Tue.May 04, 2021

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures. A volunteer handbook gives volunteers the information they need about the organization and its mission, and answers any common questions they may have.

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4 Questions About You and Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We like to think that we listen well to our Nonprofit Marketing Guide community, but sometimes it’s nice to do a quick check-in. Would you mind answering these four questions for us? It’s quick, I promise! Here is the link if the embedded version is acting up.

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Going beyond a no in your nonprofit fundraising ask

Fundraising Coach

I recently heard author Andrea Waltz remind fundraisers to " go for no! " (That's the name of her book too.) It's a reminder that too often we give up before the donor has really made a decision. Reframing Failure. She also shared the need for us to reframe the word "no."

5 Ways to Build Meaningful Board Engagement

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofit work may be the one arena where you’re expected to inspire your bosses as well as provide them with ways to serve and hold them accountable. It’s a tricky business.

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Successfully Collaborating With a Fundraising Consultant

Fundraising Report Card

Today’s article topic dives into best practices for nonprofits bringing in fundraising consultants. It’s such an important topic for nonprofits to ensure they make the most of what can be a very fruitful collaboration.