Wed.Mar 25, 2020

How to Tackle Nonprofit Social Media in the Time of Coronavirus

J Campbell Social Marketing

Watch the recording: Nonprofit Social Media in the Time of Coronavirus. Get the slides here. How can your nonprofit continue to post on social media during the coronavirus pandemic? What’s too much, too little, insensitive? How to stay focused on mission-related content while still addressing COVID-19? Join the # NonprofitNerds for a live webinar and Q&A session. Josh Hirsch, Director of Mission and Communication of Susan G. Komen Florida, will share his case study.

Making Your Messages Stand Out is More Important than Ever

Ann Green

Getting your messages out is never easy. But in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, just like everything else, it’s gotten a whole lot harder. Your nonprofit organization needs to continue communicating regularly with your donors. Information overload is an understatement right now. Besides, your donors are going through a lot. They may miss your initial message, if they’re even looking at their email and social media platforms at all.

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Selfish Giving

Today is the day! We have 200+ people registered. At 2pm ET, Brittany Hill at Accelerist and I are presenting. Future-Proof Your Partnership Program (and Your Nonprofit) for the New Normal Brittany will be giving you a roadmap to help your partnerships survive the next two years. And I'll be showing you how to build an asset that will help you raise money NOT JUST FROM companies, but from individuals and foundations as well. Looking forward to talking to all of you at 2pm today. SIGN UP HERE. ??