Mon.Apr 17, 2017

14 things you must know about your donors to win major gifts (including planned gifts)


Here are 14 things you must know about your donors if you want to raise major and planned gifts (13 of which can be obtained from a donor survey ): 1- Why do they care about your nonprofit’s mission? 2- What programs interest them and why?

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Show Us Your Superhero Side

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Show Us Your Superhero Side! Being a nonprofit communicator is challenging and often thankless, but it can also be so rewarding.

4 Nonprofit Tech Tips to Boost Online Donor Engagement Rates

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Guest post by Wauker Matthews. Even though people are increasingly turning to the Internet to search for and to obtain information about causes they care about, keeping online donors engaged long-term is an ongoing struggle for many nonprofits.

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Who Loves You The Most?

The Agitator

I mean, apart from me and Roger? Seriously, looking at your nonprofit’s donor base, from highest gifts at the top to ‘average’ donors at the base of the pyramid, which donors have shown you the most love. And to be clear, I’m suggesting here the best measure of ‘donor love’ is donor continuity … retention. “Donor love’ in this discussion is what they give you , not what you give them.