Wed.May 23, 2018

Seeking Examples of Nonprofits Collaboratively Marketing Programs and Services

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I am working on a new keynote presentation that I’ll be giving in late June on how nonprofits can collaborate on marketing communications. I would love to feature your organization in my presentation if you’ve been involved in anything like.

Time to stop pointing fingers at Facebook and take some responsibility ourselves.

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

As a consultant involved in the digital space for quite some time now, I have carefully observed the evolution of Facebook since its first year of operation. Since that time Mark Zuckerberg has taken the heat on numerous occasions for a variety of privacy-related issues.

Nonprofit Storytelling That Takes Supporters from Passive to Passionate [WEBINAR]

J Campbell Social Marketing

Today at 1 PM ET I gave a free webinar with Network for Good , all about how to get people from passive to passionate, using nonprofit storytelling. Storytelling is a buzzword.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Nonprofit Technology


Choosing the right nonprofit software can seem like an overwhelming task, from getting each stakeholder on board, to researching all of your options and hoping to find one that fits both your needs and your budget, to actually transitioning to and implementing the new system.

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The dumb donor’s guide to photo-ops with oversized checks


On Monday I wrote about the oversized check photo-op and posted a link to it on LinkedIn. The post is approaching 10,000 views in under 48 hours. Clearly it struck a chord with folks. Many of the comments on the article point out that almost all oversized check photo ops: Happen at the request of the donor; The donor is usually a company, organization, foundation, etc. and its employees); Sometimes fundraisers appear in the photo op but almost always at the request of the donor.

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3 Things Your Next Video Has To Do

Mission Minded

With video coming at us from every direction, what really makes a good nonprofit video these days? Videos capture hearts by sharing experiences your audience can connect with. And the best videos make a compelling emotional appeal that leads viewers to support your work.

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Agitator Cliff Notes: “Hacking Marketing”

The Agitator

This time, I’m going with a non-fundraising book: Hacking Marketing by Scott Brinker of Chief Marketing Technologist fame. The idea is how to take the lessons from the agile software development movement and apply them to more traditional marketing.

Newsletter: Are Companies Just.Selfish? ; Royal Wedding Marries Companies, Causes ; Best Social Media from America's Top 50 Hospitals

Selfish Giving

The big news this week is that I'm at the Engage for Good Conference in Chicago Wednesday and Thursday. For cause marketing geeks like me #EFG2018 is like dying and going to heaven! It's that much fun! Are you at the conference too? Or are you in Chicago (even for the day!)?