How To Tell Your Strength Story: Nonprofit Storytelling #5 1/2

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differentiation). . Guru-of-most-things Seth Godin recently summed up the value of differentiation : If there’s not at least one thing that’s distinctive about your organization—OR if you have that unique strength but don’t highlight it—you’re toast.

Dove: A Lesson in Brand Differentiation

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There’s a lot to question in our beauty-obsessed culture, and Dove has clearly, positively differentiated itself in the beauty marketplace by relentlessly marketing a single, overarching message: we should [.]. In spite of the persuasive critiques of Dove’s 9-year old “Real Beauty” campaign, the most recent installation is clearly articulated and brilliantly executed from a branding perspective.

How to Differentiate from Other Nonprofit Marketing Agencies

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As a result, agencies have a lot of work to do to differentiate themselves from the competition. When deciding on a marketing agency, nonprofits have more choices than ever before. content marketing marketing agency Marketing

7 Signs Your Communications Strategy Isn’t Strategic

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It says it you will make a brand promise and differentiate , but offers no details on what that promise is or exactly how you are different. You are so excited because your nonprofit is getting ready to do some strategic planning and you think you might — finally!

5 Tips for Better Nonprofit Fundraising Emails


Unfortunately, it’s difficult for your audience to differentiate your messages from the numerous emails that flood their inboxes each day, especially if your mass mailings are labeled as junk and relegated to the black hole of the spam folder. One of the best weapons in a nonprofit’s fundraising arsenal is email campaigning. We are sending and receiving more fundraising emails than ever before, all vying for the attention of supporters to act on behalf of our cause.

Get Ready For More Retention!

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Consider this article … Is Customer Experience the Great Competitive Differentiator of Loyalty Marketers? As much as you might hope for relief from the subject, count on The Agitator to talk more retention, retention, and more retention in 2017! And within retention, a critical sub-theme … donor (customer) service and experience.

Heads-Up for Year-End Email

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In mid-to-late July Google introduced Gmail Tabs, a change to its Inbox designed to differentiate between what they call ‘Primary’ emails and ‘Promotions’. Here are two factoids to alert you to some tweaks you should be making in preparation for your year-end fundraising activities.

Be Honest About Competition—It Might Just Make You a Better Collaborator

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Blog Nonprofit Branding attribute brand branding collaboration competition differentiation market partnership unique People don’t like to talk about competition in the nonprofit world. Competition suggests a dog-eat-dog fight to the finish that would have one valuable nonprofit entity edging another out of the marketplace.

The 4 Key Qualities of Amazing Thank You Letters

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Another way to differentiate your organization: pick up the phone and tell them just how important their support really is. Plan to do something that can differentiate you. We all know thanking donors is important, but sometimes it’s easily brushed aside as one more item on our to-do lists. Put your donors – and your thank you process – first this year by including these four key components for effective and memorable donor thank you letters. Be Personal.

How Story Trumps Description (Nonprofit Storytelling #9)

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Nonprofit Storytelling #1-8. I’m a sucker for stark contrast. It’s one of the best learning tools ever, and today I’m drawing on examples from Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP). The Challenge.

The 5 Things You Need In Your Nonprofit’s Online Newsroom

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If our reporter knows that she can get a high-quality photo of your program to accompany her story, you’ve found yet another way to differentiate yourself from the other organizations she is researching. Photo by Jurg Vollmer.

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How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

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This post is based on a comment I left on the following OECD blog post the other week : Measuring government impact in a social media world.

How Nonprofits Can Be #InstaAwesome on Instagram

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Another key characteristic that differentiates Instagram from social media stalwarts Facebook or Twitter is the way in which people use it. Instagram is a marketing powerhouse for brands, companies, and nonprofits alike.

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Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences

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For example, while many nonprofits are dividing their donor lists by gift range, and are differentiating their strategies for large versus small donors, only 3% of groups are always dividing and strategizing differently by age group.

Thank God It’s Wednesday

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Given the flood of appeals you’d hope there would be more differentiation, more enticement to a good story. Like it or dislike it #GivingTuesday is almost over for another year. I say “almost” for two reasons. First, I’m writing this at 6:45pm EST Tuesday, so there’s still a few hours to go.

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The 5 laws of nonprofit branding

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Own a word in the mind of your audience that differentiates your organization from all others. For my final posts this year, I’m featuring some of my favorite interviews on marketing from my book, Robin Hood Marketing. Today, I quote five laws on branding from my talk with Raphael Bemporad of BBMG. We’ve found that most successful organizations follow five laws of branding. First is the law of the word.

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Loyalty Inflection Points

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In differential calculus, an inflection point is a point on a curve at which the concavity changes from positive curvature to negative curvature, or vice versa. Is organizational loyalty infectious? Possibly. For example, after momentous achievements that inspire group celebration and pride in belonging.

YOU Can Make These Dreams Come True (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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She urges charities to differentiate themselves and stick to it, offering two case studies as useful models.

Demographics: The Second-Best Way to Segment Your File

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The ways that you would differentiate male and female messaging are minor copy tweaks at best, and stereotypical self-parody at worst. Yes, demographics are the second-best way to segment. The best way, however, is literally almost any other way.

The 3 Things Your Donor Thank You Must Do

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Take the time to show your gratitude and to differentiate yourself in a way that advances your mission and deepens your relationships with donors. Want to start the off on the right foot with your donors? Try these three ways to wow your donors with your next thank you letter. Show the impact. Don’t lead with, “Thank you for your gift of $25 on December 5.” Lead with something that captures the true story of the impact. Lead with the success they are helping to achieve.

Infographics & Data Visualization: Not Your Grandmother’s Pie Chart – Part 2

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We had done a lot of interviews with donors and clients and we wanted to differentiate this one to show how much we did this past year.

Learn to Craft Relevant Messages—Last Chance to Save $200

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We needed to do a better job positioning our unique value and differentiating the Partnership from mentoring programs, but just couldn’t get there on our own.

More On Second Gifts — Part 2

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Differentiate your org by going old school. And if you follow it and the advice it gives for thanking, recognizing donors and differentiating your organization from others you’ll be miles ahead. Thank heavens I didn’t promise you a light and easy read on this subject of Second Gifts.

Start Your Year-End Fundraising Now

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That’s a memorable differentiator to feature in the year-end appeal. I’m thrilled to be planning and writing the year-end appeal for the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (ECHH). Coalition staff members and volunteers are powerhouse advocates for those who have lost their homes (or are about to) in Union County, N.J. And it’s a rare treat for me to help advance the mission of an organization so dedicated to serving a community close to home.

Are You One Of A Kind?

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If you serious about marketing your organization, you must differentiate from your competition. And the basis of that differentiation must be authentic … fakes and imposters are quickly found out these days. Is your nonprofit one of a kind? By that I mean, do you do something truly unique … either in terms of mission or strategy for accomplishing your core objective? If you do, you get to begin meeting your fundraising challenge with an enormous advantage.

Rambling or Relevant?

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” In a flash, she conveyed two of PENCIL’s differentiating characteristics—Its method (pairing business experts with public schools) and its impact (increase individual achivement) in a way that left me eager to learn more. Blank stares. That was the response to most of the one-sentence organizational summary intros (a.k.a. mini-elevator pitches) from co-attendees of a workshop I participated in last week.

Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

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The key differentiation now is that it would be seen by people that aren’t actively looking for it.

Health Care Social Media Review #21: Social Media Taps Digital Health


While a number of submissions highlighted social media, many spoke more to digital health as a whole vs. social media specifically, an important differentiation.

My thoughts on the Clerk’s 19th Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

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technologies and social media to engage with Canadians, share knowledge, facilitate collaboration, and devise new and efficient services “ Lots of great content, unfortunately still no differentiation between social media tools and actual social media engagement. Even as an external consultant, every year I very much anticipate the Clerk’s Annual Report.

Facebook’s latest response to Google+

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One of the key things I remember that my strategic management prof would drill into our heads back in business school was to always differentiate between a “competitive advantage&# and a “sustainable competitive advantage&#.

Back to the Future of Philanthropy

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Fulton references Warren Buffet, and another of her slides bears the image of Richard Branson, but what really differentiates these modern philanthropic leaders from Rockefeller and Carnegie, or even from the gentlemen who founded the Marine Society?

For Your 2018 Matching Gift and #GivingTuesday File

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And the emails were tough to differentiate by organization. Hopefully you’ve survived this year’s final onslaught of matching gift appeals. . In an equally hopeful vein perhaps you’ve found some golden nuggets in this week’s posts on matching that will help guide your plans for next year. In the final post for this week’s series Nick puts it all together in a symphony of do’s and don’ts.

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Why I Have a Podcast and You Should Too

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Finding a content gap where we could offer something truly differentiated was critical. Photo via Jeffrey Zeldman on Flickr. The news coverage worked. We were able to save our audience time every week and told them what we thought was the most important news of the week."

Video Making for Fun and For (Non)Profits

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To anyone considering participating in our program, we were showing we could make fun of ourselves, creating a point of differentiation with the other groups we compete with for talent and positioned ourselves as trendsetters in our space; in the end, this is a program you want to be part of.

Academic Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Upon completion of a social marketing certificate or academic course, a participant should be able to: Describe social marketing to colleagues and other professionals and differentiate it from other approaches to influencing behaviors and social change.

A Soggy Box of Matches

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And the emails were tough to differentiate by organization. Last year, I made the mistake of subscribing to the email newsletters of the top 100 nonprofits in the United States for end-of-year giving. The summary version of this story is that the average organization sent ten emails during December. For #Giving Tuesday almost every organization used a match. For the very end of the year, one in three emails featured a match in the subject line. (No,

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Four reasons you really have to write those thank-you notes

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DIFFERENTIATION: Most nonprofits are terrible at it. One of my daughters just marked her 13th birthday, and she’s busy writing thank you notes for her gifts. It’s required in our family! I’m a stickler about that kind of thing. At the same time, I’m in the midst of putting together an in-depth training on wowing donors with better acknowledgments. Why am I spending personal and professional energy on thank-yous?

Is Your Logo Effective? Tips to Evaluate Your Visual Identity

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Is it differentiated enough from your ‘competition’ and does it avoid obvious visual clichés? Guest Post by Julia Reich, Julia Reich Design. Julia Reich. Julia Reich is guest blogging for us on several graphic design topics. This second post focuses on logos and how they relate to branding.

3 Steps to Video Annual Report Success: VolunteerMatch Case Study

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Your theme guide the writing, editing, and branding of the video, and it will be helpful for differentiating this year’s video from next year’s if you decide to do more video. I dug into VolunteerMatch’s recent annual report in video format the minute it reached my inbox.

How to Ask for Donations on Your Website

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doesn't differentiate you from the other anti-poverty or animal-friendly charity down the street. In terms of raising money online, your website has the most potential with two groups of donors: new donors and impulse givers. When these newbies visit your website, what do they see? How do you introduce yourself (your organization)? Paragraphs of text laden with mission and vision statements? Any photos? Maybe an e-newsletter sign-up? How about your website's navigation: Is it intuitive?