October, 2017

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Seth J. Katzen

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Seth J. Katzen. Welcome to the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series!

There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Okay, every organization (nonprofit or for-profit) could use more of those two resources.

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How To Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools on #GivingTuesday

J Campbell Social Marketing

#GivingTuesday is less than one month away! On November 28th, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are matching up to $2 million in funds raised on Facebook for U.S-based based nonprofits. Also on #GivingTuesday, Facebook is waiving all fees for donations made on Facebook.

Download And Read Before Fundraising Implodes

The Agitator

Over the past week, we renewed our exploration of what’s wrong with nonprofit fundraising. Here and here we dealt mainly with how fundraisers are viewed and treated by their organizations and by each other. Of course, that’s only a small part of the story — some of the symptoms.

Recruiting Corporate Partners with a Small Team: The Edge This Nonprofit Has That You Don't [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

For nearly two decades Operation Warm has had a simple mission: to provide children in need with the gift of brand new winter coats. The nonprofit works directly with manufacturers to create their own line of warm, colorful winter coats made just for kids.

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How to Create and Use a Nonprofit Social Media Calendar [with template]

J Campbell Social Marketing

As a nonprofit marketer, you wear many hats. Between answering emails, making phone calls to supporters, editing the annual appeal letter and coordinating fundraising events, who has time to maintain more than one social media site? You do have time. I promise.

Are You Afraid To Reveal It?

The Agitator

I was drawn to a Fast Company article titled What Do People Want When They Give To Nonprofits? I would have thought the answer was pretty easy. Feelings like self-validation, relief (from anger, frustration, fear, etc), recognition, efficacy and connection came to mind. But the article left me disappointed, wandering into areas like “gamifying” donor engagement and using goal progress bars to encourage giving. Tactics and tools, not feeling states.

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5 Ways to Cast a Bigger Vision that Raises More Money for Your Cause

Selfish Giving

Photo via louelke on Flickr. Most people are busy. They get caught up in life, and bombarded by hundreds of sales, marketing, and fundraising messages every day. The average person cares about worthy causes and enjoys giving to organizations that are making a different.

Newman's Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge Invite


With #GivingTuesday and the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to make sure our nonprofit partners, and really all nonprofits were aware of a great opportunity available to them from Newman’s Own Foundation and CrowdRise. Here’s the invite: Fundraising Marketing

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Communications Measurement

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’m teaching two new webinars on measuring the effectiveness of nonprofit communications this week. In the course of doing the research, I found three items that you might also find interesting. There’s a whole association dedicated to communications measurement.

When it comes to “moves management,” are you concerned too?


First, what are we really talking about when we say moves management ? Wikipedia says , “moves are the actions an organization takes to bring in donors, establish relationships, and renew contributions.” ” So, moves are what the fundraiser does. Moves are activities. I get it! Fundraisers achieve their goals if they develop plans for their activities. Moves management in fundraising is the development of plans and activities to raise money.

10 Free Ways to Re-Purpose Your Nonprofit’s Stories

J Campbell Social Marketing

Storytelling is critical to achieve success on social media, where the goal is to grab attention and pique interest. Without some sort of visual element to your storytelling, it will likely fall flat and get ignored.

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Fundraising Made Simple

The Agitator

Both Jeff Brooks and the Better Fundraising blog deliver the simplest of fundraising strategies for the holiday giving season … BE THERE! Their point. ‘Tis not the season for persuasion. Donors are well-primed. They don’t need to be persuaded … rather, just reminded that they already love your cause and are committed to it.

Giving Tuesday #Inspo: 14 Donation Pages That Know What They’re Doing


Kicking off with #GivingTuesday, year-end fundraising season will be in full swing. This busy time is marked with nonprofits around the world striving for new and exciting ways to engage with potential donors. You need to launch your campaign , test your email deliverability , craft your message , and more. But one of the easiest things you can check off your to-do list is perfecting your donation page. The reality is, an organization’s donation page is often its own greatest enemy.

Ep238: KIND Invests $20M in Empatico to #SparkEmpathy

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to George Khalaf , Executive Director, Empatico. Empatico is a $20 million initiative from The KIND Foundation , started by KIND Snacks , to broaden kids' world views through meaningful interactions with peers across the globe.

Tips for Silent Videos (Or When People Turn Off Your Sound)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

On Thursday, I’m presenting a webinar on how to create a great thank you video for your supporters. We’ll talk about the best scripts and soundtracks for these kinds of videos, but what about when you post them on social media and your supporters see it with the sound off?

Is shaming an effective fundraising strategy?


I was intrigued. . A few weeks ago one of my employees (Nicole) forwarded the following email to me from her beloved alma mater. It was from the president of the school. Impressive! The subject line made clear that he was going to let her know how she can help the University of _. “That’s interesting,” I thought to myself. I wondered if she felt that the University had helped her so much that she would want to return the favor.

8 Tips for a Profitable Nonprofit #GivingTuesday Campaign

J Campbell Social Marketing

Hard to believe but #GivingTuesday is only a little over one month away! Is this powerhouse giving day right for your nonprofit? Participation numbers and dollars raised skyrocketed last year, and are sure to increase even more in 2017.

WANTED: Your Views And Your Help

The Agitator

Adrian Sargeant and the team at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy and Marc Pitman, CEO of The Concord Leadership Group , need your help. Here’s why. The Hartsook Centre and Concord folks are conducting a new study of nonprofit leadership. The aim of the study is to determine the relationship between leadership styles favored in our sector and the extent to which desirable outcomes (think a thriving culture of philanthropy, for example) may be related to each style.

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EveryAction Development: Make Your Fundraising Tools Work For You


It’s no secret EveryAction’s best-in-class tools have been proven to help thousands of nonprofits raise more money while saving time on day-to-day operations. With EveryAction Development, we’ve made it truly simple to manage your donors in one, unified platform, giving you more time to focus on your organization’s mission, raise more money, and operate more efficiently. Recently, I caught up with Melissa Wyers, Executive Director of EveryAction, to chat all things EveryAction Development.

Ep235: This Beauty Brand is Empowering Girls with Every Brow Wax

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Annie Ford Danielson , Global Beauty Authority at Benefit Cosmetics about the Bold is Beautiful Project, which has raised $11 million waxing women's (and men's) brows in 17 countries.

126 Email Subject Line Ideas for Your #GivingTuesday Campaigns

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Giving Tuesday is coming on Nov. Are you ready? If not, here are Ideas , Events and Additional Resources (like Social Media Toolkit and Press Release Template) to get you started.

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3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give


“What did they do with my money?”. Would my money yield more impact if I gave it to another organization?”. “Do Do they make me feel good or bad?”. Related Posts: >>5 thoughts that might lead your supporters to feel donor remorse. >>Is Is Your Donor “Endangered”? LIKE THIS BLOG POST? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND/OR SHARE IT WITH YOUR PEERS! The post 3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

The Future of Visual Social and What It Means for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

On Wednesday, I’ll be moderating a panel of distinguished visual marketing experts at the Social Tools Summit in Boston. My panel is entitled: “ Pics, Videos, and Infographics, Oh My! The Future of Visual Social ” – one of my absolute favorite topics.

Say ‘Yes’ To These 5 Activities

The Agitator

A reader’s comment to my post Storytelling In The Digital Age got me thinking about the things fundraisers say ‘Yes’ to and those that trigger a ‘No’ In this case, the reader commented, “Would like to get Julia’s book, but Amazon’s $38.73 price is out of my nonprofit range.” I’m sure Joe is sincere and his organization, like so many, may not even have a budget for books, and training sessions.

Your top 11 social fundraising questions answered


We recently hosted a webinar about how social fundraising is changing the way charities think about social media. During the webinar, there were so many incredible questions that we just couldn’t get to all of them. So, we wanted to make sure we took some time to dig in and answer them. Fundraising Marketing

Ep237: How Visit.org is Partnering with Nonprofits to Offer Unique Travel Experiences

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Michal Alter , Co-Founder and CEO, Visit.org , about how this B-Corp is curating different local travel experiences — ranging from free to several thousand dollars per person — all in the name of social good!

Free #GivingTuesday Tips, Ideas, and Resources

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

#GivingTuesday is only 47 days away so I thought I would compile a list of blog posts, articles, and other resources out there to help you make it a successful day. You don’t think #GivingTuesday is worth it?

Donor retention and donor qualification go together like peas in a pod


Some things just work best when coupled together. Peanut butter and jelly. Toothpaste and a toothbrush. Cookies and milk. Soap and water. Simon and Garfunkel. Get the idea? Donor retention and donor qualification. Similarly, you shouldn’t consider donor retention without involving donor qualification because there’s no sense in spending time and effort on retaining donors without a qualification strategy in place. Retention efforts cost money. They are sophisticated too, so they cost time.

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3 Engagement Crushing Mistakes Nonprofits Are Making On Social Media – And What To Do Instead

J Campbell Social Marketing

Facebook and Instagram went down on Wednesday and people lost their minds. They were worried they couldn’t get the latest updates from friends and family members, but also they lost their major source of news, information, and community. Sound scary? It’s just reality!

Are You an ATM or a Fundraiser?

The Agitator

We don’t pay nearly enough attention to the issue of disrespect and the horrible price our sector pays for ignoring it or shrugging it off with a “well, that’s the way it is.” Disrespect runs rampant in the nonprofit world.

How to Plan a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign

Ann Green

Year-end fundraising season is upon us. This is the busiest time of the year for most organizations and you need to plan carefully. If you just send one fundraising letter and then wait for the donations to pour in, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Ep236: REI Aims to Reclaim Outdoors for Women with 'Force of Nature'

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Laura Swapp , Director of Public Affairs & Next Gen Marketing at REI , about an ambitious new campaign called Force of Nature.

How Nonprofit Communicators Can Measure Awareness

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s my least favorite goal for nonprofit communicators: Brand Awareness. Because it’s vague and hard to measure, and therefore hard to know what will really work best to increase it.