Wed.Apr 24, 2019

Will You Show-and-Tell Your Editorial Calendar?

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May is “Editorial Calendar” month around here, so we’d like to provide a bunch of updated show-and-tell videos of nonprofit editorial calendar set-ups using whatever software you use. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Google or Microsoft product, or if you use a project management tool like Trello, Asana, Airtable or Smartsheet. We just want to see how you have it set up.

Webinar Recap: How nonprofits can raise more money through crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is an incredible way to raise money for your cause and to get your network of supporters involved in your mission. That’s why we recently teamed up with Nonprofit Tech for Good to host a webinar all about the basics of crowdfunding

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Newsletter: Why Your Content Needs to Be #1 ; Watch Bee Porn for a Cause ; Earth Day Campaigns from Silk, Apple & The North Face

Selfish Giving

Last week, I discussed the importance of focusing on your website and building an email list. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , guest posting and SEO are all valuable, but they are all means to end: driving people to your website and signing up for email updates.