Which Places Are The Least Sexist?

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You know, what has made things abundantly clear for me is that in Norway, England, Denmark and Sweden they have had female prime ministers. Picture from the Brooklyn Nomad, 2009. There have been a lot of features lately on the most liveable cities.

Cause-Related Marketing Tombola

Cause Related Marketing

The first is a campaign from Denmark that uses glass bottle recycling to raise money for nonprofits. Prahalad Yelp.com Angieslist.com Coop Denmark Kudzu.com Cox Communications In the UK a tombala is a revolving drum typically turned by hand and used in lotteries or raffles.

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An invitation I had to decline

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Make government pay for higher education, as they do in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, and as they used to do in England. Vince Sampson, of the Education Finance Council.

Some Sweet Payback for Your Good Deeds

Cause Related Marketing

The Generous Store was a pop-up store in Denmark, open for just one day, that didn’t take your money for its products.

Do you know a Graduate with no future? What is up with these protests?

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Then you’ve probably heard about the riots in Egypt, in Spain, in Denmark, in Greece, in France, and other places too. My little brother’s story. Let me tell you about one of my little brothers.

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