Thu.May 06, 2021

Fundraising Isn’t the Only Thing Nonprofit Communicators Do

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Every now and then, a fundraising consultant will write a post essentially saying that all nonprofit communications and marketing should be driven by fundraising goals and staff, with a few limited exceptions, like media relations and general branding.

6 Skills Nonprofit Job Seekers Need to Have

NonProfit Hub

Writing a flawless resume, winning the competition, and landing a job is never easy. It always requires marketing yourself the right way. And, often, simply showing your qualifications is not enough. This is true for the traditional job market.

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Some Important Investments That Can Help You Raise More Money

Ann Green

Your nonprofit organization may have cut some expenses over the past year. When times are tough, some organizations, especially small ones with limited resources, veer towards trimming with the mindset “we can’t afford this.”. Use caution before you nix something you think you can’t afford.

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