Wed.Dec 06, 2017

Stop Wasting Time and Money on an Annual Report Most People Won’t Read

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Publishing an annual report is a best practice. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend 100+ hours creating it! Join us tomorrow for: Go Short with Your 2017 Annual Report. with Kivi Leroux Miller. Tomorrow, December 7th at 1:00 P.M. Eastern (10:00 A.M. Pacific). Registration is $99.

Report 147

Is the person who answers your phones your weakest, lowest paid employee?


Everyone is a fundraiser. Don’t believe me? First, a short story. My dad ran a very large insurance agency. Over 100 people. One of the largest in the U.S. He used to tell me that he had a nasty receptionist. But she had been on his staff for so long, he couldn’t bring himself to fire her. Then one day he found out that one of his biggest clients was no longer going to use his agency for their insurance. When he finally got them to tell him why, they said, “It’s your receptionist!

Exceptional Results From Exceptional Expenses

The Agitator

The old saw was that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. Being part of the herd is a safe, comfortable place to be. But back on Tuesday, we talked about zigging where others zag by avoiding year-end matches to increase revenues.

11 Tools I Use Every Day to Run My Business

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Photo via Dean Shareski on Flickr. People often ask me what tools I use to run my business. Here they are! I use these tools EVERY. Squarespace. My website is hosted on Squarespace.