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Direct Mail vs Email?

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According to this research (on this point, from Royal Mail), customers spend 25% more when businesses use a combination of direct mail and email marketing. For example: 56% say “mail makes me feel valued”; only 40% say that about email.

Direct Mail Fights Back

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Email fundraising? Direct mail? Direct mail?! But wait, direct mail is fighting back. Or at least, as reported in Direct Marketing , the (not disinterested) US Postal Service is. Advertising mail accounts for 31% of USPS revenue.

8 Commandments for Converting Direct Mail Fundraising Appeals to Email

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Looking to repurpose your direct mail appeals into email? Thou Shalt Make Email SHORTER Than Direct Mail. Direct mail appeals clock in at well over 1,000 words, sometimes double and triple that. If you do that in email, no one will like you.

Why Is Direct Mail Seeing A Resurgence?

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Roger and I are direct mail … well, er, sluts. Whenever someone writes anything along the general lines of ‘direct mail punches on’, there we are, drooling and wagging our tails, like dalmatians responding to the fire alarm. Direct mail premium

Direct Mail Appeal + Online Response

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After two infographics yesterday pertaining to email, today another one pushed into my e-mailbox, this time on direct mail. Simply: “…consumers prefer responding to direct mail via online means.” It must be National Infographic Week.

Acquisition – Direct Mail: The Exquisite Corpse

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For nearly 20 years prognosticators have prematurely heralded the death of direct mail. After all, they argue, “online” is far cheaper and faster, plus donor demographics are changing, so it’s only a matter of time before direct mail is dead and buried.

Sample Calendars: How Often to Send Direct Mail and Email [Video and Download]

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The sample calendars tell you when to send direct mail and email appeals, and direct mail and email newsletters, by quarter and month. Direct Mail Leaning – Starter — Download This One for Free Now (PDF).

Acquisition: Direct Mail Testing – Part 1

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Tom’s post on the Obama campaign’s email testing prompts me to weigh in on one of the least understood and woefully mis-practiced skills in the direct response fundraiser’s repertoire – direct mail testing.

Emailing Monthly; Direct Mailing Quarterly

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As in previous years, we asked nonprofits how often they would email and direct mail the typical supporter on their mailing lists. No surprise: monthly emailing and quarterly direct mailing remain the most popular frequencies. .

Raising Money with Direct Mail and Donor Newsletters

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In August, Tom will teach the fourth round of Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits , which is all about getting your appeal letter into tip top shape. If not so much, switch to Kivi’s weekly email newsletter with blog highlights and then unsubscribe from the blog’s emails.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Direct Mail

Ann Green

You may think direct mail is a relic of the past or you don’t use it much because it’s too expensive. Direct mail is still a viable way to communicate with your donors. Some donors prefer to hear from you by mail. Direct mail: dead, or immortal?

How Often Should We Email, Mail, Post.

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Email Appeals: Quarterly. Email Newsletters: Monthly. Direct Mail Appeals: Twice a Year. Direct Mail Newsletters: Quarterly, assuming you send one. We get questions all the time about the frequency with which nonprofits should be communicating.

Test with email first.


I think it’s time we finally let go of direct mail as the first option for planned giving marketing— especially if your budget is tight. Then, if you have the budget… go ahead and use direct mail. Print/mail services- $24,630.

Test 24

Reader Questions! I want…. EVERYTHING FUNDRAISING! Okay then.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Also marketing my organization electronically, ie; social media, Enewsletter (technical aspect and effective design), as well as annual appeal campaigns and direct mail. . How to do Direct Mail: Oh do I have resources for you! Direct Mail 101: What is it? Direct Mail 102: How to write it. Direct Mail 103: How to send it. How can you measure if your mailings are working? Funniest direct mail: photoshop disasters!

Reader Questions: Does adding extra stuff your appeal mailing work?

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Recently I was leading a webinar for CharityHowTo called “Tons of Money in the Mail&# and a person asked this question: “What should we include in our direct mail? Adding things to your mailing can either help OR hurt you. Did I actually mail the card back?

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Your Brain On Email

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I commend this useful compilation of effective email marketing approaches based on neuroscience principles, put together by Emma, a pretty slick email marketing firm Emma (hey, Charity:Water gives them a rave). Communications Copywriting / creative Direct mail Online fundraising and marketing premiumRoger’s been touting neuroscience lately and the application of what we know about how the brain processes stuff to produce sounder marketing/fundraising.

Grow Your Email List With These 14 Paid Email Acquisition Sources

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For every email list, there is churn, churn, churn. People leave your list and emails bounce. If not, your nonprofit email list shrinks every year to the tune of 12 percent or higher, according to the 2016 M+R Nonprofit Benchmarks Study (your mileage may vary, of course).

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3 myths of email fundraising

Fundraising Coach

Here are some of the myths that I''m seeing: Email is free. Email is not free. Crafting fundraising emails that build relationships and raise funds take time. To make sure too many people aren''t reporting your email as spam. Everyone has email.

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Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

Wild Woman Fundraising

How long have you been working in the direct mail industry? For the past 15 years I’ve been the archivist of Who’s Mailing What. My basic job which hasn’t changed much, every day I look at direct mail and email.

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New Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail with John Lepp

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Webinar title: Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail. Are your direct mail returns dropping? How can you write a better direct mail package for your nonprofit? The direct mail pack is not just about the letter though.

More Lessons from Lisa’s Direct Mail Experiment

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Earlier this summer, Lisa Maher shared her initial results of her direct mail experiences with some nonprofit she supported. This time around, I want to update you on the direct mail from the organizations in my previous post and some new ones that have come to my mailbox.

The Importance Of Understanding Failure

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An Agitator reader emailed me asking: “Why do you think most fundraisers are so resistant to innovation and change?” Breaking Out of the Status Quo Direct mail Donor acquisition Fundraising analytics / data Innovation Nonprofit management Research premiumA good question. An important question. I attempted to answer that question three years ago when I first received it. I believe the answer bears repeating today.

23 Mistakes I Hope You Won’t Make

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Another mistake: buying a mailing list without asking the right questions of the list owner, and none of those names became donors. Writing direct mail that didn’t focus on the word YOU or have lots of pictures or headlines to break up the text.

2015 Digital Fundraising To Do List #2 Get Serious About Email Fundraising

Giving in a Digital World

Despite all the attention that continues to be devoted to Social Media across the nonprofit world, I don’t know many fundraisers who wouldn’t acknowledge that the primary means of engaging with their donors online is actually through email.

American Cancer Society Flops

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If b t were the new cure for cancer then the direct marketing staff and consultants of the American Cancer Society should win the Nobel Prize in Medicine hands down. That was pretty much the conclusion of dozens of Agitator readers who phoned, emailed and texted following their attendance at last week’s presentation at the DMANF New York Nonprofit Conference . The presentation—titled Direct Mail Acquisition—Engine for Growth or Treadmill for Survival?

7 Steps to Better Email Fundraising and Communications

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I’m teaching a workshop in Toledo on Wednesday for the Center for Nonprofit Resources (a program of the Toledo Community Foundation) called 7 Steps to Better Email Fundraising and Communications. Email needs to be short, timely and personal. Are you using email to motivate action like donations or volunteering? Knowing what you want to achieve via email is essential to creating the right content and delivery schedule.

Email 67

Why Email? Reasons to Love Email Marketing

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With the right email marketing service, like EmailNow , you can create powerful, effective branded messages that get the results you want. You may have heard that "email is dead," but here are 5 reasons why you should be using email marketing to stay in touch with your audience: . 95% of all adults have at least one email address and 93% of those subscribe to at least one email marketing list. " These are emails that work for you.

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Email Marketing Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

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Today, we are going to take a look at email marketing and fundraising using data from these reports: Sage Nonprofit Solutions Email Marketing Report 2012 (Sage). Email Lists. The Convio study has median growth rate for email lists at 17% while M+R has it only slightly lower at 16%. Annual email list churn, the number of email addresses that go bad, was 19%. (M+R). The average unsubscribe rate from a single email was 0.19%. (M+R). Email Evaluation.

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A Simple Strategy for Running an Email Marketing Test

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As a busy organization, it''s rare that you have time to even think about testing your nonprofit email marketing. But what if running an email marketing test didn''t need to take a ton of time? If you test more than one element in the same email, it is challenging (and sometimes impossible) to determine exactly what influenced the response. Here are some easy and telling tests to start with: Subject lines: Create two different subject lines for the same email communication.

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A good formula: Email plus social media

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Email alone - or direct mail alone or social alone - aren’t enough. Here’s a nifty infographic from GetResponse on the merits of using email and social media in combination.

Direct mail - kill it. Slowly.

Blue Sky Collaborative

Direct mail still works. It generates a lot more money than email/online donations despite the fact that email fundraising continues to grow quickly. My biggest problem with direct mail is the lack of information that it provides. You really don't.

Build Your Email List for Year-End Giving

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Integrating email campaigns with your direct mail appeal letter is a great way to get your supporters’ attention during the busy year-end fundraising season. If you need more emails, then we have a great resource to help you build your email list.

Email: Electronic Direct Mail?

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Here’s an abridged list of what Loren says the successful email marketer really needs to know [with my comments from the peanut gallery]: 1. Email strategy — know how to create an email marketing plan and program that maximize the channel’s capabilities. the challenge is getting donors' email addresses.]. Copywriting — email is not electronic direct mail. But basic direct response principles still hold water!].

Comfort For Direct Mail Fundraisers

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Direct mail comes though with flying colors. The most important reason seems to be that consumers trust information in the mail more than online. Says Epsilon: “Consumers stated loud and clear that information is more private if sent through the mail versus email or online. In addition, according to Epsilon: “Survey takers also indicated they feel valued when they receive mail. And they said mail is more convenient and easy to use.&#.

Spending On Retention Marketing

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The preferred channels for retention investment were email. social media and direct mail, as this chart indicates: Direct mail Donor acquisition Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Online fundraising and marketing Telemarketing premium

Direct Mail Drop and Social Media Rise

A Small Change

Outside of a vibrant major gifts program direct mail is probably the number one way to raise money at most organizations. And direct mail will still be a major way to find donors for a long time to come but not forever. It appears that direct mail is on the decline. I know that I am way more responsive to an email that to any letter that I receive. My advice is: don’t stop the direct mail campaigns that you are already doing.

Which Mailbox Delivers Emotion?

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Done by Epsilon, the Consumer Channel Preference Study (registration required) focuses particularly on consumer preferences with respect to direct mail and email. consumers and 48% of Canadians said they pay more attention to postal mail than email; 60% of U.S. And specifically, as between direct mail and email, 30% of consumers prefer receiving solicitations for donations in the mail, versus 9% via email.

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 2

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First Name: Last Name: Email: Share this on LinkedIn. Now let’s get down to brass tacks. How should you write your appeal letter? Why not take a page from Paul Simon? “The easier it is for people to understand, the better it is, I think.

Marketers from Mars

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From the report: Amongst marketers, 93% have made a purchase as a direct result of a marketing message received through email; 56% of consumers with a smartphone have; 42% of consumers w/o smartphone have. Through direct mail — marketers, 81%; consumers with, 51%; consumers w/o, 44%. communications direct mail direct marketing Don't Miss these Posts email marketing media usage research social networking

Building your nonprofit’s email list

Fundraising Coach

Back in 2000, I used email to raise $100,000 in six weeks. I wrote about it in “The $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation.” ” (You can buy it in the Fundraising Coach Store but I give it away free to everyone who signs up for my free email newsletter.). People tell me they find the “ten tactical tips,” the actual examples of email, and the overall strategy helpful. How do we build up our email list?” Email is not direct mail.