Customer Loyalty is not Customer Retention

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One popular application of a customer retention strategy is a loyalty campaign or loyalty program. Just about every business has one, and we love to see our customers completing loyalty programs that truly drive their customers to new levels of engagement. But too many times a loyaty program is seen as the basis for a customer retention program not a supplement to a strategy. Lets look at a few areas of customer retention that loyalty programs do not address.

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Customer Retention Strategies for Financial Institutions

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There are no hard and fast rules for customer retention in financial institutions. With such a competitive market driven by costs as well as customer service, you have to present a consistent message and engage with your customers frequently or you lose them when the next market shift occurs. Let’s look at some of the tactics that any financial institution, whether it be a bank or trading office, could implement to keep customers engaged.

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CRM and Customer Retention

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With digital media, the core advantage is the collection of thousands of data to allow you to critically evaluate your customer behaviors. Actually foreseeing what your customers will do in light of an event. The most popular and recommended way to do this is with a Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM. Your CRM should allow you to not only collect information on the demographics of your customers, but also on the historical behaviors of your customers.

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Newsletter: How to Process Point-of-Sale Donations ; Rival Clubs Offer Charity Donations to Customers That Abandon SoulCycle ??? ; Five Nonprofit Chatbots That are Worth Talking To

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Here's the key with point-of-sale fundraisers. Whatever point-of sale (POS) system the business currently uses to process sales, use that same system to process the donation. Other questions on point-of-sale fundraisers?

Social Media Beyond The Sale

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The last sale has check in. Your sales were off the charts from both your current customers and new customers. You made the sale now what? The big question is how can you plan to use social media to keep in touch beyond the sale ? Business professionals plan.

How to Define Retention Rate for Customer Retention

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Measuring customer retention takes a lot of data to make insights tangible for action in your marketing efforts. Capturing information about your customers involves a detailed measurement system.

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Nonprofits: Create “customer pathways” to build loyalty


Wheeler talks a lot about AHA’s growing customer focus, both the methods it employs to understand customer needs and how it uses that information in designing programs and communications. This is an offer of friendship, not just a sales pitch. flickr/eggonstilts.

Social Media Creates Customer/Brand "Miracle" Partnerships

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No high pressuring and forcing the customer to take something he doesn't want. No, it's not a new social media customer service strategy. It was an innovative sales program launched in 1947 by Macy's Department Store. it is all about our customer.

Nonprofits And The Customer Experience

The Agitator

In the commercial marketing arena, there’s heaps of chat about the ‘customer experience’ and how to improve it in the interest of retaining and up-selling customers. Nonprofit marketers who watch that space are probably a bit dismissive, because few of us have stores, physical products, services, complex transactional websites, call centers and so forth where it’s obvious the customer experience plays out for better or worse.

News Flash - Innovative New Idea! Listen To Your Customers.

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It's yours and your customers and their friends and their family and. Recently I've been noticing more posts, tweets and social network updates by marketers who have had ah ha moments that customers hold the golden key to their business profitablity. from Sales Rescue Team.

Newsletter: You Should Adopt This Creepy Phone Tactic from Wayfair ; Sales of Mr. Rogers’ Iconic Sweater Support Namesake’s Charity ; The Best Charity CEO on Twitter

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There was a report earlier this month that the online retailer was making unsolicited calls to customers while they were browsing the Wayfair website. I've written before on how to turn your homepage into a lead-generating machine.

A small eBook for a big recession

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Skip Anderson - Founder, Selling to Consumers Sales Trianing - “Selling for retailers&#.

Business Fails At Customer Retention Too

The Agitator

So we were gratified to see this article — Keep ‘em Comin’ Back — from the Center for Media Research discussing an Acxiom/Loyalty 360 study of customer retention in the commercial space. If it’s any consolation, businesses struggle with customer retention too! Citing Bain Consulting, the article reports that the average company loses 20-40% of its customers every year. The Agitator is rather passionate on the subject of donor retention.

Interview with Becky Carroll Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers

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Traditionally customer service has been perceived as a necessary business function whose purpose is to appease unhappy customers. She thinks customers rock and caring for your customer is one of the joys of doing businss. . Relvancy and customer service.

Ep242: How This Chain of C-Stores Activated Customers, Employees to Raise $1.35M for MDA

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What's your approach to point of sale efforts? What do customers think of your charitable efforts? How do you communicate the results of the campaign with customers and employees?

How to Get Others to Buy Into Your Cause

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Yes, you’re in sales. You’ve told me that sales can feel icky; sleazy or inauthentic. Think used cars, or the seedy, conniving sales guys in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. I used to turn away from sales, too. That’s sales. Yes, you’re in sales.

Increasing Member Retention for Associations

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Once a member is a part of your organization, they touch customer service, communications, member services, events, etc. When a customer becomes a member of your association, they bring with them an expectation of value for your association. Sometimes this can be called “brand experience” or “customer service” but we are really talking about is the value each one of these services conveys to that member during their membership.

Mmmm….Donuts….for a Cause

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All this week, Dunkin’ Donuts customers can buy the Purple with a Purpose Donut , a vanilla-frosted donut topped with purple sprinkles. While Dunkin is only saying that a portion of purple donut sales this week will support ALS, the donut chain has donated $70,000 since 2009.


JCA Insights

At JCA we work on an assortment of projects including systems integrations, data migrations, custom applications and internet development. We’ve worked with the client to greatly improve web site performance and ticket sales throughput. JCA Answers utilizes SQL Server Analysis Services data cubes and a custom Windows application for browsing data and creating reports. We are working with several clients on migration projects utilizing our custom migration framework.

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How to Sell Cause Marketing as a Groupon-Like Promotion

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Me: Like Groupon, our cause marketing model is focused on helping local businesses like yours attract new customers. Prospect: I hear that, but Groupon has a huge mailing list of prospective customers for me. You want me to to sell pinups to my customers.

Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

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Point-of-sale programs are the backbone of cause marketing, raising the majority of consumer donations each year. The dominating point-of-sale tactic is pinups. When the customer buys one, the donation is added to their bill.

Do You Miss Me?

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My daughter’s martial arts school has mastered the art of customer service. Here is an example of Black Belt Martial Arts Center’s customer service in practice. In sales, we would call this an effective touch point – a quick but deliberate communication – to stay top of mind.

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A. C. Moore & Easter Seals Craft Cause Marketing Success

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I really like the point-of-sale cause marketing program A. Moore’s 136 stores cashiers asked customers to donate a dollar to Easter Seal’s Act for Autism campaign and together they raised over $141,000. During the point-of-sale campaign, A.

When is a Donation Not a Donation?

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Such as, a small nonprofit puts a link to Amazon on their website, because they get a few pennies back from each book sale as part of the "associates" program. Ask yourself this; is the business you're considering partnering with going to be promoting your mission to their customers, or are they expecting you to promote their products to your donors? donors sales cause marketingA donation that's not a donation? What's that?

Are you ready for the 24/7 donor?


Accenture – the world’s largest consulting firm – says that we’re in the era of the “nonstop consumer” According to their website, “A customer’s path to purchase used to be linear.

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Cause Marketing in the ‘Hood: Starbucks, Whole Foods

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I like the program, and as a Starbucks customer I admire the coffee behemoth for supporting CI’s mission to protect the earth. In my travels this past weekend, I came across two cause marketing programs at two stores my family frequents a lot.

Selling Local Sponsorships for Nonprofits: Closing the Deal

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Before my sales people head out to close a potential sale I always give them the same piece of advice: Don’t screw it up. Tags: Selling Local Sponsorships cause marketing cause-related marketing nonprofit sponsorship sales sponsorship

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Custom reports offer a real-time picture of your supporters across all channels. Rely on world-class customer support. Create custom target segments in EveryAction, then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys.

Store Manager Shares Key to Cause Marketing Success

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A great team and asking every customer to support the cause is how this iParty store in Quincy, Massachusetts raised more money than any other ($2,800 to be exact). Did you get that? It’s all about the ask at the register.

5 Factors to Consider with Merchant Services Selection

A Small Change

Set-up: You’ll want to select a partner that provides an easy process, such as an online application form and a customer service representative that helps walk you through this process and prepare you by providing a summary of requirements needed to apply.

Credit Card Processing for a Fundraising Campaign

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This will allow you to: accept online donations, process registrations and ticket sales on your fundraising website, and sell more products, auction items, or raffle tickets at your fundraising event.

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Meet the EveryAction Team 2018


Sure, sometimes there’s a crunch to release something, or a customer support ticket that requires extra attention?—?but Here’s what some members of our Sales Team had to say about working at EveryAction. A: I serve as the lead technical resource and expert for the EveryAction Sales team. so my main role is to help our Sales Team stay on top of all the exciting new features and help prospective clients understand how EveryAction tools can meet their needs.

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Is Your Donor “Endangered”?


Fortunately for me, my cousin Richard (who I know) is the foremost authority on customer service. He’s got a new book out titled The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business. “Welcome customers [donors] as you would guests in your home.”

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Are fundraising tricks and gimmicks worth doing?


Some pages were dog-eared so I flipped the pages and found this gem: “The smart salesperson never thinks of selling as a battle or of customers as enemies to be beaten. A customer whom you’ve beaten in this way will get out, get even, or do both.

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Countdown to Halloween Town: Pinups to the People

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I’ve called them point-of-sale, paper icons, mobiles, paper plaques and probably several other names. Our pinup programs aren’t just glorified customer loyalty programs. Tags: Cause Marketer's Journal Cause Practices cause marketing cause-related marketing mobiles paper icons paper plaques pinups point-of-sale This pinup is our fifth and has been a close companion of the Halloween Town event since it began in 2005.

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What’s the Difference Between Buying and Giving


Waiter => restaurant provides opportunity for customer (donor) to feel that they were involved in a fair exchange since they received good service (value) in exchange for money. From a marketing perspective, there is no difference. .

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators – December 14, 2018

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