Wed.Apr 10, 2019

No, Millennials aren’t entitled. And they don’t want a participation trophy.

Wild Woman Fundraising

This post is a response to the Rogare report talking about millennial fundraisers and their tendency to job hop. It quotes Staying Power, by employee retention expert Cara Silletto. She sees this short tenure from Millennials as a trend to be confronted and dealt with.

How to Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Message

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You want others to get the word out about you and your cause. You want them to be talking about you. It’s the start of going viral – the holy grail of marketers everywhere. Everyone wants to know how to make that happen. There are lots of articles out there about upping your chances of being the next big hit on the Internet. You can follow best practices, but it all starts with the quality of your message.

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Here’s why Captain Marvel is an expression of white supremacy

Wild Woman Fundraising

Hoo boy. Are you ready for this? I hope so! In the spirit of NAMING IT, I am going to Name It! when it comes to a popular feel-good movie- Captain Marvel. Hold onto your hats! “Hollywood and the mass media are completely militarized. Look at all the war movies they are doing.”

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All the things from AFP ICON 2019


Oh San Antonio. How we love thee. Your Tex-Mex, your cowboy boots, your conference halls. In short, we had a great time at the show this year. We descended on the AFP ICON 2019 conference equipped with matching tee shirts, a selfie station, and a strong craving for tacos

Newsletter: Help Writing Your Newsletter ??; Patagonia Stops Selling ‘Power Vests’ to Jerks; How to Deal with Unrealistic Expectations

Selfish Giving

Three things this week. First: Please, please head over and take the Selfish Giving / Catalist 2019 Corporate Partnership Professional Compensation Survey. This information doesn't exist ANYWHERE but is much-needed. As one reader wrote last week: "A salary survey, umm, yes please!