partner Register? ; 25 Most Philanthropic Companies in Arizona ; How to Monitor Your Competitors

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The holiday gifts ??are are coming three weeks early thanks to Karen Wu at Perlman & Perlman ! Karen just finished the second installment of her four-part series on the four key legal issues you - my readers! requested guidance on in the Selfish Giving / Accelerist Partnership Law Survey you completed earlier this year. This week, Karen is answering your questions on registration and reporting requirements.