Direct Mail vs Email?

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According to this research (on this point, from Royal Mail), customers spend 25% more when businesses use a combination of direct mail and email marketing. For example: 56% say “mail makes me feel valued”; only 40% say that about email.

Direct Mail is not Yet Dead

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None of this matters if you can’t block and tackle with mail. That’s right, mail isn’t dead. So here are my arguments for continued use of the mail. Mail is where more donations come in. Mail retains donors (slightly) better. Ending mail acquisition is a flop. American Cancer Society stopped mail acquisition in January 2013: New donors dropped by 11%. They started mail acquisition back up 18 months later. Mail engages the mind differently.

8 Commandments for Converting Direct Mail Fundraising Appeals to Email

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Looking to repurpose your direct mail appeals into email? Thou Shalt Make Email SHORTER Than Direct Mail. Direct mail appeals clock in at well over 1,000 words, sometimes double and triple that. If you do that in email, no one will like you.

Hot Topics in April: Direct Mail, Modern Media Relations, and Supportive Nonprofit Cultures

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Apr 3 & 4: Writing a Direct Mail Appeal Letter In-House, Parts 1 and 2. Email Subscribers: I will send the Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter this week with prompts for May.

Direct Mail Is Here to Stay (and How)


Click here for practical tips on improving your email program this year and here for an in-depth look at three reporting tools every nonprofit should have to improve their fundraising strategy.). In today’s digital age, it might seem somewhat nostalgic to talk about direct mail. While it’s tempting to default to cost effective communication channels like email and Facebook, direct mail is still very much in play. Direct mail can be a bit of a dinosaur.

Direct Mail Hanging In

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The Direct Marketing Association notes in its recently released 2012 Response Rate Report that direct mail response rates have dropped nearly 25% over the past nine years. Even so, direct mail pulls a better overall response than digital channels. for direct mail.

Direct Mail … You Know You Like It!

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OK, we’ve devoted most of this week to ‘alternative’ fundraising … peer-to-peer and email fundraising. Time to end the week with a simple reminder about old-fasioned direct mail. Who reading this post doesn’t enjoy receiving real mail? Would you rather receive a JibJab birthday card in your email or the ‘real deal’ in a stamped envelope? Direct mail premium

Sample Calendars: How Often to Send Direct Mail and Email [Video and Download]

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The sample calendars tell you when to send direct mail and email appeals, and direct mail and email newsletters, by quarter and month. Direct Mail Leaning – Starter — Download This One for Free Now (PDF).

Direct Mail Appeal + Online Response

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After two infographics yesterday pertaining to email, today another one pushed into my e-mailbox, this time on direct mail. Simply: “…consumers prefer responding to direct mail via online means.” It must be National Infographic Week.

More Lessons from Lisa’s Direct Mail Experiment

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Earlier this summer, Lisa Maher shared her initial results of her direct mail experiences with some nonprofit she supported. This time around, I want to update you on the direct mail from the organizations in my previous post and some new ones that have come to my mailbox.

Acquisition – Direct Mail: The Exquisite Corpse

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For nearly 20 years prognosticators have prematurely heralded the death of direct mail. After all, they argue, “online” is far cheaper and faster, plus donor demographics are changing, so it’s only a matter of time before direct mail is dead and buried.

New Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail with John Lepp

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Webinar title: Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail. Are your direct mail returns dropping? How can you write a better direct mail package for your nonprofit? The direct mail pack is not just about the letter though.

In Direct Mail, All Responses, Even Complaints, Are Good

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Tom Ahern is my go-to guy for all things direct mail. Afraid your direct mail piece goes too far and will solicit a negative response? If you are interested in Tom critiquing your direct mail appeal, sign up for our Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits e-clinic in May.

Direct Mail vs Email Marketing: The Benefits of Both for Your Nonprofit Clients

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From the old standbys, like direct mailers, to newer forms of marketing, like social media and email marketing, the agencies representing nonprofits can benefit their clients by deploying consistent messaging across all channels. direct mail Direct Marketing email marketing Marketing

Raising Money with Direct Mail and Donor Newsletters

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In August, Tom will teach the fourth round of Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits , which is all about getting your appeal letter into tip top shape. If not so much, switch to Kivi’s weekly email newsletter with blog highlights and then unsubscribe from the blog’s emails.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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He is a professional direct response copywriter specializing in the creation of highly persuasive fundraising campaigns for charities and non-profits. Mazarine: How did you get involved with copywriting for direct mail fundraising?

Direct Mail Drop and Social Media Rise

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Outside of a vibrant major gifts program direct mail is probably the number one way to raise money at most organizations. And direct mail will still be a major way to find donors for a long time to come but not forever. It appears that direct mail is on the decline. I know that I am way more responsive to an email that to any letter that I receive. My advice is: don’t stop the direct mail campaigns that you are already doing.

Acquisition: Direct Mail Testing – Part 1

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Tom’s post on the Obama campaign’s email testing prompts me to weigh in on one of the least understood and woefully mis-practiced skills in the direct response fundraiser’s repertoire – direct mail testing.

Direct mail - kill it. Slowly.

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Direct mail still works. It generates a lot more money than email/online donations despite the fact that email fundraising continues to grow quickly. My biggest problem with direct mail is the lack of information that it provides. You really don't.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Direct Mail

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You may think direct mail is a relic of the past or you don’t use it much because it’s too expensive. Direct mail is still a viable way to communicate with your donors. Some donors prefer to hear from you by mail. Direct mail: dead, or immortal?

Email: Electronic Direct Mail?

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Here’s an abridged list of what Loren says the successful email marketer really needs to know [with my comments from the peanut gallery]: 1. Email strategy — know how to create an email marketing plan and program that maximize the channel’s capabilities. the challenge is getting donors' email addresses.]. Copywriting — email is not electronic direct mail. But basic direct response principles still hold water!].

Comfort For Direct Mail Fundraisers

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Direct mail comes though with flying colors. The most important reason seems to be that consumers trust information in the mail more than online. Says Epsilon: “Consumers stated loud and clear that information is more private if sent through the mail versus email or online. In addition, according to Epsilon: “Survey takers also indicated they feel valued when they receive mail. And they said mail is more convenient and easy to use.&#.

Direct Mail Is Dying. Again!

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Here’s another prediction of the death of direct mail, as reported on frogloop. Says research firm Borrell, spending on direct mail will decline by 40% over the next five years. Get a move on direct mail fundraisers! Focus instead on the direct response fundraising results of your own organization. So spread the word … Direct mail is dead!

Test with email first.


I think it’s time we finally let go of direct mail as the first option for planned giving marketing— especially if your budget is tight. Then, if you have the budget… go ahead and use direct mail. Print/mail services- $24,630.

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Is direct mail dying, or should we just kill it?

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You hear it all the time: Direct mail fundraising is dying: HOORAY! Read a recent example at the Sea Change Strategies blog: Direct Mail Isn't Dying -- But Sometimes I Wish It Would. Starting with the belief that direct mail is "inauthentic," the post goes on to throw out some strong accusations about the way direct mail is, including: Direct mail fundraisers spend much more time thinking about the color or size of the envelope than they do the content.

How Often Should We Email, Mail, Post.

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Email Appeals: Quarterly. Email Newsletters: Monthly. Direct Mail Appeals: Twice a Year. Direct Mail Newsletters: Quarterly, assuming you send one. We get questions all the time about the frequency with which nonprofits should be communicating.

Mail 206

No One Wants More Email

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Direct mail Donor Centricity Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Nonprofit management Research Starting Over premium

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#Fundraising: To Bring Donations In, Keep Sending Emails Out

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John Haydon at Inbound Zombie and Razoo Fundraising has been crunching numbers to demonstrate the fact that email remains the best way not only to bring in donations, but to bring in bigger donations. Do your email lists take into account different audiences so you can send different appeals?

Your Brain On Email

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I commend this useful compilation of effective email marketing approaches based on neuroscience principles, put together by Emma, a pretty slick email marketing firm Emma (hey, Charity:Water gives them a rave). Communications Copywriting / creative Direct mail Online fundraising and marketing premiumRoger’s been touting neuroscience lately and the application of what we know about how the brain processes stuff to produce sounder marketing/fundraising.

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Is Writing Newsletters a Waste of Your Time?

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If you’ve ever wondered whether your printed or email newsletter really does you any good, you’re in good company. Photo credit: mtsofan. Now you can benefit from the musings and findings of ten different nonprofit practitioners.

Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

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How long have you been working in the direct mail industry? For the past 15 years I’ve been the archivist of Who’s Mailing What. My basic job which hasn’t changed much, every day I look at direct mail and email.

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CASE: Simple Recipe Increases Giving by 50%

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Check out this case study : a health nonprofit supplements its end-of-year direct mail appeal with a series of four targeted emails, with outstanding results. Campaigns Case Study Cross-Post Development Direct Mail Fundraising case study direct mail Donation email Non-profit organization online fundraisingTalk about your multi-channel marketing.

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Grow Your Email List With These 14 Paid Email Acquisition Sources

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For every email list, there is churn, churn, churn. People leave your list and emails bounce. If not, your nonprofit email list shrinks every year to the tune of 12 percent or higher, according to the 2016 M+R Nonprofit Benchmarks Study (your mileage may vary, of course).

Oy, Another Year. Who Knew?

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8 blogs will observe that direct mail response is declining. 7 blogs will observe that email direct response rates are declining even faster. Advertising Communications Community Direct Mail E-Mail Facebook Fundraising Marketing Nonprofit Philanthropy Report Research Resource Social Media Study advertising communication direct mail email Google marketing Marketing and Advertising Non-profit organization Nonprofit organization online fundraising research

Thinking about your year end appeal?

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Maybe they want the tax write-off, or because of the holiday spirit, or maybe because you only mail out one appeal letter a year. Build and polish your mailing list. BONUS: A gift of Tons of Money in the Mail, a recorded webinar by Mazarine Treyz.

How Making Smart Investments Will Help You Raise More Money

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You can personalize your letters and email messages. Make sure to invest in good email service provider, too. You can send targeted mailings to lapsed donors to try to woo them back. You can send special mailings to your monthly donors. Invest in direct mail.

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Why looking at response rates for planned giving campaigns is a rookie mistake.


Direct Mail Email Marketing Fundraising Lead Generation Planned Giving Uncategorized Direct mail Planned Giving Marketing response rate smart Have you ever sold your home? If so, how many buyers did you need? Just one right? So if you put your house up for sale and your real estate agent sent out thousands of postcards promoting your property, would you be concerned about the “response rate”? Probably not.

How Donors Choose Among Nonprofits: The Role of Identity

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Donors’ perceptions of charity competence, notably the efficiency with which they are believed to use their money, often judged on the basis of the quality and quantity of direct mail. They had twice the lifetime value of those without a direct connection to the hospital.

Statistically Speaking, It’s All Good

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Advocacy Community Direct Mail Donor Acquisition Fundraising Marketing Nonprofit Philanthropy Research Social Media advocacy Convio direct mail Donation donors e-newsletters email Internet marketing marketing mobile phones Non-profit organization Nonprofit organization online fundraising researchSo many studies of social networking, fundraising and online marketing have been released in recent weeks that it becomes a major chore to keep them straight.

The State of the Online Universe

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This year we had the 2012 Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index(TM) Study , the 2012 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report , the Sage Nonprofit Solutions Email Marketing Report , and possibly some also-rans. Donors who give through more than one channel give more than direct mail only or online only donors. Elliott said April was the cruellest month, and this is especially true for trees.

Online 100