3 Donor Acknowledgement Ideas & Implementation Tips

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It’s important to have a plan in place for donor acknowledgement and John Killoran, Founder of Snowball Fundraising, lends his expertise from assisting over 7,000 nonprofits below. . Recognizing your donors requires intention, authenticity, and some planning. Thank your donors publicly.

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Which Donor Management Software Should I Pick?

J Campbell Social Marketing

He’s the nation’s leading expert when it comes to nonprofits that use the financial accounting software – and he’s helped thousands of nonprofits navigate the wide world of donor management. Does your nonprofit have donor management software?


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Why your nonprofit’s donor survey could be causing more harm than good


Thinking about sending out a donor survey ? Donor surveys should not be considered research projects and they should not be designed to collect information FOR YOU. Bottom line: Be careful with donor surveys.

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Fire that donor!

Fundraising Coach

A feeling they "need" every donor. But sometimes, the problem isn't hearing "no" from a donor. Fire your bully donors. Donors who make all sorts of demands on the nonprofit staff. Donors who are bullies. Fire a donor? I tried to get him to fire that donor.

12 Principles of Donor Love From David Love


It’s a great way to learn how David employed donor-centric fundraising principles to raise a ton of money throughout his career. Now having said all that, here is a very small excerpt — David Love’s 12 principles of Donor Love (reprinted with his permission, of course): 1.

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Making Connections With Your Monthly Donors

Ann Green

I want to focus on making connections with the monthly donors you already have. We’re edging into summer, and while this is a slower fundraising season, it’s a good time to connect with your donors, whether they’re brand new or longtime supporters. Create a plan for your monthly donor communication. Although I’m emphasizing summer, you need to communicate with your monthly donors (and all donors) throughout the year. Your donors will really appreciate it.

Donor Advised Funds – Episode 12


On today’s episode we discuss donor advised funds. Related Posts: >>It’s time for the nonprofit sector to stop whining about donor advised funds. >>6 6 ways you should suggest your donors use their donor advised funds. The post Donor Advised Funds – Episode 12 appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. What they are and how your organization can take advantage of them.

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How to Get New Donors Through Digital Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing

Chris came on my Facebook Live stream to show a simple way to acquire new donors through digital marketing. The post How to Get New Donors Through Digital Marketing appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit. Fundraising Marketing Nonprofits donor acquisition Facebook Live

How to Convert Your Nonprofit Website Visitor into a Donor

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Every nonprofit website visitor is a potential donor. And we all want more donors, right? You will lose prospective donors if they have to wait. Give donors a reason to donate. Tell prospective donors how their donation will make a difference.

Donor Expectations – Episode 7


Greg and Tim discuss the six expectations donors have of non-profits in this episode of Engagement Fundraising. The post Donor Expectations – Episode 7 appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Podcast best practices for fundraising charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation donor expectations donor retention engagement fundraising fundraising tips Philanthropy

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Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Favors of Donor Privacy

Foundation Group

The post Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Favors of Donor Privacy appeared first on Foundation Group®. Bonta donor privacy Schedule B Supreme CourtCommentary Hot Topics News Americans for Prosperity Foundation v.

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7 simple steps to qualify your donors


Now that you’ve properly engaged your donors and put forth some effort to properly understand them, it’s time to segment the data based on a variety of factors. Based on your segmentation, some donors will require highly personal, one-to-one outreach (such as a telephone call or a visit) while others would probably prefer a letter or email. Be there for the donors that want personal contact. Be available for the donors that don’t (at least not yet).

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Donor Acquisition: 5 Effective Strategies for Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

With so many new strategies for getting noticed online floating around the internet, it can be difficult for organizations like yours to pick the right strategy and get the kind of attention you need to acquire new donors. Social Media for Social Good Academy 2.0 is opening soon!

6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. If they are, then they’re hearing your asks there, and like other donors they don’t want to feel bombarded. Additionally, if a donor keeps giving online, despite your repeated mail asks, consider dropping them from the mail list or include a mail opt-out button. fundraising donors donor management millennials

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7 Steps to Grow Your Nonprofit Donor Base With Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

One of my most frequently asked questions is this: “Can social media really bring in new donors for our nonprofit?”. Need some inspiration and specific examples of how to grow your donor base using social media? . We are moving the needle on a cause that our donors care about. .

Growing your Existing Donor Base

A Small Change

Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their donor base so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions and tips that I’ve used myself. The first step would be to figure out what you mean when you say “donor base.” Are we talking about monthly donors or annual donors? Send an appeal to lapsed donors from a year ago and invite them to get involved again. Ask your faithful donors if they could introduce you to some of their friends.

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Alert! Missing Middle Donors

Getting Attention

Mix these insights on giving patterns of rich vs. middle- and lower-income donors with Sea Change Strategies’ take— The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions —and you get a clear call to action for every fundraiser and nonprofit communicator. Here’s the data and analysis to help you close your organization’s giving gap: Middle-Income Donors Give MORE of Their Income to Charity than the Wealthy Do.

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Donors Aren’t Stupid


High-capacity donors aren’t stupid. They might feel donor remorse. You, your donor and the beneficiaries of their gifts will be glad you did. Related Posts: >>Think your donors are stupid? Donors give when THEY want to give, not when YOU want them to give. The post Donors Aren’t Stupid appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. They know a good ‘deal’ versus a bad one. They know what’s fair and what isn’t.

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And another thing about donor-advised funds…


But the value proposition offered to donors by donor-advised funds is fair and good. So, are the DAF holding pens just making money off the generosity of donors? In other words, think of it this way… The DAF got the donor halfway there for you. They got the donor to move the money from an investment account to an account earmarked for charity. Here’s how: Click on this link to the donor-advised fund widget I created for the sector to use for free.

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Why your wealthy donors love donor advised funds and why you should care


Donor Advised Funds… There are plenty of people who don’t like ’em. Instead, I want to point out why they work, why your donors love them and why you should care— NOW! Donor Advised Fund products are solid because they: 1. Provide donors with anonymity and privacy especially if they simply don’t want to meet with a fundraiser. Related posts: >> Shareable: Growth of Donor Advised Funds. >>

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How to Convert Social Media Fans and Followers Into Donors and Long-Term Supporters

J Campbell Social Marketing

How to convert social media fans and followers into donors and long-term supporters? Give donors and supporters what they want – evidence of impact and stories. . Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Social Media Strategy donor acquisition social media fans

The Essential Guide to Donor Retention in the Digital Age

J Campbell Social Marketing

Nonprofits, we are failing our donors. The overall number of people giving is declining: The total number of donors dropped by 4.5%. Getting new donors is an uphill battle: New donors to an organization dropped by 7.3%. People are giving once but not again: Newly retained donors, those who have given a second time to an organization, dropped by 14.9%. Small donors are disappearing: Gifts of less than $250 declined 4.4%. Your donors may have other reasons!

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Is it time to dump donor ‘scores’?


It seems like every service provider has a scoring system for your donors. Unfortunately, the scores provided by wealth screenings and predictive analytical models usually deliver way too many donor prospects. Instead of looking at capacity first, you should begin by surveying your donors to capture their 'why'' and readiness for outreach. Because I invented the system for surveying and tracking donors. Your donors want to find meaning in their lives.

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Re-Prospecting Donors

A Small Change

There are always donors that have a personal relationship with other people in the organization. Often times the donors who have these friendships make judgement calls about their “donor friends” without consulting the individual donors. However, many offices have teams where donor reps pooling relationships to help them meet the budget expectations that have been set. Start by taking a set of criteria for lapsed donors.

Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys


Here are the top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys: 1. The post Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys appeared first on MarketSmart | . Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving strategy donor satisfaction donor strategy Fundraising fundraising tactics that work fundraising tools and techniques marketsmart questions to ask donorsThey want to be perceived as (or see themselves as) a helpful person.

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Is donor qualification more important than donor identification?


If you are a major or legacy gift fundraiser, you’re probably responsible for a group of donors on your caseload or portfolio. The collection might have been prepared after a review of some transactional data including a donor’s recency of giving, their frequency of giving, and the total monetary value of their gifts (also known as RFM). Just because a donor matches a certain profile doesn’t mean they should be in your portfolio. Identification.

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Donors give when THEY want to give, not when YOU want them to give


Unsuccessful fundraisers want donors to give on their timeline, not the donor’s. They think they can make the donor ‘move’ when they want them to ‘move’ They ignore where the donor resides in the consideration process. Come on folks… donor-centricity is a way of life, not a buzzword! Related Posts: >>Should your CRM include photos of each of your donors? It ain’t about you.

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Let Your Monthly Donors Know They Matter

Ann Green

I write about monthly donors a lot because it’s an important part of nonprofit fundraising. If you already have monthly donors, or any type of recurring donor, you’ve been receiving a steady stream of revenue as we continue to navigate through this economic downtown.

16 Simple Things Your Best Donors Want


Here’s my list of essential major donor needs that you must aim to fulfill: 1. Your best donors want you to do the important work they can’t or won’t do. Your best donors want you to give them the credit and praise for your achievements. Your best donors want you to remind them how great they are frequently. Your best donors want you to take an interest in them and their story. Your best donors want service and respect when they reach out to you.

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Things Donors Want to Know, but Won’t Ask

NonProfit Hub

Ever wonder if there are things donors want to know but won’t ask? Donor meetings can sometimes feel like “kicking the tires” of your cause or project. Once in a while, however, a donor steps outside the norm. Can I meet with the other donors?

Your Donors Want to Hear from You

Ann Green

You don’t want to be too quiet and ignore your donors. You may be holding back because of the pandemic and economic downturn, but you actually want to communicate more with your donors right now. First, we’re looking at a tough fundraising season, but better donor engagement could help.

Donor retention and donor qualification go together like peas in a pod


Donor retention and donor qualification. Similarly, you shouldn’t consider donor retention without involving donor qualification because there’s no sense in spending time and effort on retaining donors without a qualification strategy in place. Therefore, if you build a retention strategy that commands your team to try to retain every single donor, you may be doing more harm than good. Some things just work best when coupled together.

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How to Thank Facebook Donors (Even If You Don’t Have Their Contact Info)

J Campbell Social Marketing

Are you not using Facebook Fundraisers because you don’t know how to thank Facebook donors that come to you from the platform? According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, which releases a new report quarterly, charitable giving is dropping , new donor retention is abysmal , and the overall number of donors is down. . We are also failing our smaller donors. Here are 5 simple ways that you can thank Facebook donors and fundraisers.

Let Your Donors Know How Much You Appreciate Them

Ann Green

Many donors have gone above and beyond to help nonprofit organizations this past year, despite everything that’s been going on. Thanking your donors is not a we do this after we receive a donation and then we don’t have to do anything for awhile situation.

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Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


The market/sector has been ‘flooded’ with people talking about donor retention for many years now. Many of them make money selling software and services that supposedly help fundraisers improve their donor retention. Yet after all their talk, the statistics say that donor retention just keeps going down. The number of donors giving to charity keeps declining while total charitable dollars keep increasing.

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Is Your Communication Donor-Centered?

Ann Green

Is your communication donor-centered? You see countless examples of generic, organization-centered communication that barely acknowledges the donor. Just to make sure, before you send your next appeal, thank you letter, or newsletter, run it through this donor-centered checklist.

Are you avoiding your donors?


Too often I’ve seen some ‘fundraisers’ do whatever they can to avoid actually talking to donors. ” “The annual fund team says she’s ‘their’ donor and they don’t want to ‘lose the revenue’ ” “My portfolio is being refreshed.” Here are 5: Plain and simple, your donors pay the bills, including your salary. More engaged donors, give more. The post Are you avoiding your donors?

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How to Build Donor Loyalty

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We are very excited to have donor research expert Adrian Sargeant join us for a brand new webinar this month on donor loyalty. Adrian will show you the latest research and findings from the world of donor retention and how you can apply it during a BRAND NEW WEBINAR you won’t want to miss: How to Build Donor Loyalty: Lessons from Testing and Research. Adrian knows why some donors stick around and others disappear.

More on All Donors as Major Donors

A Small Change

I was blown away with the incredible responses in the All Donors as Major Donors post. ” One major point was that treating all donors as major donors is not possible either logistically or cost-wise. It surprised me because it reminded me that our current “major” gifts systems don’t always work and she gave a tangible example how to cultivate a $25 donor as if they were a major donor.

Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work – but this method does


That’s why, these days, you need to insert a crucial step in between your marketing/communications and your outreach calls if you want to set-up more appointments with highly qualified major and legacy donors or prospects. Your donors really have no reason to trust you.

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The Importance of Making Your New Donors Feel Welcome

Ann Green

As your year-end donations come in, you may have some new donors. If you get new donors this year, don’t take that for granted. In this tumultuous year, these donors saw a need and found a connection to your cause. Go the extra mile when you thank your new donors.

Donor Complaints: Why it’s a bad idea to get upset with donors when they complain


Here’s why: Donor complaints are opportunities in disguise. Are fundraisers less equipped to handle donor complaints? I wondered how she must treat donors when they complain. Bottom line: I think you should NOT get upset with people when they complain— especially your donors. You might be able to remedy the situation and make the donor happy again — for life! Remember, loyal customers (donors) are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

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Think your donors are stupid?


High-capacity donors aren’t altruistic. The post Think your donors are stupid? Fundraising Philosophy/motivation best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation fundraising tips major gift fundraising Philanthropy philanthropy blog StrategyThey want something from you just as much as you want something from them.

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