Social issue documentaries: Building a movement


Here in the Twin Cities, we’ve just experienced an interesting media frenzy about a social issue documentary called Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story that was produced by the University of Minnesota and funded by various foundations and governmental agencies.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Leanne Poellinger

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She lives with her husband of 28 years and three sons across the Mississippi River in a small southeastern Minnesota city, where she was born and raised. Although I live in a different state than I work, my commute is only about 10 minutes, across the Mississippi River bridge.

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Remapping Food and Activity in Communities

Social Marketing and Social Change

Kaufman (1999) mapped access of low-income households to larger grocery stores by calculating annual food stamp redemptions by stores in 36 rural, high poverty counties in the lower Mississippi Delta. didn't have distribution systems but places where people could play. Where do people find healthy foods and places to be physically active in their neighborhoods and communities?

From The Wall Street Journal: "Bill Gates: My Plan To Fix the World's Biggest Problems"

Seeking Grant Money Today

The Gates Foundation has been criticized in recent years for both their overseas seed distribution to impoverished farmers programs (in both parts of Africa and southeast Asia) and also in their education programs, here at home, in the United States (and by this blog's author on both fronts), to name two.

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