Closing the Loop with Your Donors When You’re Not Sure What Information You’ll Get

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Most of this simple thank-you video was filmed in advance, when one of our staff members was in Malawi in the summer. Since every item in the catalog is regularly distributed, children had just received soap and mosquito nets when our staff member was there. Cassia Burke.

Social Marketing: A Six Volume Series

Social Marketing and Social Change

Community-Based Distribution: The Distributive Potential and Economics of a Social Marketing Approach to Family Planning - T.R.L. Reduction of Childhood Malaria by Social Marketing of Insecticide-Treated Nets: A Case-Control Study of Effectiveness in Malawi - Don Mathanga et al.

Social Models for Marketing: Social Networks

Social Marketing and Social Change

These communication inequalities are manifested as differences among social classes in the generation, manipulation, and distribution of information at the group level and differences in access to and ability to take advantage of information at the individual level. Sexual network structure and the spread of HIV in Africa: evidence from Likoma Island, Malawi, AIDS , 21: 2323–2332.