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Your database tools have the potential to dramatically increase marketing and fundraising results if you use them right. That’s why I’ll be blogging lots of tips, tools and case studies on building out and using your database(s) to improve your supporter’s experience in 2014—via segmentation, serving customization content and personalization. Good data in generates value out, no matter what database solution you use. Welcome to guest blogger, James Porter.

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Earlier this week I made a case for us to spend more time talking to our donors instead of talking about our donors. Today, I’m going to talk about a tool I’ve used to talk about my donors improving those conversations and making them more efficient and effective. Many nonprofits have created a list of their top 50 supporters or, if they are a larger shop, they may have a team of people that individual connects with your top financial givers.

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How To Find the Right Database For Social Justice and Advocacy Nonprofits


However, many nonprofits often overlook the fact that clean, useable data empowers staff to “work smarter, not harder” and can increase efficiency by automating basic processes and providing the information necessary to make smart decisions about where to invest time and resources for maximum impact. Here are a few examples of how different departments can save time and increase their impact by using a unified database.

How to Improve and Develop Process at Your Nonprofit


This is timely considering our team at MarketSmart is currently defining and implementing improvements in our processes. There are a variety of factors that play into why implementation of process is taxing, the least of which is executing change management amongst your team or staff. What if on an organizational level you did not have a procedure that was set in stone for how to operate a specific practice (entering new donations into the database, for example).

How To Find Effective Database Solutions for Social Services Organizations


Though database technology may not be anyone's first thought related the the human services field, experienced staff of these organizations know just how important these tools are, allowing them to work more efficiently, saving time and money, and maximizing the impact of their work at every level. Unified data means that you’ll know exactly who is attending your event, so you’ll be prepared to talk to everyone, from long-time major donors to your newest supporters.

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Using this process to identify different types of donors in your universe is extremely useful in guiding your efforts to segment your list and fine tune the messaging that you use for each group. If you're looking for a specific type of donor, click on their persona name to jump directly to that section. Oscar One-Off Donor 2. Luna Lapsed Donor. Oscar One-Off Donor. Oscar the one-off, or occasional donor gives what he can, when he can. Luna Lapsed Donor.

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5 Ways Nonprofit Tech Can Improve Your Donor Stewardship

Fundraising Coach

Think about it this way: your nonprofit may be an expert at encouraging first-time donors to contribute. By creating a foolproof stewardship plan you can retain the donors you’ve cultivated. These donors will not only be more invested in your mission because they’ve developed a relationship with your organization, but they will also donate in the future, participate in fundraising events, and even spread the word to their friends and family. Donor-centric focus.

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Improve Donor Stewardship with These 5 Proven Strategies

Fundraising Coach

To successfully retain donors , nonprofits need to invest time into cultivating and maintaining long-lasting relationships, from the first donation onward. With a concrete donor stewardship plan in place, donors will feel more valued and invested in your nonprofit. While you may understand the importance of donor stewardship, it’s not always clear how to take the best course of action. This article will go over five strategies to improve your donor stewardship.

[GUEST POST] How Small Shops Can Overcome the Challenges of Fundraising Software

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Using software is essential, but the use you'll get from it is only as good as your data and the training your provide your team. Effective and cohesive fundraising software is one of the keys to successful donor management. Focus on team unity. No matter where your donor data is housed, whether it’s in an Excel sheet or a CRM, it’s far more useful when it is organized, accurate, and up-to-date. A few data-cleaning tips include: Remove donor files that are inactive.

5 Tech Strategies for Making a Multi-Channel Fundraising Ask

Fundraising Coach

That is, the process of soliciting your donors and securing gifts for your cause. If you’re ready to explore efficient ways to make a fundraising ask across multiple channels, let’s take a look at these awesome strategies! If your nonprofit has a CRM on hand, you should be able to access all the data you need to tailor your asks to individual donors, as this will allow you to get to know your constituents and discover the most effective fundraising channels for your cause.