There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Hey, now that I think about, I could use more of those two myself… Time and money are the most valuable resources in the world , and for nonprofits the impact of having more of either can be immeasurable.

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The single difference between above average and below average fundraisers


The post The single difference between above average and below average fundraisers appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Above average fundraisers have developed the ability to create and deliver value where the donor has never thought to look for it. Related Posts: >>Value.

The difference one can make

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One person can make a big difference in the lives of others. Today I want to share a story about being on the receiving end of the difference one person makes. We were prepared to invest a little money in training if the right horse came along.

Is your job really to raise money?


– Your job is to provide others with opportunities to make a difference in the world. – Your job is to facilitate the process of giving money away. Money gets raised after you provide value to your organization’s supporters and make them feel good!

The difference one can make

Get Fully Funded

One person can make a big difference in the lives of others. Today I want to share a story about being on the receiving end of the difference one person makes. We were prepared to invest a little money in training if the right horse came along.

Raise More Money by Inspiring P2P Fundraisers

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Trying to think of ways to inspire them to raise money for you is much harder. Sure, some people will sign up for your event because they’re passionate about your cause and want to raise money to make a difference in the world. So how do you inspire those people to raise money?

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Doing things differently in government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A few simple examples of things I have learned to do differently over the last 2 weeks: floss with one hand. The cutbacks are coming and everyone is worried about how they are going to get the same things done with less money. What everyone should be thinking about is how they are going to do things differently to achieve the same (or better) results given their handicap (i.e Two weeks ago I managed to seriously fracture my humerus bone.

The difference between wealth screening and wealth appending


Yet, I’ve heard board members or leaders command their staff saying, “Call , she has a lot of money!” I want you to cultivate a relationship with me so I can learn how I can make a difference using my wealth to essentially purchase empowerment.” Keep in mind that every donor call and visit costs your organization money. I’ll help you get squared away quickly and cost-effectively so you can raise more money more efficiently in no time.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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Image Creative Commons "Money" by Stuart Dootson). His blog, Dear Joan , is dedicated to helping smaller nonprofits write truly donor focused appeals that get better results and raise more money for your cause. I’m so excited to share this interview with you!

A Few Ways You Can Raise More Money in 2019

Ann Green

If it wasn’t, I have some suggestions about how you can raise more money – both now and throughout the year. This will save you money because you won’t be mailing appeals to people who aren’t going to donate. Happy New Year!

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What’s the Difference Between Buying and Giving


From a marketing perspective, there is no difference. . Both are financial transactions involving an exchange of money in return for something of value. That is actually why too many organizations are so bad at raising money.

INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Don’t be short sighted and focused on short term money. There is this concept in this country that we can just print money.

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Ready for Year-End? Here Are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise More Money


Below are some quick and easy things you can do to raise more money. Tell them what a difference they make. We won't waste your time with a lengthy intro. With #GivingTuesday and Year-End fundraising rapidly approaching, we'll get straight to the point.

Decide How You Are Different, Be It, and Forget the Rest

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” My dream for your nonprofit is that you decide what you are really all about — what makes you different — and that you be that organization, and forget the rest. Yet even though we all know that, most of us spend a tremendous amount of effort trying not to be different.

Annual Report How To: A Different Way to Present Your Print Report Online

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This step by step description will give you some new ideas, save you time and money, and take some of the guesswork out of designing yours should you decide you like the approach, which converts the report into a simple, user-friendly, online version. What’s different about this method?

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More About the Difference Between Buying and Donating…


I said that I think the problem with fundraising is that nonprofits think fundraising is “different” from other forms of marketing and sales when it isn’t. It’s time to stop thinking that buying and giving are different.

Book Review: How to Raise Money for Political Office

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This week I’m reviewing a book called How to Raise Money for Political Office by Brandon Lewis. Here are the 12 different parts of a fundraising email, according to How to Raise Money for Political Office. Reiterate when you need the money by.

The Difference Between Transactional, Transformative Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the difference between transactional cause marketing and transformative cause marketing. I’ve concluded that I’m not being very clear on the difference and need this post as much as the people who ask me to explain it to them.

20 Money Saving Tips for Fundraisers

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Test out different messages, graphs, charts, quotes, pictures, see what works with who. Batch your fundraising appeal letters. Send out 150 at a time. This way you can avoid an appeal letter that bombs.

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Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

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It’s ultimately about human behavior and analyzing it from a number of different ways. Whether it’s a for-profit enterprise and a non-profit, it’s all about driving response, trying to get people to become engaged and invest their money. Paul Bobnak interview 8/22/13.

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Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Over the last several months, I’ve taught her team different things, and we’ve built a relationship. I want to help you shine and raise all of the money you deserve! Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

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Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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On 08/24/2012 09:01 PM, Queen B wrote: I would love more information on raising money through events (NOT auctions), planned giving, and I have not even the foggiest notion what the seven faces of philanthropy are. Snow White by 12×07 on

Make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money-Interview with Pamela Uppal

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How can you make your nonprofit stop bleeding money with turnover? You work at the Ontario Nonprofit Network and you’re specifically working on decent work for women, the research about how decent work is working for different organizations in parts of Ontario. So we use a lot of different ways to talk about that. It’s a little bit more complicated in our sector, because where is that money going to come from, right? We don’t have a lot of money.

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3 Ways Prospect Research Can Help Nonprofits Raise More Money at Events


If so, you may be missing out on some key pieces of information about your attendees that may make all the difference in your fundraising goals. Do you have events planned as part of your end-of-year fundraising push?

Asking for Money AND Something Else

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I really like this one recommendation from Rachel: Pair an ask for a donation with a “no-money” ask during a campaign. The campaign may last for several weeks or even a couple of months, and you go back and forth between the two different asks depending on the campaign schedule, the various communications channels you are using, etc. The no-money ask gives your supporters another way to get involved and engaged in your cause whether they want to give financially or not.

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How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Money on Facebook

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Here’s what your tab can look like for a specific project (it looks a little different if you are fundraising for the organization overall): Here are a few other changes: You can now set up a customized thank-you note that will go out automatically to your supporters.

How to Raise More Money Now – Free E-Book

Getting Attention

I was honored to be among the folks that Network for Good asked to contribute innovative fundraising ideas to this inspiring new e-book, How to Make More Money Now. Give me different options for how to invest with your organization.

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A Lesson on Listening… and Making More Money with Your Newsletter

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It did yield some money! It can make more money. Making money so that more at-risk children can be reached with a mentor – that is my job. Almost four times as much money! Carry on, Difference Makers! Theresa Casey.

Raise More Money With Monthly Gifts

Ann Green

Although I often encourage monthly (or recurring) gifts as a great way to raise more money, I just started making them at the end of last year. One sends a statement, but it includes a different update each month.

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What Did You Do with the Money You Raised Last Year?

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Latest cases in point: They’ve explained to donors what they did with money they raised more than a year ago. This is so refreshing and different from what we usually see, which is treating a fundraising campaign like the end of the story (Woo-Hoo!

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Question: Who Asks for Money?

A Small Change

In a recent post, Who Talks to Your Donors , I mentioned two different styles of fundraising. Related posts: I’m Not Here to Raise Money Who Talks to Your Donors Annual Board Solicitations Characteristics of a Model Board Member Cold Calling or Networking. One style involves board members soliciting donors, and another style involves staff cultivating and soliciting donors. Does your organization primarily use Board Member or Staff to ask for donations?

Reader Questions: Should we sell X to get money?

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Nonprofits are desperate for money, and they’ll just jump at the chance to do a little fundraiser, selling your items for you!” It’s not your job to help these people make money. . So… someone has told you they want to help your nonprofit by selling their stuff.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

It will lead to missed connections with supporters, and thus, a seeming inability to raise money using the platforms. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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So often, as fundraisers, we are charged with raising all of this money. And we run up against people’s concepts of money, every day. Sometimes it makes them treat us as if we were different. But what are our own attitudes about money? We are all hostages to money.

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21 Ways to Give Back Through Your Holiday Shopping

J Campbell Social Marketing

As a bonus, I love that SU2C has a page on their website entitled: “ Where the Money Goes. For even more ways to make a difference with your holiday shopping, check out: 10 Ways to Shop for Good. photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc.

A Little Different from Your Typical BI Firm

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One thing that really resonated with me is that the BI world seems to be very focused on larger companies that have robust IT departments with lots of money to spend on Business Intelligence. So what makes us different? No need to spend lots of time and money explaining Appeals and Packages, Nodes and Locations to a BI consultant. Now, recognizing that each organization is different, there is plenty of flexibility built into Answers.

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TEST RESULTS: You Raise More Money When You Listen to Donors’ Preferences

The Agitator

People may prefer to give their preference, but does it really make a difference in the real world ?” We know that, given the options, many donors would give more if they could direct where their gift went (see, for example, here and here ).

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Why selling planned gifts is different (the case for a multi-step cultivation effort)


But when it comes to planned giving marketing, I feel that what he’s talking about and what we’re doing are very different. Now, for our marketing planned gifts, the “sale” is very different. Seth Godin is pretty smart. He really understands marketing.

Facebook Versus Real Money

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We tested on two different clients in both an acquisition and a renewal and while both saw minimal boosts from this formatting (6% revenue boost on an acquisition and 3% revenue boost on a renewal), neither had the overall performance to make the results statistically significant or to rollout for future mailings.&#. And if you take file size up a few notches, to 100,000 or 300,000, it would seem that there’s really big money to be made with this tool.

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Two different statements

Mission Paradox Blog

I want to make money from art. Those are two very different statements. The money will come, if it ever comes, once you get past obscurity. I want to make art.  The path to creating and distributing art is as smooth as it has ever been.  No permission needed.   But the path to generating consistent revenue from those efforts is as complicated and challenging as ever. You can see how those two ideas fit together.

5 Ways to Cast a Bigger Vision that Raises More Money for Your Cause

Selfish Giving

The average person cares about worthy causes and enjoys giving to organizations that are making a different. If you are raising money for a good cause, you’ll need to cast a vision that excites donors and makes them want to give. When raising money for a good cause, get emotional!

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Where’s the Grant Money for Your Marketing and Communications? Webinar Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Betsy Baker of Your Grant Authority will present a webinar for our All-Access Pass Holders on how to find grant money specifically for your nonprofit’s marketing and communications programs. Betsy Baker.

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What kind of money are you raising?

Get Fully Funded

Are you trying to get gifts from donors or are you just trying to raise money? There’s a subtle but important difference. Transactional gifts occur when the donor receives something in return for their money. When you buy a box of Thin Mints, you give the girls money and you’re on your way with your yummies. Transformational gifts are different. Don’t just raise money. What kind of donations are you trying to get?

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