Tue.Aug 14, 2018

Literary Arts Appeal Letter Critique

Wild Woman Fundraising

So, Literary Arts, you sent an appeal letter to me. Thanks! NOW I get to critique you! You’re so lucky, really. I’m just telling you how you can be better. This particular appeal letter is from Literary Arts. Tagline: Find Your Story Here. Literary Arts Appeal Letter 2017.

Letter 130

What Are Your Content Marketing Goals?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Just like with everything else in nonprofit marketing, you need a reason for creating content – a goal. Are you creating content to. Attract more program participants? Increase the number of event attendees? Expand your volunteer roster? Grow your mailing list? Diversify your supporters? Encourage donors to give more money? Get reporters to call you for quotes? Position your staff as leaders in your field? Drive more traffic to your website?

Goal 119

Awareness Versus Impact: Which Do Donors Choose?

The Agitator

Does raising awareness sell? That is, do people want to donate money to raise awareness about an issue or organization? Or do they want to fund efforts to remediate wrongs directly? Robert Smith and Norbert Schwarz wanted to find out.

What You Should Include in a Board Presentation (with Examples & A Free Template)

Fundraising Report Card

Reporting to the board may be daunting, but it’s incredibly important. Your board is tasked with overseeing your organization, and providing them with a snapshot into the health of the organization’s fundraising is critical to their success. The post What You Should Include in a Board Presentation (with Examples & A Free Template) appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Culture