5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


On a small mobile screen, the more content being displayed, the smaller and harder to interact with it becomes, so minimize as much as possible for a positive mobile experience. According to the recently released.

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7 Email Newsletter Mistakes Every Nonprofit Should Avoid

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Transform big display ads into useful content. Email newsletters display differently depending on which email program your readers use to view them. Save those elements as GIFs or JPEGs and insert them into your newsletter that way.

#OurWork: NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan Marketing Campaign

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After an in-depth discovery process as to best approaches, and taking into account the limited funds available, MKC decided to focus its efforts on targeting the Twitter and Facebook social networks and supplement our activities with online search and display ad insertions. Paid Search: The social marketing campaigns were tied together with an online paid search and display ad campaign. Google Paid Search and Display Network Ad Campaign.

30 Quick Ways to Spice Up Your Nonprofit Social Media Accounts

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They are a great way to turn off the Twitter feed firehose and display only the tweets that you want to see, grouped together. Do this by including relevant keywords in your headline, adding your city, and inserting samples of your work into your profile.

Convio Tips & Tricks: Using session tags to personalize the constituent user experience


An example is a recent email fundraising appeal for one of our clients that required us to insert the name of the constituent’s closest Federal Representative into the body of the email, thereby urging the email recipient to contact their Representative about creating more affordable housing in the United States. We made use of the S93 parameter , which displays the recipient’s elected representative for their state. This displays the Full Name of the representative.

Nonprofits Can now add Call to Action Button in YouTube

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Previously, nonprofits were not able to link back to their website call to action page in YouTube - only display a Google Checkout button for donations or their main website URL. Then insert: * A short headline. * I wanted to share the news! Now you can create a call to action overlay for particular videos which will link back to your particular call to action page. Here are the instructions from YouTube: Just go to the “Edit Video&# section of your video, then.

5 ways to get your email marketing ready for the holidays

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Insert "making a list, checking it twice" joke here.) How to: In your EmailNow powered by Emma account, your Response page displays interactive charts of your mailing results that help you spot big trends at a glance before you drill down to see who's opening, clicking and more. Looking for a strong showing in your email results this holiday season? Craft a plan now with these tips from Emma. If you haven't started your holiday plan yet, you still have time.

Going from a Print Newsletter to Email: What to Leave Behind

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Big Display Ads. gif) and insert them into your newsletter that way. Going from a Print Newsletter to an Email Newsletter - Webinar This Thursday - Get the Details.

What should you do with that newsletter of yours? Not these 7 things!

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Big Display Ads. gif or jpg) and insert them into your newsletter that way. Do you have a print newsletter? An email one? Should you keep one, both, neither? What if you want to re-purpose the print version for email? Or vice versa? If you have ever asked any of these questions, Network for Good and Kivi Leroux Miller have all the answers. Because we hear these questions so often, we created a free Guide on the topic. You can download it here.

Concept Testing: The Most Important Step for Social Marketing Research

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Inserting a stock photo, or drawing, between the header and footer to capture the tone, personality or brand attributes you want each concept to convey is the last step in creating a concept board.

Selling Local Sponsorships for Nonprofits: Convincing Thinkers, Feelers & Deferers

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They look at the pictures from the event, listen to the anecdotes I tell them as they insert themselves into the narrative of the opportunity. Nope, they linger over the page where all the sponsors are displayed. I’ve written five other posts to get you to this point: you’re sitting across from a decision maker and finally have your shot of actually selling a sponsorship. Of course, you may not be talking to just one person. You may be pitching to a whole group.