Dove: A Lesson in Brand Differentiation

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There’s a lot to question in our beauty-obsessed culture, and Dove has clearly, positively differentiated itself in the beauty marketplace by relentlessly marketing a single, overarching message: we should [.]. In spite of the persuasive critiques of Dove’s 9-year old “Real Beauty” campaign, the most recent installation is clearly articulated and brilliantly executed from a branding perspective.

How to Differentiate from Other Nonprofit Marketing Agencies

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As a result, agencies have a lot of work to do to differentiate themselves from the competition. When deciding on a marketing agency, nonprofits have more choices than ever before. content marketing marketing agency Marketing

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How To Tell Your Strength Story: Nonprofit Storytelling #5 1/2

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differentiation). . Guru-of-most-things Seth Godin recently summed up the value of differentiation : If there’s not at least one thing that’s distinctive about your organization—OR if you have that unique strength but don’t highlight it—you’re toast.

Be Honest About Competition—It Might Just Make You a Better Collaborator

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Blog Nonprofit Branding attribute brand branding collaboration competition differentiation market partnership unique People don’t like to talk about competition in the nonprofit world. Competition suggests a dog-eat-dog fight to the finish that would have one valuable nonprofit entity edging another out of the marketplace.

Misinformation vs. Disinformation vs. Mal-information

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The latter two can also be easily identified after some basic digging but are generally tricky to differentiate. Quite a bit of my consulting work lately has focused on helping clients counter false information spreading online.

5 Tips for Better Nonprofit Fundraising Emails


Unfortunately, it’s difficult for your audience to differentiate your messages from the numerous emails that flood their inboxes each day, especially if your mass mailings are labeled as junk and relegated to the black hole of the spam folder. One of the best weapons in a nonprofit’s fundraising arsenal is email campaigning. We are sending and receiving more fundraising emails than ever before, all vying for the attention of supporters to act on behalf of our cause.

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Creating a Unique Value Proposition for Your Nonprofit (Part 2)

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Here you must differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value. So, after you know your target audience, your product, and the benefits it provides in solving a pain point, you think about the value this provides and then differentiate.

How To Turn A New Brand Into a Fresh Admissions Campaign

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Being crystal clear on the brand of your school—that single big, differentiating idea that you want to be known by—is how smart schools create an admissions campaign that excites everyone from faculty to would-be families.

How To Turn A New Brand Into a Fresh Admissions Campaign

Mission Minded

Being crystal clear on the brand of your school—that single big, differentiating idea that you want to be known by—is how smart schools create an admissions campaign that excites everyone from faculty to would-be families.

7 Signs Your Communications Strategy Isn’t Strategic

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It says it you will make a brand promise and differentiate , but offers no details on what that promise is or exactly how you are different. You are so excited because your nonprofit is getting ready to do some strategic planning and you think you might — finally!

Are you ready for the 24/7 donor?


To be differentiated, companies must embrace the new dimensions of the nonstop customer journey.”

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Let's Do the First QR Coded Paper Icon Cause Marketing Campaign Together

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This paper icon… which I purchased for $1 at Bashas’, an Arizona grocery chain… made it very clear to me that charities doing paper icon cause marketing campaigns are going to need to differentiate or risk being commoditized out of existence by the retailers themselves.The full-color icon benefits a new orangutan enclosure at the Phoenix Zoo. The icon is 5½” x 8½” and was sitting on the checkout. Kroger Bashas' QR code Alden Keene and Associates paper icons Wal-Mart

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With a BIG event, it’s all about the little things.

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I’ve recognized how important it is to differentiate between the desires I have for an event (lots of people giving lots of money) and the goals (recruit 75 Table Captains & secure 10 business sponsorships). Galas. Extravaganzas. Auctions. You insert the action here – A-thons. Let’s face it, our signature events are a really big deal when it comes to strengthening relationships with our existing support base, as well as acquiring new giving relationships.

Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences

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For example, while many nonprofits are dividing their donor lists by gift range, and are differentiating their strategies for large versus small donors, only 3% of groups are always dividing and strategizing differently by age group.

Last Chance -Deadline for Reinvigorating Your Messaging

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“We needed to do a better job positioning our unique value and differentiating the Partnership from mentoring programs, but just couldn’t get there on our own.

The 3 Things Your Donor Thank You Must Do

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Take the time to show your gratitude and to differentiate yourself in a way that advances your mission and deepens your relationships with donors. Want to start the off on the right foot with your donors? Try these three ways to wow your donors with your next thank you letter. Show the impact. Don’t lead with, “Thank you for your gift of $25 on December 5.” Lead with something that captures the true story of the impact. Lead with the success they are helping to achieve.

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Global internet statistics for 2018

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Whenever possible, look for studies that differentiate between the two. It’s important to differentiate between instant messaging and social networking.

Mine's Bigger than Yours Is: Enter Your Tagline in 2009 Awards -- Deadline Friday

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It's a bit long but works well to differentiate that block from all others in the city. You're right. Mine's Bigger than Yours isn't really the 1,400th tagline entered in the 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Awards. But that's the essence of the tagline from Fourth Arts Block. Here's the real thing: More Art per Square Foot than any Other Block in NYC. I like it. Art lovers get to 4th st., pronto! Enter YOUR tagline today in the Tagline Awards !

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Heads-Up for Year-End Email

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In mid-to-late July Google introduced Gmail Tabs, a change to its Inbox designed to differentiate between what they call ‘Primary’ emails and ‘Promotions’. Here are two factoids to alert you to some tweaks you should be making in preparation for your year-end fundraising activities.

Doing, Not Training: 48 Hours to Save $200

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We needed to do a better job positioning our unique value and differentiating the Partnership from mentoring programs, but just couldn’t get there on our own.

How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

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This post is based on a comment I left on the following OECD blog post the other week : Measuring government impact in a social media world.

5-Star Nonprofit Taglines – MS Society Fundraising Events

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Here are two more examples, from much smaller organizations, that clearly differentiate their special events. The 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards are open and waiting for your entry!

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Get Ready For More Retention!

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Consider this article … Is Customer Experience the Great Competitive Differentiator of Loyalty Marketers? As much as you might hope for relief from the subject, count on The Agitator to talk more retention, retention, and more retention in 2017! And within retention, a critical sub-theme … donor (customer) service and experience.

Facebook’s latest response to Google+

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One of the key things I remember that my strategic management prof would drill into our heads back in business school was to always differentiate between a “competitive advantage&# and a “sustainable competitive advantage&#.

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Rambling or Relevant?

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” In a flash, she conveyed two of PENCIL’s differentiating characteristics—Its method (pairing business experts with public schools) and its impact (increase individual achivement) in a way that left me eager to learn more. Blank stares. That was the response to most of the one-sentence organizational summary intros (a.k.a. mini-elevator pitches) from co-attendees of a workshop I participated in last week.

How Story Trumps Description (Nonprofit Storytelling #9)

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Nonprofit Storytelling #1-8. I’m a sucker for stark contrast. It’s one of the best learning tools ever, and today I’m drawing on examples from Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP). The Challenge.

Time is running out: Just 3 days left to save $200

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“We needed to do a better job positioning our unique value and differentiating the Partnership from mentoring programs, but just couldn’t get there on our own.

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The 4 Key Qualities of Amazing Thank You Letters

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Another way to differentiate your organization: pick up the phone and tell them just how important their support really is. Plan to do something that can differentiate you. We all know thanking donors is important, but sometimes it’s easily brushed aside as one more item on our to-do lists. Put your donors – and your thank you process – first this year by including these four key components for effective and memorable donor thank you letters. Be Personal.

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How Nonprofits Can Be #InstaAwesome on Instagram

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Another key characteristic that differentiates Instagram from social media stalwarts Facebook or Twitter is the way in which people use it. Instagram is a marketing powerhouse for brands, companies, and nonprofits alike.

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Start Your Year-End Fundraising Now

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That’s a memorable differentiator to feature in the year-end appeal. I’m thrilled to be planning and writing the year-end appeal for the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (ECHH). Coalition staff members and volunteers are powerhouse advocates for those who have lost their homes (or are about to) in Union County, N.J. And it’s a rare treat for me to help advance the mission of an organization so dedicated to serving a community close to home.

Learn to Craft Relevant Messages—Last Chance to Save $200

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We needed to do a better job positioning our unique value and differentiating the Partnership from mentoring programs, but just couldn’t get there on our own.

Share your passion

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It’s what differentiates the successful nonprofits from those mediocre groups that barely creep along. I had the privilege of hearing a passionate Executive Director speak last night. He talked about how his organization has realized that they can’t just measure the work they are doing any longer – they must work to eliminate the problem before it occurs. He spoke about how they are doing that and the lives that are being changed because of it.

Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

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The key differentiation now is that it would be seen by people that aren’t actively looking for it.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Kivi did a podcast On What Differentiates Successful Nonprofits From The Rest. It’s a holiday weekend here in the States. Let’s celebrate with some Mixed Links… This free webinar from VolunteerPro starts at 1 p.m.

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Health Care Social Media Review #21: Social Media Taps Digital Health


While a number of submissions highlighted social media, many spoke more to digital health as a whole vs. social media specifically, an important differentiation.

Who Is Your Best Competitor?

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There are two critically important things to do vis-a-vis your competition — differentiate from them and learn from them. The Agitator has written plenty about differentiating. Here’s one example and another , but Search "differentiate" and you’ll find plenty more. Incidentally, as you study your competitor closely, you should also identify the key point(s) of differentiation between your organization and theirs.

Build Your Message Team: Part Two—Groundwork

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Include the message platform and some context on why and when the messages were developed, how they connect with each target audience, and how they differentiate your nonprofit from organizations competing for attention and action. Start here with Part One.

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Linkage, Ability, Interest

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Does your organization use a rating system to prospect and differentiate between donors? Linkage, ability, interest are terms often used to describe a donor’s relationship to an organization; they do a pretty good job illustrating the key relationships donor’s have with an organization. Linkage - You have a connection, or link, through past giving or through a board member or volunteer.

Summer Reading


She first differentiates between information sharing and decision-making, which, sadly, is a very wide, fuzzy line at many organizations. flickr/Spencer E. Holtaway.

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Ep250: This New App Helps Investors Track How Spending Impacts the Planet

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You differentiate between socially responsible investing and impact investing , what’s the difference? Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Andrei Cherny , CEO and Co-Founder of Aspiration , a financial firm that helps investors make money and make a difference.

Generating Leads By Combining Identity and Programmatic Outreach

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With that one finding, they stopped trying to differentiate among direct connection, indirect connection, and no connection. Instead they concentrated on attracting, retaining, and differentiating between those with direct and indirect connections.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: What Are You Doing To Improve Impact Of Your Facebook Page?

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The challenge is efficient differentiation and outreach ? Facebook can be the nexus of a still more powerful network. So your nonprofit or charity has its requisite Facebook page up. You’re posting updates and tweeting about upcoming events. All fine-and-good (and important).

Cause Connection: A Simple, Underused Donor Identity

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The last two days have covered two examples of health charities that have increased their revenues by differentiating based on cause connection. With this type of differentiation, you can acquire more valuable donors. That is, they looked differently at those who either had the disease they are working to abate or had been treated by their facility and those who didn’t have this type of cause connection. Two important points here.