Wed.Sep 11, 2019

[FREE Download] First 100 Days at Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job

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Hit the ground running at your new job with this FREE checklist of 100 tasks that you should try to complete in the first 100 days there. Whether you are just starting your career as a nonprofit communicator or are a veteran who has recently switched jobs, this FREE download is for you.

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Fundraising with an eye to the future

Fundraising Coach

In nonprofit fundraising, the constant pressure to raise more with fewer resources can be so all consuming that we forget to step back and look at future trends. To help us break out of that, we recently had fundraising futurist Trista Harris in The Nonprofit Academy.

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Newsletter: Survey Results for SEO & Corporate Partnerships ; Chief Fans Raise the Flag for a Cause, Raise $323K ; Should Pot Companies be Allowed to Sponsor-a-Highway

Selfish Giving

Here are the results from the snap survey you took last month on SEO and corporate partnerships. As you can see, 42% of respondents don't even have a corporate partnership page for Google to rank.

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10 Great Nonprofit Websites and How To Improve Yours


by Olivia Warnes. Check out these 10 examples of excellent nonprofit’s websites for tips on how to improve your own. Your website is the centre of your nonprofits online presence.