Development Fatigue

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Are you experiencing “Development Fatigue”? Do you ever feel like you have been asking too much and just don’t have any more “development” left in you? We have to wear a lot of hats in the development world from motivator to advocate, solicitor to coach, and many more.

Your Professional Development Plan Is Up To You #NPCOMMLIFE

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If you’re expecting your organization to create your professional development plan, you are making a big mistake. During this 60-minute webinar , Kivi will show you how to create a professional development plan that puts you on the path to success. RoiAnn Phillips, Past Webinar Attendee The post Your Professional Development Plan Is Up To You #NPCOMMLIFE appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Professional Development

Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

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Develop personas for those people — and where are the best channels to reach them. Peter Panepento. Last month, Peter Panepento challenged nonprofits to Stop Approaching PR Like It’s 2007.

How to Create Your Professional Development Plan

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Forge Your Path to Success with a Professional Development Plan. Join us this Thursday for our next BUDGET-FRIENDLY webinar: For Nonprofit Communications Staff Only: How to Create Your Professional Development Plan. We know you don’t always have the budget for training.

Good Things in March: Content Marketing Campaigns, Professional Development, and a Pass Sale

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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide in March: Online Training: March 7: For Nonprofit Communications Staff Only: How to Create Your Professional Development Plan Find out how to create a professional development plan that puts you on the path to success.

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5 Considerations for Your #NPCOMM Professional Development Plan

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Earlier today on Facebook Live ( watch the recording now ), I shared five considerations for creating a professional development plan in the nonprofit communications and marketing field. #1: The same goes for your professional development.

My Professional Development Plan: Get Lost on Purpose

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In a field that is constantly changing and evolving, like nonprofit communications and marketing, it can be hard to create a professional development plan. The post My Professional Development Plan: Get Lost on Purpose appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog.

How Web Developers Hurt Their Nonprofit Clients

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If your web development/design consultant is doing any of these things, they are hurting your organization’s ability to communicate effectively, which is the whole point of having a website. If you are a web developer who does these things, please stop working for nonprofit clients.

Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

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REVOLVING DOOR – Development directors are bouncing around and getting fired all the time. Fund development is viewed and valued as a mission-aligned program of the organization. I’ve written how to hire a development director. Firing Your Development Director?

How to develop more collective power at work

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Well, what if there WERE something you could do to develop more collective power at work? In the next year, we’re going to be talking a lot more here about how YOU can get decent work at your nonprofit, whether you’re an executive director or a development associate.

#DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation?

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Did the time and money spent developing a program or launching a campaign prove to be worth the support? The post #DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation? What does it cost?

#DEVELOPMENT: Social-Networking Is Good, But Conversation-Building Is Better

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And of course, nonprofits and charities should be encouraging that kind of assistance from its followers, so be sure to develop materials and information that will grasp people’s attention. Difficult to say that social networks have already grown to be mature means of communication.

How to rock your development plan: Webinar April 19th

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Wild Woman Fundraising: With a One-Page Development Plan! You need a one-page development plan. A sample one page development plan that everyone, from board to executive director to staff will understand! Naw son!

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EveryAction Development: Make Your Fundraising Tools Work For You


With EveryAction Development, we’ve made it truly simple to manage your donors in one, unified platform, giving you more time to focus on your organization’s mission, raise more money, and operate more efficiently. Recently, I caught up with Melissa Wyers, Executive Director of EveryAction, to chat all things EveryAction Development. What is EveryAction Development? EveryAction Development is what nonprofits have wanted but didn’t think was possible.

What a Development AND Communications Director Really Does

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There’s a great conversation happening about whether one person can be both the communications and the development director in the Nonprofit Communications Professionals Facebook Group. 3) It’s really a communications job, with development thrown in.

#Development: Jumo And Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

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We have followed the development of the Jumo website and network over the last year or so, and that organization has recently announced a development ‘merger’ with Then follow their merger and development to see how their work can work for you and your organization.

Behavioral Economics and Policy Development

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Behavioral economics has emerged as a major driver of regulatory policy around the world in the past five years.

Hot Topics in March: Development Plans, Co-Workers Using Offensive Language, Photography, and More

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Mar 8: For Nonprofit Communications Staff Only: How to Create Your Professional Development Plan. Learn how to create a professional development plan that puts you on the path to success. Kivi will continue to talk about professional development and her new CALM not BUSY book.

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Master the Nonprofit Message Development Process

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Imagine this: What if you mastered the message development process so you had a positioning statement, key messages and a sparkling tagline that connected with your supporters and energized your staff, board and volunteers? What if you were skilled at the .

Development Work Like Pastoring

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I’m not sure he would share my theory that development work is like pastoring, but he had a story that I think still illustrates my point. I’m not making a claim that pastors are like development officers, only that there are some similarities in the way we work with people. Related posts: More Than Fund Development Development Fatigue Interdisciplinary Work Moves Management or Relationship Management Fund Development Job Websites.

#Development: Make The Nonprofit Video – Don’t Sweat The ‘Viral’

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The Marketing Director at the time, George Wright, heard about the testing and thought the company could develop videos of the blenders taking on various non-food products. Happy New Year to our much-appreciated readers! May your 2012 be notably donor-rich and Mayan-free.

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Give a lunch for professional development

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I run into so many nonprofit leaders who don’t “have time” for professional development. Invest one lunch per week in professional development. When I was employed by a nonprofit hospital, I made it a habit of investing one lunch a week in professional development.

Asking foundations to fund development staff is a waste?

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Grantees that concentrated on improving fund development capacity reported inferior longer-term outcomes compared to those that focused on strategic planning, organizational learning, or leadership succession.&#.

Why your job is really about developing heroes, not dollars.


Develop that feeling and they’ll give more. The post Why your job is really about developing heroes, not dollars. People want to see themselves as good, just, righteous, and so on. . In other words, they want to be heroic. They want to change the world. They want to feel like they have the power to make the world a better place. They want to be a hero. And they want to reflect on their life (their autobiography) knowing that they were the hero in that story.

More Than Fund Development

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With major gifts fundraising I spend a lot of my time interpreting the future direction of the organization and working with specific program leaders around what financial dollars would mean for their program development. As a development professional you have a unique perspective connecting community need and interest. You have an understanding of what it takes to develop a proposal, what other organizations are doing as well as what other donors are funding.

Best and Worst Job Interview Questions for Comm and Development Directors?

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Ashlie Hutcherson, Associate Development Director at Almost Home , emailed me yesterday asking if I’d write a blog post on questions to ask during interviews with Development Director candidates. Let’s open this up to Communications Directors and Development Directors.

What Should Nonprofit Leaders Expect from the Development Officer?

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As a consultant to nonprofits, my blood just boils when I am asked by executive directors or board members, “So, we are thinking about hiring a development officer, how long it will take before this person is raising more money than the salary we pay them?” This question indicates that these leaders really do not understand development or the role of a development officer in their organization.

#Development: LinkedIn For Good Builds Bonds Among Nonprofit Members

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Part One considers how LinkedIn For Good started, and how people can still influence its development. The social-networking site LinkedIn is treated as perhaps the most professional of all such sites/services.

Developing a Plan to Approach Companies

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At least you only have one person to research and one major relationship to develop. You can develop a worksheet or use the one in my book to help you determine the information you need to know: Who is the decision maker How accessible is this person? This last item, of course, assumes that you can get to the decision maker, which brings up the subject of gatekeepers—often the bane of a development officer’s existence.

#INTERVIEW: Christina Attard, Philanthropic Advisor, Blogger, and Development Director

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As a philanthropic adviser, she helps both nonprofits with their development programming and individuals planning tax-smart donations. She has been a Gift Planning Officer at two Canadian universities and is currently the Development Director for a Christian diocese in Regina, Saskatchewan.

How to Improve and Develop Process at Your Nonprofit

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How then can we take what is considered best practice in the for-profit space and make use of it at your development shop? The post How to Improve and Develop Process at Your Nonprofit appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Unlike other business-focused resources though, I have great empathy and understanding for the unique circumstances and challenges nonprofit organizations face.

#Development: How To Make A Video And Make It Grow Your Outreach

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In the nonprofit world, one of the great developments in media is video. Getting into some of the practical challenges of making a video, and making that video part of a larger strategy of client/donor development strategy, requires a bit more effort.

Why nonprofit budgets should be developed in alignment with strategies


Aligning your budgets with your strategies will help you: Compel both your leadership and staff to develop a long-term vision. Develop key performance indicators and metrics that are important and worth measuring. One of our clients achieved extraordinary results last year.

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#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

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The post #Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Forever stamps still good after the 27th.

How I came to fundraising: Carrie-Ann Goodfellow, Manager of Development

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This week we’re taking the journey of Carrie-Ann Goodfellow, manager of development! Here’s our third story from a fellow fundraiser, Carrie-Ann Goodfellow, the Manager of Development for YES Youth Services in Toronto, Canada.

How I came to Fundraising: Emily Lane, Development Associate, Major Gifts

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This one is from Emily Chalker Lane, who is a Development Associate in Major Gifts at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida. I had no earthly idea what a Development office did!

Development 301: Managing & Motivating Others, Part 3

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This person can be generous, and likes to develop bonds with others through knowing their goals. This person will make claims to excellence, and you need to help them keep benchmarks for developing their strengths. Thanks for reading this series on how to manage and motivate others by discovering their strengths and helping them find tasks that they can excel in!

What Does it Mean to Be a Development Professional?

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As fundraisers, we often refer to ourselves as “development professionals” or “development pros.” I like this terminology, because at their best, fundraising staff members, consultants, and development directors are professionals. The True Development Pro. To me, a true development professional is defined by two things: a commitment to the profession, and an ethical and mission-based approach to fundraising.

8 posts that will help you develop a solid planned gift marketing strategy


Each post containing outstanding tips that will help you develop a solid planned gift marketing strategy. Share this post: The post 8 posts that will help you develop a solid planned gift marketing strategy appeared first on MarketSmart |.

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#Development: Establishing Goals To Ensure Integrating Social Media In Your Organization’s Growth Plans

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Steve and Dado's 4 Phases of developing a Social-Media Strategy. Toward the end of the beginning efforts, the authors stress the development of a pilot project or two that focuses as much on intra-organizational engagement as it does on outreach.

#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

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The post #DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Development Fundraising Apache Hadoop Big Data BigData development Facebook IBM Marketing and Advertising NoSQL Online Communities Performance indicator Social network Statistics Technology Twitter

How Nimble are Your Development Skills?

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So here’s how you can apply this to development. fundraising realtime web social media development donorperfect effort mobile giving new databases new learning new technology nimble passion raisers edge risk salesforce skills Can you take your skills into the 21st century? Last week I attended the RISE Austin conference. One session I attended was with Manuel Zarate , President and Founder of

How you can become a Chief Development Officer

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She presented at our Nonprofit Career Club and told us what it was like being a Chief Development Officer at the University of Texas at Austin, what she learned before coming on in that role, and how we could get there. And this is where she first got a taste of development. Job #7: She realized that when they moved back, although she’d been the head of two nonprofits, what she liked best about her jobs there was development.