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2 things you need to know for direct marketing


If you’re working on a direct marketing effort for major and/or planned gifts, there are just two things you need to know: 1.

70 Steps To Getting Your Direct Marketing Right

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It’s been awhile since we featured master direct marketer Denny Hatch. Called The Direct Marketer’s Checklist , it’s simply a list of 70 boxes that any direct marketer should tick before they communicate their pitch. Search him in The Agitator archives and you won’t be disappointed.

8 ‘Duh’ Principles Of Direct Marketing

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’ principles of direct marketing from copywriter Dean Rieck via DirectMarketingIQ. Marketing begins and ends with the product. Make sure you’re doing direct marketing. We fundraisers all have our ‘Duh!’ Many Agitator readers responded ‘DUH!’ The comments here are my spin.

How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


That way it gets scored and sorted for future automated marketing using highly segmented, highly relevant, highly personalized messages.

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What a terrific advertisement!


I really can’t say it any better than this ad thanks to LegacyVoice , a legacy administration and marketing firm based in the UK. Kudos!

3 major donor myths broken by Andrew Olsen


Andrew Olsen knows a thing or two about direct marketing. On his blog , he debunks 3 major donor myths that pertain to marketing.

7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed Planned Giving Newsletter


After all, it’s an easy marketing option (especially if you buy them from a vendor who has been creating them for you for decades). Oh my!

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Imagine! Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here. Marketing Manager National Institute of Flamenco (Albuquerque, NM). Hamilton, NJ).

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Why mistakes are awesome and what to do about them


Digital Marketing Direct Marketing Fundraising Lead Generation fundraising tips nonprofit marketingI know the feeling.

Stop shaming your supporters!


So I’m out having lunch with one of my fellow CEO buddies. I do that a lot. “Does shame work as a fundraising tactic?” “Wow!”

The top 10 reasons why your donor outreach fails


It fails to provide a way for the donor to respond to someone directly. #2. It’s boring. #9. It’s impersonal. #8. etc.). Tweet this!

Stop filling space!


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7 things about email subject lines that will help you save the world


Firstly, email subject lines are actually headlines. So, when you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

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Direct Mail Yields Major Gift Donors

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Here’s a bit of analysis from our friends at Analytical Ones that confirms a key payoff from direct mail acquisition programs.

Fantastic Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ Up Monday

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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Communications and Marketing Manager , SACNAS (Santa Cruz, CA). Direct Mail Account Representative and Digital Account Associate , Chapman, Cubin Adams & Hussey (San Francisco, CA). Marketing & Communications Manager , The Garrison Institute (Garrison, NY).

36 Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Moving Up Monday

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Post YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here. Associate Director of Marketing Lincoln Center Theater (New York, NY). Communications and Marketing Coordinator SACNAS (Santa Cruz, CA). Communications and Marketing Director Sustain Charlotte (Charlotte, NC). Account Director Fenton Communications.

Marketers from Mars

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I just read this report from ExactTarget — Marketers from Mars — which underscored for me how marketers, including fundraisers, can get too far out in front of their audiences. The report makes many comparisons about marketers’ use of social media versus consumers. ” That’s a sound warning.

3 big reasons why some fundraisers should not critique creative


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3 reasons to run an OPT-OUT campaign


Direct Marketing Fundraising Email Marketing nonprofit marketing tipsI said you should run an OPT-OUT campaign. It stinks!

3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media


Although direct mail requires printing and postage, we still include it in our marketing plans because it can be effective if you do it right. MarketSmart has generated millions of dollars for clients with direct mail. Often it is best to combine direct mail with an Internet landing page. Be relevant and timely.

8 Must-Do Nonprofit Marketing Changes For 2013

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Push ahead with integrated marketing. Create a social media strategy … one that’s linked to your overall marketing plan. Nancy’s list is more from the perspective of marketing communications. charities communications direct marketing donor retention fundraising nonprofits social networking

Emotion vs Logic — The Economists Weigh In

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Late last month we stated what is obvious to any direct response fundraiser : emotion trumps logic. Most Agitator readers readily agreed.

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INTERVIEW: Brock Warner, please tell me about the Canada

Wild Woman Fundraising

Brock: For direct marketing fundraisers like myself, a big difference is the economies of scale that national US charities can tap into.

Dangerous Myth #1: Too Much Solicitation Causes Poor Retention

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Trillions and trillions of dollars.


marketing Philosophy/motivation Planned Giving strategy Direct Marketing philosophy Planned Giving Marketing results

15 telephone call don’t’s for major and planned gift fundraisers


Two days ago I outlined my “ do’s “ Today, here are my “don’t’s” Both can be found here on this cheat-sheet.

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Direct Mail Hanging In

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Even so, direct mail pulls a better overall response than digital channels. for direct mail.

Are you communicating with your supporters too frequently?


When it comes to volume of donor communications, it’s not a matter of how much or how little (especially when it comes to email). Tweet this!

Simple Segmentation For Smaller Organizations

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And so I was interested to see the results of a survey on ‘Communications Segmenting’ conducted by Bloomerang , the CRM company and Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide. The Survey, database marketing direct mail direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising premium

Cause Marketing on Packaging

Cause Related Marketing

Cause marketing with consumer packaged goods often takes place on packaging. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

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Integrated marketing. Here’s a definition offered by Convio’s Chief Technology Officer, Dave Hart: “In the nonprofit world, true integrated marketing is centered around the concept of having a comprehensive view of the constituent. Is integrated marketing worth the effort? But exactly what do we mean?

Your Donors Are Old! Celebrate!

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A quick glance at this pie chart taken from the Blackbaud study should make your budget priorities crystal clear. Baby Boomers — folks.

Thank you for being part of our growing ecosystem


Rather, I am really just a marketer. This firm was originally an ad agency/marketing firm. I can’t avoid that perspective.

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What Jobs Do Your Donors Want Done?

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It’s not much different in the nonprofit sector when it comes to direct response tests aimed at beating the control. Frequency. Monetary value.)

Infographics Produce Fundraising Results

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communications creativity direct marketing Don't Miss these Posts fundraising innovation Pushing the Creative Envelope

The Skinny on Direct Marketing 101 – The Basics: A Participant’s View


This following article was originally published in March 2016 by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington and is reprinted with permission. Held at The City Club of Washington, it covered the fundamentals of direct marketing, examined big picture trends and gave attendees an opportunity to network.

Donordigital Goes Secret Shopping

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They made an initial online contribution to the 16 groups, and then for six months tracked all interactions with these organizations through direct mail, online and telephone. There’s much to learn and benchmark your nonprofit against in this sobering report.

Statistical Averages Versus Fundraising Reality

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7 Questions For Your 2014 Marketing Plan

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With November almost half gone, there’s not much we can timely advise regarding your year-end marketing/fundraising program. Acquisition communications direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising marketing metrics media usage nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising social networking premium

‘F’ Grade For Online Giving

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What I found interesting is that many of these so-called online fundraising failures are actually failures of Direct Marketing 101. That is, they would be considered failures as well in any direct mail fundraising programs, where the extant experience and institutional knowledge is probably.