Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

Wild Woman Fundraising

I saw tons of demos, lots of talks and panels, and I took a workshop in how to create encaustic 3-D forms! I was frustrated because a lot of funders just didn’t seem to value the arts. This post will show you how to justify the existence of the arts in your city or town.

Case 208

WANTED: Fundraisers With Merger, Acquisition and Investment Banking Experience

The Agitator

Incremental change –the testing of ‘whispers’ like envelope teasers, letter length, letter signers – make for only marginal improvement even when executed by the most skillful practitioners. Nonetheless most fundraisers are focused on incremental improvement, apparently unaware that sticking to the status quo in a fast-changing world may be among the riskiest of strategies. The desirability of debt, of equity investment, of mergers and acquisitions.