Tue.Jun 11, 2019

If I Were Launching a Social Media Strategy from Scratch.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If I were starting from scratch with social media, or revamping a social media strategy, here’s what I would focus on in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook The majority of the content created for Facebook would be uploaded video and live streams. The majority of time spent on the platform would be in Groups. I would build an ad strategy around people who had watched videos or shown interest in events and create look-alike audiences for those people.

Now Available: Executive Summary (PDF) of My Webinar On ‘Fundraising Climate Change’


A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar about Fundraising Climate Change (a term I developed some time ago and included in my book titled Engagement Fundraising ).

Don’t Ignore Your Donors This Summer

Ann Green

Summer is almost here, yea! This is often a quieter time for most nonprofits, but you don’t want to be too quiet and ignore your donors. In fact, this is a great time to do some relationship building.

Summer School: 6 Steps to a Stronger Brand

Mission Minded

School’s out for summer! That means beaches, barbeques, baseball, and… branding? Yes: branding. Now that hallways aren’t awash in students. The post Summer School: 6 Steps to a Stronger Brand appeared first on Mission Minded.