Alert! Missing Middle Donors

Getting Attention

Mix these insights on giving patterns of rich vs. middle- and lower-income donors with Sea Change Strategies’ take— The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions —and you get a clear call to action for every fundraiser and nonprofit communicator.

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Growing your Existing Donor Base

A Small Change

Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their donor base so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions and tips that I’ve used myself. The first step would be to figure out what you mean when you say “donor base.” Are we talking about monthly donors or annual donors?

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3 Ways to Turn #GivingTuesday Donors Into Year-Round Supporters

J Campbell Social Marketing

I have seen nonprofits spend so much time this year working on their campaigns, creating buzz and excitement, thinking of ways to bring in new donors and get supporters excited before year-end. We know what donors want. The donor knows what to expect with each interaction.

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How Will You Welcome Your New Donors?

Ann Green

One of your year-end fundraising goals may be to get new donors. That’s fine, but a better goal is to keep these donors. The retention rate for new donors is a dismal 23%. Put simply, over ¾’s of your new donors won’t donate again. Make sure these are actually new donors.

Donor Advised Funds – Episode 12


On today’s episode we discuss donor advised funds. Related Posts: >>It’s time for the nonprofit sector to stop whining about donor advised funds. >>6 6 ways you should suggest your donors use their donor advised funds.

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Re-Prospecting Donors

A Small Change

There are always donors that have a personal relationship with other people in the organization. Often times the donors who have these friendships make judgement calls about their “donor friends” without consulting the individual donors.

5 Simple Strategies to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Donor Data

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Luckily, there are many simple strategies your team can try to make the most of your donor data. Maintain clean donor profiles. Track individual donor relationships. Think your team needs to learn how to better organize its donor data? Maintain clean donor profiles.

Are you avoiding your donors?


Too often I’ve seen some ‘fundraisers’ do whatever they can to avoid actually talking to donors. Here are 5: Plain and simple, your donors pay the bills, including your salary. More engaged donors, give more. The post Are you avoiding your donors?

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How to Build Donor Loyalty

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We are very excited to have donor research expert Adrian Sargeant join us for a brand new webinar this month on donor loyalty. Adrian will show you the latest research and findings from the world of donor retention and how you can apply it during a BRAND NEW WEBINAR you won’t want to miss: How to Build Donor Loyalty: Lessons from Testing and Research. Adrian knows why some donors stick around and others disappear.

16 Simple Things Your Best Donors Want


Here’s my list of essential major donor needs that you must aim to fulfill: 1. Your best donors want you to do the important work they can’t or won’t do. Your best donors want you to give them the credit and praise for your achievements. Your best donors want empathy.

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More on All Donors as Major Donors

A Small Change

I was blown away with the incredible responses in the All Donors as Major Donors post. ” One major point was that treating all donors as major donors is not possible either logistically or cost-wise. Capital & Major Donors major donors transformational giving

Show Some Gratitude to Your Donors

Ann Green

Do you extend this same gratitude to your donors? Nonprofit organizations tend to treat thanking their donors as an afterthought. But you need to spend just as much time thanking your donors as you do on fundraising. Wish your donors a Happy Thanksgiving.

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Using this process to identify different types of donors in your universe is extremely useful in guiding your efforts to segment your list and fine tune the messaging that you use for each group. Oscar One-Off Donor 2. Luna Lapsed Donor. Oscar One-Off Donor.

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Is donor qualification more important than donor identification?


If you are a major or legacy gift fundraiser, you’re probably responsible for a group of donors on your caseload or portfolio. Or you might enlist the help of a wealth screening or predictive analytics and modeling firm to help you identify the best donors for your portfolio.

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Why your wealthy donors love donor advised funds and why you should care


Donor Advised Funds… There are plenty of people who don’t like ’em. Instead, I want to point out why they work, why your donors love them and why you should care— NOW! Donor Advised Fund products are solid because they: 1.

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3 Online Donor Retention Tips That Everyone Should Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

So how do you maximize donor retention? Start with prioritizing donor engagement. Use available technology to its fullest extent in order to retain your donors by maintaining high engagement levels. Focus your engagement efforts not just on gaining but also retaining more donors.

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Thanking Donors: 10 Ways To Show #DonorGratitude On A Shoestring Budget

J Campbell Social Marketing

No matter what time of year, it’s always the perfect time to show your donors some love. If you wait until year-end when thanking donors, or right before you are asking for another gift, it may be too late. Just speak from the heart and I guarantee your donors will respond.

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Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys


Here are the top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys: 1. The post Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys appeared first on MarketSmart | . They want to be perceived as (or see themselves as) a helpful person.

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Dear Donor: You Suck

The Agitator

For this example, I’ll let Adrian Salmon ‘s first-hand report speak for all the real fundraisers who care about donors. Communications Donor Centricity Donor Centricity - Case Studies Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Major donors Online fundraising and marketing premium

Donor Transformation

A Small Change

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with a donor about the difference they are making. Donors provide food for a food bank, money to renovate a new play house, scholarships for low-income students, or whatever it is that your organization does.

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Dining With Donors

The Agitator

Which, of course, got me thinking about donor-centricity. I thought about how the comparison between the old, rigid glass Heinz bottle and the new squeezy version perfectly illustrates the difference between an Organization Centric approach and a Donor Centric approach.

7 simple steps to qualify your donors


Now that you’ve properly engaged your donors and put forth some effort to properly understand them, it’s time to segment the data based on a variety of factors. Based on your segmentation, some donors will require highly personal, one-to-one outreach (such as a telephone call or a visit) while others would probably prefer a letter or email. Be there for the donors that want personal contact. Be available for the donors that don’t (at least not yet).

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That ole donor database

A Small Change

It is the <drum roll please> Donor Database ! Raiser’s Edge, Salesfore, E-tapestry, Neon, Donor Perfect, and Kindful are all popular and helpful options, though some non-profits are still rolling Excel style. Capital & Major Donors

Donors Aren’t Stupid


High-capacity donors aren’t stupid. They might feel donor remorse. You, your donor and the beneficiaries of their gifts will be glad you did. Related Posts: >>Think your donors are stupid? Donors give when THEY want to give, not when YOU want them to give. The post Donors Aren’t Stupid appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. They know a good ‘deal’ versus a bad one. They know what’s fair and what isn’t.

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Brainstorming Donor Identities

The Agitator

I’ve been preaching testing donor identities as ways of segmentation your file even in my pre-Agitator days. But here’s a secret: not all donor identities are created equal. Is there a difference in donors by what content they consume? Disaster versus non-disaster donors.

How to Attract and Keep More Monthly Donors


Monthly donor or sustainer programs are a relatively low-effort and high-impact way to increase donor retention and donor lifetime value, while also providing a steady and predictable stream of revenue that can help your nonprofit better budget and plan for the future.

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4 Ways to Retain More Online Donors With Your Thank You for Giving Redirect Page

J Campbell Social Marketing

On Twitter recently, Pamela Grow was asking around for some examples of stellar donor thank you redirect pages. The thank you redirect page, also called the confirmation page, is the page on your website where a donor is sent immediately after making an online donation.

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Make Event Donors Your Next Organizational Donors

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Event 360 recently released a report that suggests if you don’t try to cultivate those who donate at your events, you could be missing out on potential major and recurring donors. Question: Who are the some of the best candidates to become your next organizational donors?

Is it time to dump donor ‘scores’?


It seems like every service provider has a scoring system for your donors. Unfortunately, the scores provided by wealth screenings and predictive analytical models usually deliver way too many donor prospects. Instead of looking at capacity first, you should begin by surveying your donors to capture their 'why'' and readiness for outreach. Because I invented the system for surveying and tracking donors. Your donors want to find meaning in their lives.

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Letting Go of Donors

The Agitator

A couple weeks ago, I argued you haven’t truly acquired a donor until you get permission, information, or a second gift. Now let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum – when does your relationship with a donor end? His donor identity does not line up with their organization.

How to Use Email and Social Media to Create an Exceptional First-Time Donor Experience

J Campbell Social Marketing

Nonprofits are doing a terrible job at keeping donors in the fold. . Every 100 donors gained in 2015 was offset by 96 lost donors through attrition. Currently, new donor retention is at 17.6%. . Nonprofit did not inform donor how it used donations.

And another thing about donor-advised funds…


But the value proposition offered to donors by donor-advised funds is fair and good. So, are the DAF holding pens just making money off the generosity of donors? In other words, think of it this way… The DAF got the donor halfway there for you. They got the donor to move the money from an investment account to an account earmarked for charity. Here’s how: Click on this link to the donor-advised fund widget I created for the sector to use for free.

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Get More from Your Donor Database

Getting Attention

The new Salesforce1 app for iPhone and Android helps front-line fundraisers and marketers solicit and enter more information about donors when out of the office (no chance of forgetting key elements) in a flash. Welcome to guest blogger, James Porter.

Are You Donor-Obsessed or Merely Donor-Centric?

The Agitator

” So, let’s kick ‘donor-centricity’ up a notch and focus on what makes for a “donor obsession” culture? The essential question: What are the characteristics of a donor obsession culture? Making decisions based on evidence of donor behavior and attitudes, not opinion or ego.

Donor Sexual Harrassment

Wild Woman Fundraising

How we deal with female donors versus male donors -are we equitable in our treatment of donors, as couples, do we talk more to the man than the woman? Many women with front-facing donor roles are subjected to harassment by donors or board members or other staff.

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Writing a Donor Centered Website

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

So any number of things can detract a potential donor from completing the donation: What you say and how you say it. Like all of your communications, your website needs to focus on your potential donor. What do potential donors want to see when they visit your website?

Why You Should Implement an Automated Email Welcome Series for New Donors

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you haven’t set up some type of welcome series for new donors, you are missing out on a great chance to build a relationship. If you want your nonprofit to develop a loyal donor base, expand your reach, and drive donations, email marketing is key. The New Donor Welcome Series.

How to Collect Donor Data Without Being Annoying

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As a marketer, I want to build communication strategies that are founded on research and real insights from everyday donors. I want to know what your donors care about, how they want to be communicated with, and what kind of content resonates with them. Rachel Clemens.

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Take Thanking Your Donors to the Next Level

Ann Green

Many of you may be working on your year-end appeal, which is great, but have you given any thought to how you’ll thank your donors? Thanking your donors after an appeal (and throughout the year) is equally important, yet many organizations leave this as a last minute to-do item and it shows.

Are All Donors Major Donors? In Social Medialand, Yes!

Social Media Bird Brain

Image via Advisor to Superheroes Over at A Small Change, Jason Dick had an interesting idea: how about treating every donor as a major donor? You''re probably already thinking about your response.

Testing Your Donor Identities

The Agitator

Previously on donor identity: It’s good to segment by identity. Thus, you must collect them from your donors before you know if they are valuable. But let’s say you have a largely offline donor file – you won’t be able to test without incurring significant cost.

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5 Inventive Ways Donor Data Can Boost Your EOY Fundraising


The giving spirit is high, and donors want to know how they can contribute to the causes that they care about. Your organization needs to do more than simply ask your donors for contributions. Retain more donors. Your data, after all, provides insight into your donors.

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Donors give when THEY want to give, not when YOU want them to give


Unsuccessful fundraisers want donors to give on their timeline, not the donor’s. They think they can make the donor ‘move’ when they want them to ‘move’ They ignore where the donor resides in the consideration process. Come on folks… donor-centricity is a way of life, not a buzzword! Related Posts: >>Should your CRM include photos of each of your donors? It ain’t about you.

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