Wed.Jun 23, 2021

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We had over 200 people register for last week’s free webinar on how to raise awareness. But if you weren’t one of those 200 people and you struggle with what it means to raise awareness, we still have you covered!

Course 163

The 5 C’s of Good Nonprofit Communication

Ann Green

I want to revisit a topic I’ve written about in the past and that’s the 5 C’s of good nonprofit communication. It’s important to keep these 5 C’s in mind when you’re writing a fundraising appeal, thank you letter, update, or any type of donor communication. Is it Clear? What is your intention?


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Newsletter: How to Get a Cold Prospect to Talk to You ; A Simple Deck to Pitch Your Partnership Program ; The Biggest Problem with Most Nonprofit Newsletters is…

Selfish Giving

Prospecting Circles help you organize and prioritize potential partners. The circle nonprofits struggle with the most is suspects because they are cold leads??(unlike unlike prospects which is warm ?? and supporters which is downright hot ????).

What Equitable Fundraising Looks Like in 2021


Throughout the last year, a lot changed for the nonprofit world. Engagement and fundraising shifted entirely online , presenting new challenges regarding accessibility and outreach.