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3 Things Successful Nonprofits Do NOW to Prepare for December Online Fundraising

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Year-end fundraising planning. For most of you, December is the biggest online fundraising month of the year. p/8q7cDb. she said.

December is Over, but Fundraising Shouldn’t Be

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The end of the year isn’t the only time to fundraise. These Seasonal Fundraising Campaigns. BRAND NEW WEBINAR. 1:00 p.m. Pacific).

Could December be the month when you will LOSE the most donors?


I’m worried about fundraisers who get too excited about Giving Tuesday. I’m not the only one feeling this way. Tom Belford (a.k.a

December’s Online Fundraising Blizzard

The Agitator

Online fundraisers lose all restraint when it comes to the month of December, participating en masse in the year-end feeding frenzy. This extravaganza has become part of the ingrained biological clock of nonprofits and their fundraisers … like whales gathering off South Africa each season for krill.

4 Tips for Successful Online Fundraising this December

Fundraising Coach

Are you looking at the next 3 weeks as time wasted for fundraising? 4 of the most important things to do this December. Stop it.

The Final Word on Year-End Fundraising: Five Things You Can Still Do to Boost Your December Income

Fundraising 123

The end of year fundraising party doesn’t really get started until after Christmas when the bulk of year-end money comes in. Strategically, you really only have two things to do between now and December 31 st. We’ve got five tactics you can accomplish in 24 hours or less to ramp up your year-end fundraising: Be open for business.

So, THAT Happened…In-the-Trenches Reflections on December Online Fundraising Campaigns (Add Yours!)

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OK, online fundraisers, nap time is OVER! The December fundraising season has come and gone. 3 More Posts on Year-End Fundraising.

Double December Giving with #GivingTuesday!

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For all fundraisers, November and December are the playoffs and Superbowl. If you could invest energy in a program that could double the growth of your December giving, of course you’d do it, right? It’s game time! What a great time of year! That’s what #GivingTuesday may do for your organization

6 Things You Must Discuss In Your Year-End Online Fundraising Planning

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December is coming. DECEMBER IS COMING! The first thing I always recommend in year-end fundraising planning? Are you ready? .

Dec 109

3 ways to make the most of the last days of December

Fundraising Coach

What theme will you use in your fundraising letters next year? c) The Fundraising Coach, LLC. Use this time to. Plan a retreat.

Year-End Fundraising Resources for You

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Year-End Fundraising Season. This year you will OWN year-end fundraising. Quick Start Guide to Year-End Fundraising by Network for Good.

A Super Effective Online Fundraising Tool: The “Wins” Blog Post

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Want to get donors all jazzed up before an online fundraising campaign? Blogging Fundraising Messages and Tag Lines Nonprofit Communications

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: 4 Smart Ways to Boost Your Year-End Online Fundraising

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Fundraising goal established. Sounds like your year-end online fundraising campaign is off to a solid start. Image source:

5 Very Inspiring Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns for Mother’s Day

J Campbell Social Marketing

Pinterest is the perfect medium to fundraise around this holiday, because moms congregate there. Compelling stories. UNICEF USA. Oxfam America.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

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If you like reading reports, Rebecca Davis has a list you can download of 29 studies related to nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

5 Biggest Trends in Online Fundraising at #12NTC

Wild Woman Fundraising

I used to think December was the place to concentrate your online fundraising attention. Trend 1: Online fundraising is up 13%.

The Fundraising Cliff

The Agitator

Fundraisers face a similarly long-term financial problem, although there’s no December 31 st deadline. Sorry … That’s Not An Excuse.

How to Set Your Year-End Fundraising Goal

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Is your year-end fundraising campaign focused on getting results? It may sound like an obvious question but many organizations don't approach year-end fundraising with clear, concrete goals. Keep these key pointers in mind: Set a specific goal for your year-end fundraising campaign. . Segmentation is the key to engagement. .

Goal 58

How to Plan For Fundraising Success in 2014

Wild Woman Fundraising

When you plan your fundraising, you know what’s coming up, and you can achieve a less stressful job! A fundraising plan can help you plan to succeed, by laying out your goals and working backwards. Have you ever wished for more direction in your fundraising program? Have you ever made a fundraising plan? Is it live?

Plan 47

Wanted: Young Fundraising Writers

The Agitator

To that end we’re delighted to join forces with our friends at SOFII to identify and foster fresh journalistic talent in fundraising.

Death Of A Fundraising Pioneer

The Agitator

Russ Reid, a pioneer in monthly giving and direct response television (DRTV), died Saturday, December 7 at his home in Sierra Madre, California.

It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Year-End Fundraising Campaigns

J Campbell Social Marketing

September is the ideal time to begin your end-of-year fundraising campaign. So what are you waiting for?

What are you planning for? Fundraising Predictions for 2012

Wild Woman Fundraising

Fundraising Predictions 2012. Here are some highlights of the Atlas of Giving report for December 2011. Really. The DOW is up. Welcome!

Fundraising on Film: What Hollywood Thinks of Fundraising?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s a little holiday surprise for you, courtesy of my friend, movie buff, and fundraiser extraordinaire, Rob Blizard.

A 2-step fundraising letter audit

Fundraising Coach

Pull out your most recent fundraising letter. You have one queued up for late November/early December, right?). Or your next one. Ask 4.

Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach

Fundraising 123

You never know what marketing and fundraising strategies and tactics will work best until you test them. Fundraising InspirationRetest.

Happy new (fundraising) year

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We’re still tabulating results at Network for Good, but a first look at the numbers suggests December was good to most nonprofits. Happy New Year! How did you do? As we head into the New Year, please don’t forget the number one priority you should have today: Thanking your donors. And it’s the right thing to do

Want to learn fundraising or social media? Check Out These New November Webinars & Workshops!

Wild Woman Fundraising

November 30th, Mega-Fundraising with Volunteers ! “We are a grassroots organization doing our fifth fundraising event next year.

#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) has released its findings in inforgraphic form from their latest survey. Happy Friday, everyone!

7 Year-End Fundraising Practices That Work All Year

Fundraising Coach

Year-end fundraising is a bountiful time in the life of the nonprofit. Fundraise with products. Boost peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Fundraising Year In Review

The Agitator

As we head for 2011’s fundraising finish line The Atlas of Giving on Friday reported that overall giving this year will finish 7.4% Giving in November (+0.4%) and the December forecast (+0.2%) are worrisome portends for 2012. of all fundraising mail is personalized either by copy or imagery—the highest point since the Archive began.

Mail 21

Is September the new December?

Sea Change Strategies

The leaves haven’t started changing, and here I am talking about year-end fundraising. The post Is September the new December?

5 things to do now for year-end fundraising success

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Pumpkin spice lattes are back and we’ve been experiencing cool, fall-like mornings here in DC, two signs that year-end fundraising season is almost here. Proper planning now is like insurance for a strong fundraising finish in 2013. Check out these tips for setting a fundraising goal. What messages performed best?

Calendar Confusion: Year-End Communications on a Summer Fiscal Year

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

How do you handle calendar year-end (November-December) communications when your nonprofit’s fiscal year actually ends June 30?

3 ways to jumpstart year end giving by planning your fall fundraising now

Fundraising Coach

Nonprofits are making a big mistake when reading studies that show that over 50% of charitable giving happens in December. Ask year end

Fall 40

Year-End Fundraising

The Agitator

Writing at Connection Cafe recently, Sara Spivey offered these suggestions for getting your year-end fundraising act together … now! To graduate to Year-End 201, you must also be thinking about your entire contact stream, especially over the November-December period. database marketing Don't Miss these Posts fundraising

3 ways fundraisers can slow the revolving door

Fundraising Coach

about 25% of CEOs want to fire their fundraiser. I think we can create organizations that have happy CEOs and fulfilled fundraisers.

Customer Spotlight: How The Contributor Achieved Fundraising Success

Fundraising 123

With the assistance of a Network for Good’s Fundraising Basics strategy session, they increased their fundraising, raising over $19,000 since December 2011 to date. Fundraising Case Studies & White Papers InspirationThe Contributor is a newspaper about and for the homeless. Here is a link to a vendor story: [link].

Once is Not Enough,and Why You Need a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign

Ann Green

If you think you can send one fundraising appeal and then wait for the donations to pour in, you’re in for a rude awakening. BEFORE YOU START.

Upcoming Fundraising Coach Speaking and Trainings

Fundraising Coach

Fundraising Training and Keynotes. I''ll be sharing how to apply major gift fundraising strategies to your auctions and special events! Instead, a dozen of the country''s top fundraising experts will be showing you sequentially how to tell your nonprofit''s story. training at the 8th annual Fundraising Day in Rotterdam!

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