Why Your Donors Want to Remain Anonymous

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When there is a large scale natural disaster, such as the Nepal earthquake, or an event that inspires charitable giving, my media alerts for Network for Good go through the roof. Many donors come to Network for Good’s giving portal to search for nonprofits and quickly make donations online, and reporters often list Network for Good as a way to easily give to charities responding to crises on the ground. Let donors choose how and how often they hear from you.

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4 Thank You Musts for Monthly Donors

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Editor’s note: Our thoughts are with those affected by the massive earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal. Once you have monthly donors on board, you can just coast, right? Even though they have set up and committed to a recurring gift, you still need to cultivate and build relationships with these donors. Donor gratitude is so important we have an entire guide devoted just to this very topic. Here are four musts for your thank yous to monthly donors: 1.

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Nonprofit Link Round Up

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Do you have an over-active editing committee when it comes to your donor outreach? Nice to see our friend and NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward featured in this NPR piece: Crowdfunded Campaigns For Nepal Are Huge. Jeff Brooks shares how you can nudge disaster responders become committed donors

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Knock it Out of the Park

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I’ve written a lot about the importance of nonprofit organizations communicating with their donors, but that’s not enough. Mail is more personal, and your donors will be more likely to see your message. Try to mail an update to your donors at least twice a year.

Disaster Fundraising: Be Honest

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The earthquake disaster in Nepal, the scale of which is still unfolding, requires international. Communications Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising philosophy/profession Online fundraising and marketing premium

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Reach Out during Crises: w/Recognition, Respect & Sensitivity

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How can our orgs communicate effectively in the middle of two huge crises — 1) police brutality and misconduct in Baltimore, spurring active response by community members fighting for their rights and lives; and 2) Nepal’s crushing earthquake, and the millions whose lives will be impacted for years to come? Keep in touch with donors frequently and update them as the situation on the ground—and your response—changes.

15 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Instagram

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Follow your supporters, donors and volunteers to see what moves them and what they like to post. Using @charitywater again as an example – this photo was posted with the caption: 60% of childhood deaths in Nepal are due to malnutrition, which is exacerbated by dirty drinking water.

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