Tue.Jul 10, 2018

Writing Assignment: Who Is Your Enemy?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You’ve probably heard that you need to make your supporters the hero of your story. It’s really at the heart of creating supporter-centered communications – talk about how awesome your supporters are for helping as opposed to how awesome you are. But every hero needs a villain, right?

Channel Manager Incentives: A Modest Proposal

The Agitator

When a siloed staff is channel-structured and channel-incentivized, the knives come out. Direct marketers who are measured against a net budget goal are loathe to give up “their donors” to major donor prospecting or try to drive them to events.

3 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Organizational Culture

Fundraising Report Card

The biggest barrier to entry that I have discovered over the past 4 years isn’t being unsure what to measure, or having access to information. No, it is a lack of organizational culture that supports this new way of thinking. The post 3 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Organizational Culture appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Culture