January, 2018

Set Goals for What Matters

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Goals are powerful, especially if you choose only a few. A laundry list is almost impossible to stay focused on. But if you choose two or three realistic, specific goals, and write them down, you are likely to achieve them. But first, make sure you set goals for what matters most.

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How Nonprofits Can Get More Social Media Engagement in 2018

J Campbell Social Marketing

Nonprofits small and large dived into social media last year, and some found huge success – but many did not get the results that they expected. I hear these social media laments all the time from nonprofits: “Social media algorithms have killed our engagement this year.”. “It’s

Building Trust with ABCD

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you want to build trust? If you are in a new position, you need to build trust, deliberately, with your coworkers. If you have new people reporting to you, you need to build trust with them.

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Top 7 Fundraising In’s and Out’s for 2018


OUT: Making donors feel bad , twisting their arms, telling them to give ’til it hurts and shaming them. IN: Making donors feel good , treating them like people (not ATM’s), partnering and giving them the value they want.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Healthier Colorado


Healthier Colorado is a nonprofit working to elevate the voices of Coloradans in the public policy process, ensuring healthier standards of living across the state’s diverse communities.

How to Spot & Gather Strong Stories

Getting Attention

When you gather compelling stories—about beneficiaries, donors, or volunteers, or other players—to share in campaigns, thanks, and other communications, you gain a powerful complement to your data and anecdotal understanding of the people you want to engage. Together, these insights forge a shortcut to engaging hearts, minds, and wallets. But it can be tough to source the right stories.

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Facebook’s Latest News Feed Changes: What Nonprofits Can Do

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Another week, another change to Facebook. ( See Mark Zuckerberg’s post from January 11, 2018.). This one actually may make a big difference in how nonprofits use the networking site though. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing what you see on your news feed.

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The Problem You Can’t Talk About

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here’s the greatest secret. To have one, and not know what it is. Have you ever felt like the mission will fall apart, or your nonprofit will fall apart, unless you give 110% EVERY SINGLE DAY? That you work so hard and you can’t take a break to breathe, or eat, or not stay until 7pm?

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Why do staff at smaller charities seem to have more time to write heartfelt thank you notes?


Some charities send me amazing ‘thank you notes’ They are personal, relevant and heartfelt. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. And, they make me want to give again and again. But I’m perplexed.

Take Control of Your Data: 3 Must-Have Reporting Tools Every Nonprofit Should Have


A new year means new resolutions, and for nonprofits that often falls into the category of better fundraising practices. Enter our new series, “New Year, New Heights.” For the next few months, we’re taking an in-depth look at key features and tools that make for a successful development program. Follow along, email us your questions , and let us know what you’d like to hear about!

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Martin Luther King, Jr- January 15, 1929- April 4, 1968

The Agitator

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

How a Homeless Shelter Used Facebook Live Video to DOUBLE Results on Giving Tuesday

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Earlier this month, I put a call out to nonprofits communicators asking them what worked for their organization on Facebook in 2017. A tactic or tool that they would use again in 2018. A day later, Facebook Zero happened.

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10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

J Campbell Social Marketing

In the Internet Hierarchy of Needs (I just made that up), there are three main tools that you need to communicate with donors and reach new supporters. They are your website, your email list, and your social media platform(s).

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10 MORE Songs that are on every fundraiser’s playlist

Wild Woman Fundraising

OMG so I had these 10 songs in 2016 that people LOVED and I thought, well, let’s make another post like this with NEW SONGS! Yeah you can trust me! To help you GET DOWN! SO, here are 10 MORE songs that are on every fundraiser’s playlist! To start your year off right!

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11 best practices for your legacy society communications


When it comes to legacy gifts, most fundraisers spend too much time focused on uncovering hidden gifts or closing more of them. Sure, it’s important to find out who planned a secret gift and to inspire donors to make them.

10 Email Resolutions for the New Year


(This is the second post in our New Year, New Heights development series. Need to catch up? Click here for our in-depth look at the three reporting tools every nonprofit should have to improve their fundraising strategy.). Whether it’s emailing your supporters, re-engaging lapsed donors, or soliciting donations - all nonprofits rely on good emails. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

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Facebook Giveth…

The Agitator

“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” (“I fear the Greeks, even when they bear gifts”). — Virgil, Aeneid. Facebook has announced that it is eliminating its five percent transaction fee on donations to nonprofits (personal fundraisers still have a 6.9% + $.30 30 fee in the US).

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Scarlett Bauman

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Scarlett Bauman. Welcome to our latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series!

How to Use Email and Social Media to Create an Exceptional First-Time Donor Experience

J Campbell Social Marketing

Nonprofits are doing a terrible job at keeping donors in the fold. . According to the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report , . Every $100 gained in 2015 was offset by $91 in losses through gift attrition. Every 100 donors gained in 2015 was offset by 96 lost donors through attrition.

New and Improved – My Fundraising Career Plan has Received a Major Update

Wild Woman Fundraising

Over the last two years, in my Fundraising Career Conference, I’ve put out a little book called the Career Pathing Guidebook, with the help of Phil Gerard in Vancouver, BC. This year my career pathing guidebook has received a MAJOR update. Check it out! What’s different?

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7 simple steps to qualify your donors


Unsuccessful fundraisers don’t understand qualification. They don’t recognize its power. They wait for the next wealth screened list. They fiddle with it in Excel or in some other database. They make a few calls. They don’t get any appointments. They give up. Then they say the list was no good. Unsuccessful fundraisers don’t use the qualification process effectively. They don’t recognize the fact that understanding qualified supporters in-depth is crucial.

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WealthEngine Integration Brings Powerful Donor Research Tool to EveryAction Users


At EveryAction, we know that major gifts officers and other development professionals need to have as much information as possible about their prospective donors in order to fine-tune their "fundraising asks.". With that in mind, we've built a powerful new integration with WealthEngine to provide nonprofit fundraising pros with that information, ultimately helping them raise more money. What is WealthEngine?

How Not to Test Communication Volume

The Agitator

I’m a fan of M+R. Their free nonprofit tool shed is great for quick calculations for those who, like me, can’t do chi-square or t-tests, in their heads. Their yearly benchmarks are a must read every year. (And And they are adding retention to it, which is a great addition.)

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Cortney Nichols

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Cortney Nichols. Welcome to our first installment for 2018 in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series!

5 Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Message on Instagram

J Campbell Social Marketing

Frustrated with all the changes coming to the Facebook News Feed? It may be time to consider getting on Instagram! Instagram (despite being owned by Facebook) continues to grow in popularity, and is an increasingly effective way to share more of your impact and your work with an engaged audience.

What can we do to change our world in this exact moment?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Have you ever struggled to find words for something you experience? ME TOO. Maybe it’s a story you tell yourself and others, over and over again, and suddenly one day you realize you don’t need to tell that story anymore.

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3 reasons why you need to stop worrying about the darn tax law!!!


Tons of writers in major media have been fretting about the new tax law. “Tax bill could turn philanthropy into a pursuit only for the rich.” ” – 12/23/17 Todd Frankel [ Washington Post ] “Nonprofits are the unintended victims of the new tax bill.” ” – 12/29/17 Chris Gates [ The Hill ] “The sky is falling!” ” – 12/17/43 Chicken Little [ Wikipedia ]. Don’t listen to naysayers and doomsday prognosticators. .

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6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation. They’re also getting more politically active, so it’s a smart move for organizations to engage with them, and if you haven’t been already, it’s not too late! We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. Rethink mail asks. First, millennials move around, a lot.

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Demographics: The Second-Best Way to Segment Your File

The Agitator

Yes, demographics are the second-best way to segment. The best way, however, is literally almost any other way. Take, for example, the experience of Todd Yellin, Netflix’s VP of Product Innovation. Netflix has one of the great treasure troves of data out there. What does he use?

Download the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report #NPCOMM2018

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Our Nonprofit Communications Trends Report has become the “go-to” source for what’s REALLY happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising. And the 2018 edition is now available! Get your FREE copy now.

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Nonprofit Planning for 2018: Your Top 3 Nonprofit Digital Marketing Challenges – And My Solutions

J Campbell Social Marketing

2017 was a difficult year for many nonprofits. Upcoming changes to the tax code, a very uncertain and unhinged political climate, a strain on financial resources, competition for attention and donations… you name it. .

Announcing the 2018 Fundraising Career Conference

Wild Woman Fundraising

Dear Nonprofit Girlfriend, . We need help. . All you have to do is turn on the news to see this. . NO ONE could argue that our leadership needs help. Some might even say, “What leadership? I see no leadership.” ” We are moving backwards in so many areas. .

7 reasons why wealth screening your donor list might be an incredibly foolish activity.


Before you send me angry responses to this headline, know these two things first: What I’ve written is NOT coming just from me. I gathered this list after hearing what 5 different leaders in the sector told me. Note: None of them wanted to be listed in this article. Maybe the headline had something to do with that.). Also, I DO believe that wealth information is valuable. Of course it is!

We've Built The Tools You Need for 2018


Throughout 2017, our team introduced some of the most cutting-edge tools to help empower nonprofits to not only reach, but exceed their goals. Read up on some of the biggest new features we released last year, and if you want to check them out for yourself, request a demo and get your year off to a strong start. Psst, most of these tools are exclusive to EveryAction so you won’t find them anywhere else!

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Volume Has Been Tested. The Results Are In

The Agitator

Yesterday, I vented my spleen about the argument that volume leads to retention and that the volume of contact should be viewed as the lever to do so. Now, I’d like to put my case studies where my mouth is. Most of these are specific to mail. Because that’s where the testing has been heretofore.

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What to Do Now That Your Fundraising Campaign Is Over

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Gary Wohlfeill. You should use every event and campaign as a learning experience. Today’s post gives you some ideas what to do after it’s all over. Kristina. Guest Post by Gary Wohlfeill. Your event or campaign is officially over and it was incredible.

Monthly Giving Mistakes

Ann Green

Monthly giving is a great way to raise additional revenue and boost your retention rate. If you don’t have a monthly giving program, start one now. How to Create a Monthly Giving Program for Your Nonprofit. Many organizations do have a monthly or recurring giving option, which is great.