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Eric Cheung, an aspiring social entrepreneur and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, has a big question: would you like to help the stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan?Cheung

How-To Go From Good to Great


Good: Gathering together some of Hollywood’s greatest women, recognizing their contributions to some powerful nonprofits ( Save Darfur and ServiceNation amongst them) and engaging the interest and attention of numerous influentials.

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Four Phases of Online Social Change


You may agree or disagree with me on this, so I encourage your thoughts as I’m transcribing some of my own observations into the online social change field.

Malcolm Gladwell misses the point

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

In the article he downplays the perceived role of Twitter in events such as the Iran Election and points out the minuscule average individual contributions (9 cents) on the Facebook page of the Save Darfur Coalition, which has 1.2 I’ve finally had a chance to read the recent Malcolm Gladwell article in The New Yorker , entitled “Small Change – Why the revolution will not be tweeted&#.

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The Power of Youth Philanthropy

Fundraising Breakthroughs

In a similar vein, two high school students in Massachusetts raised $420,000 to aid the people of Darfur. Nicholas D. Kristof writes in yesterday’s New York Times about how youth are rocking out with philanthropic endeavors. One New York high school student raised $57,000 to help build an elementary school in rural Cambodia. These “piggy-bank philanthropists,” as Mr. Kristof labels them, are inspiring. They demonstrate what creativity and drive can do to create real change in the world.

Revolution Won’t Be Tweeted

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The Facebook page of the Save Darfur Coalition has 1,282,339 members, who have donated an average of nine cents apiece. The next biggest Darfur charity on Facebook has 22,073 members, who have donated an average of thirty-five cents. Help Save Darfur has 2,797 members, who have given, on average, fifteen cents. A spokesperson for the Save Darfur Coalition told Newsweek, “We wouldn’t necessarily gauge someone’s value to the advocacy movement based on what they’ve given.

Would you let this New York Times columnist drown?

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Railing the world's lack of attention to the crises in Darfur in other humanitarian disaster zones, he puts part of the blame on the nonprofit organizations that work in those areas: humanitarians are abjectly ineffective at selling their causes. We all should salute Mr. Kristof for his work bringing Darfur and other places to our attention. Nicholas Kristof thinks we are lame. At least, that's how it seems based on his recent New York Times piece, Would You Let This Girl Drown?

Games for Change Festival

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Darfur is Dying. Since it’s release last year, over a million people have played this game to experience and better understand the dire situation regarding the genocide in Darfur. I had a fantastic, albeit short, time at the Games for Change Annual Festival yesterday.

Getting the whole world to sit in on your cause.


Imagine if we all digitally sat in on Darfur?

Free tool of the week: VoiceThread for nonprofits


It’s a very versatile tool…as you’ll see as you browse through the collection of existing VoiceThreads; everything from podcasting tutorials to art exhibitions to children’s voices about what’s happening in Darfur. flickr/ //amy//.

Boost online response by optimizing your donation landing pages


Most organizations devote lots of time and energy into developing clever creative for their online campaigns and e-mails, whether it’s the Tck Tck Tck global warming campaign or AmeriCares “Send your mother-in-law to Darfur” gift catalog.

Andy Goodman Ruined My Life. Now I Want to Ruin Yours.

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Our desire: to harness the power of narrative to end homelessness, stop global warming, end the genocide in Darfur, ensure health care for all, etc. How many of you have taken Andy Goodman’s storytelling seminar ? Pretty mind-blowing, huh? Andy unlocks the secrets of good story-telling, decoding a formula for narrative going at least back to Aristotle’s Poetics. There are easily thousands of non-profit communicators who have passed through Andy’s program.