Thu.Jan 05, 2012

Content Marketing Challenges for Nonprofits

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Last month, I asked you to take a quick poll on what you found most challenging about content marketing. By far, the biggest problems are lack of staff time or budget to produce content, followed by producing the kind of content that engages supporters/clients.

#Development: Make The Nonprofit Video – Don’t Sweat The ‘Viral’

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Happy New Year to our much-appreciated readers! May your 2012 be notably donor-rich and Mayan-free. In case we are not here in 360 days, let’s get right to work.

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More Cause Marketing Mashedup With Games in 2012

Cause Related Marketing

One trend I expect to see more of in 2012 is the mashup of cause marketing and video/computer games. Certainly the market is huge. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 72 percent of American households play computer/video games. And it’s not just teens and preteens. The average game player is age 37.

Three little tricks to be more persuasive

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I just started reading the fascinating book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. It’s an amazing tour of the mind and the two systems that drive the way we think. Expect plenty of posts on these topics this month. The Nobel-prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman talks about the importance of cognitive ease. Things that are easy to read and easy to remember can be processed with cognitive ease.

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New Year Resolution: Ask More!

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Whether you love or hate New Year Resolutions, millions of people use January 1 to start new habits. As a result, I’ve been asked by several bloggers and magazines what New Year resolution I would suggest people make. My answer for nonprofit folks? Ask more. If you could do only one thing this year. As I’ve worked with nonprofits over the last year or two, I’ve noticed a tendency to do everything but ask. Don’t get me wrong.