Customer Loyalty is not Customer Retention

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One popular application of a customer retention strategy is a loyalty campaign or loyalty program. Just about every business has one, and we love to see our customers completing loyalty programs that truly drive their customers to new levels of engagement. But too many times a loyaty program is seen as the basis for a customer retention program not a supplement to a strategy. Lets look at a few areas of customer retention that loyalty programs do not address.

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CRM and Customer Retention

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That might sound obvious, but from our experience not everyone fully understands how important data can be to your marketing and retention efforts. Much of advertising falls into the “spray and pray” mentality of traditional media. With digital media, the core advantage is the collection of thousands of data to allow you to critically evaluate your customer behaviors. It’s the marketer’s version of the scientific age. Data matters.

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Customer Retention Strategies for Financial Institutions

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There are no hard and fast rules for customer retention in financial institutions. With such a competitive market driven by costs as well as customer service, you have to present a consistent message and engage with your customers frequently or you lose them when the next market shift occurs. Let’s look at some of the tactics that any financial institution, whether it be a bank or trading office, could implement to keep customers engaged.

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Re-engaging Lapsed Customers/Donors

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Everybody in marketing — whether they’re selling cars, cell phones or causes/charities — has the same problem … keeping their current customers engaged. In the commercial world, marketers use all sorts of personal and individual behavior (or inactivity) data to trigger relevant customer contacts aimed at repeat sales or ‘softer’ relationship building.

Social Media Beyond The Sale

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Q: How many marketers does it take to respond to a tweet? Wondering what surprises the Groupons and Scout Mobs of the digital coupon world have in store for us. Wondering how Facebook and Twitter will play the game. This is not the day for crash and burn.

Nonprofits And The Customer Experience

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In the commercial marketing arena, there’s heaps of chat about the ‘customer experience’ and how to improve it in the interest of retaining and up-selling customers. Nonprofit marketers who watch that space are probably a bit dismissive, because few of us have stores, physical products, services, complex transactional websites, call centers and so forth where it’s obvious the customer experience plays out for better or worse.

How to Define Retention Rate for Customer Retention

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Measuring customer retention takes a lot of data to make insights tangible for action in your marketing efforts. First and foremost you must have good data capture. Capturing information about your customers involves a detailed measurement system.

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Social Media Creates Customer/Brand "Miracle" Partnerships

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and the sugar surge has just begun. settle back and enjoy a holiday story of a time long ago. No high pressuring and forcing the customer to take something he doesn't want. The plan sounds idiotic and impossible.consequently, we'll make more pro fit than ever before.".

A small eBook for a big recession

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However, after giving it some thought and looking at the existing contributors, I quickly realized that the word “selling&# in the title of this eBook is used in a broad context. The one question I had to figure out was: “What is the unique market vertical that I operate in?&#.

Business Fails At Customer Retention Too

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So we were gratified to see this article — Keep ‘em Comin’ Back — from the Center for Media Research discussing an Acxiom/Loyalty 360 study of customer retention in the commercial space. If it’s any consolation, businesses struggle with customer retention too! Citing Bain Consulting, the article reports that the average company loses 20-40% of its customers every year. The Agitator is rather passionate on the subject of donor retention.

News Flash - Innovative New Idea! Listen To Your Customers.

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It's yours and your customers and their friends and their family and. Ask them what they want from you and how they'd like to interact in the digital world.". "Ah," talking to customers can bring valuable insights. . from Sales Rescue Team.

What’s Your Marketing Maturity Level? Take this Super-Fast Quiz and Find Out!

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Seriously, this quiz is only two multiple-choice questions, but don’t let me get ahead of myself… Our New Approach to Training that Meets You Where You Are In 2019, we are introducing a new way for you to manage your professional development called the Five Levels of Marketing Maturity. We’ve labeled these five levels: Marketing Maturity Level One – Beginner. Marketing Maturity Level Two – Capable. Marketing Maturity Level Three – Skilled.

Interview with Becky Carroll Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers

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Traditionally customer service has been perceived as a necessary business function whose purpose is to appease unhappy customers. She thinks customers rock and caring for your customer is one of the joys of doing businss. . Relvancy and customer service.

Matching Cause and Sponsor in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Trey Watson owns a fruit tree nursery in East Texas called Legg Creek Farm and so naturally when he decided to do some cause marketing he choose congenital heart defects. Wait a minute, you say, a fruit tree nursery and congenital heart defects?

Ep242: How This Chain of C-Stores Activated Customers, Employees to Raise $1.35M for MDA

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Mike Richardson , Vice President of Marketing, Casey’s General Stores , a 2000-store convenience store chain in 15 states, about their recent charity pinup fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

How to Get Others to Buy Into Your Cause

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Yes, you’re in sales. You’ve told me that sales can feel icky; sleazy or inauthentic. Think used cars, or the seedy, conniving sales guys in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. And I know just what you mean. I used to turn away from sales, too. That’s sales.

4 Ways to Segment Your Donors for More Effective Marketing

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Donors want and need to be treated like the unique people that they are. Ideally, if a nonprofit had the staff, time, and money to fully individualize marketing, that nonprofit would. So, what’s a nonprofit marketer to do? Sarah Tedesco.

Are fundraising tricks and gimmicks worth doing?


I was cleaning out a cabinet last weekend and I came across an old book I read long ago titled Strategic Selling. Some pages were dog-eared so I flipped the pages and found this gem: “The smart salesperson never thinks of selling as a battle or of customers as enemies to be beaten.

Week of Freebies, Day 2: Creating a Welcome Series [Online Mini-Course]

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On Monday we shared how you can get your customized training plan with self-paced courses recommended just for you. While this course is recommended for Marketing Maturity Levels 2 and 3, Free Members can access any free course they are interested in regardless of their level.

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Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – September 16, 2011

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Please post your nonprofit marketing position here — FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities. 1) Communications, Outreach and Events Manager , New Yorkers for Parks , (New York, NY). 6) Director of Marketing and Communications , Global Partnerships , (Seattle, WA).

Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

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Point-of-sale programs are the backbone of cause marketing, raising the majority of consumer donations each year. The dominating point-of-sale tactic is pinups. One question I get all the time after I present on the different types of cause marketing tactics is “What’s a pinup?

Yes and Yes Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

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4 post titled, ‘Transactional Cause Marketing is Not the Boogeyman.” In it I dismissed people who get heartburn from the practice of transactional cause marketing, that is, when a purchase triggers the donation. Here’s what I wrote then : “Transactional cause marketing is a promotion. So are coupons, sales flyers, sampling, among many others. Cause marketing pulls many of the same psychological strings. And so it’s not the same.”

People First—4 Steps To Your All-Org Marketing Team

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I’m in the middle of Tom Peters’ most recent e-book, People First , and want to share four vital takeaways with you. These four steps—clear and doable by every organization, really—have the potential to absolutely transform your organization, so take some time here.

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How to make a splash! Marketing Your Nonprofit Educational Programs

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What can you do to help your association succeed, and how can you get more people to take your fantastic educational programs? You’ve got to market them more effectively. What does marketing really mean, in this case? Advanced Annual Reports for Print and Web Webinar.

2 marketing Jedi Masters tell us why fundraising IS marketing/selling


Fundraising IS marketing and selling. Yet some fundraisers think it’s different from other forms of marketing and sales when it isn’t. Somehow the altruistic aspects of fundraising get in the way and muck up the process. Fundraising is sales.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – September 9, 2011

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Please post your nonprofit marketing position here — FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities. 1) Art Director and Director of Customer Engagement , Invisible Children , (San Diego, CA). 7) Marketing Coordinator , U.S.

How to Sell Cause Marketing as a Groupon-Like Promotion

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It means that we are usually more convincing when we can identify with our prospect’s needs, attitudes, interests and beliefs. String enough of those sparks together and you have the light and warmth that comes from the flame of a new partnership. Me: I do and we will.

Increasing Member Retention for Associations

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Marketing typically gets the brunt of the responsibility for attracting new members and keeping them engaged, but a true retention strategy contains efforts from all disciplines inside the association. Once a member is a part of your organization, they touch customer service, communications, member services, events, etc. Let’s take a look at some of these items and how they work for member retention. Track and provide conference and purchase history?

Bounceback Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Cause marketing sponsors might have several reasons for engaging in cause marketing including boosting sales, building brand, and bolstering PR, among others. One of those goals might also be to give customers a good reason to come back after supporting a cause.

Lessons on Cause Marketing From Fred Astaire

Cause Related Marketing

In 1946 Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly did an extended song and dance number called the Babbitt and the Bromide in the 1946 MGM musical Ziegfeld Follies. As was typical of the choreography of both men, when Astaire and Kelly danced together their steps mirrored each other.

Viva Cause Marketing!

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Jose has a half-dozen years experience in cause marketing in North America’s second largest country. With this post, Jose gives us an update of where cause marketing has been in Mexico and what it’s future might be. A Glimpse at Cause Marketing in Mexico It's 7 pm in Mexico City.

KPIs for Cause Marketers

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If you ask a regular marketer what his KPIs are he may have a handful. But ask a digital marketer what her key performance indicators and she may have 100 or more. Allen, a product marketer at Adobe Marketing Cloud at an American Marketing Association meeting yesterday is that digital marketing generates a huge pile of data that can be efficiently cross-tabulated in countless ways. Which prompts the question for cause marketers, what are your KPIs?

Got UTM? Measuring Nonprofit Email and Social Media Results

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UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, and the UTM codes or parameters you add to the end of your standard website links give Google Analytics much more detail about what those links are and how you are using them. You might also use “social” and “ads.”

Cause Marketing for the Disrespected

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I typed that phrase in Google and got 444,000 results. I’m sure there are legitimate and above-board timeshare operators, but they seem to be a pretty well-kept secret. And so I’m not surprised that an online timeshare sales service is trying cause marketing to dress up its reputation. Because if you were a good operator in disrespected sector, one way to get past public cynicism would be to align with a cause that prospective customers could care about.

FACEBOOK DUMP: Catch Up With 22 of the Latest Posts on Features, Fundraising, Ads and Engagement

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Facebook even changed its mission for the first time in its 13 year history, from “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” to “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”. Billion. Monthly. Users.

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1 Exemplary Cause Marketing Effort, 4 Activations

Cause Related Marketing

Last Saturday found me Christmas shopping and in two very different retail settings I came across examples of St. But since the monitors turn around to display information to customers, the surrounds were also meant for customers as well.

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

[Note: For the closing plenary session at the World Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference a few weeks ago, I was asked to speak about the future of social marketing. And it makes a nice touchpoint for people who want to pass the ideas along and discuss them some more.

A. C. Moore & Easter Seals Craft Cause Marketing Success

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I really like the point-of-sale cause marketing program A. Moore and Easter Seals recently completed. Even though it was a national program, it has some good lessons for local cause marketers like me (and probably you). During the point-of-sale campaign, A.

Memorial Day Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

It’s Memorial Day on Monday in the United States, a Federal holiday that recognizes the men and women who served in the military and died. It’s also fair game for cause marketing around military veterans and causes. In-stores the campaign shows as a bunch of splashy well-placed signage, plus notices at every checkout counter asking customers to donate to the USO. Regular readers know how much I love those big budget cause marketing campaigns.

A Turnkey Cause Marketing Promotion for Restaurants

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re a restaurant, even in the quick-service category, it’s hard to imagine a transactional cause marketing campaign you could launch more easily or quickly than a dessert promotion. If the goal is to increase you average ticket price, cause marketing the entrée probably isn't the ticket.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

Cause Related Marketing

One of the things I love about cause marketing is also one of the things I love about my wife; it (like she) continues to surprise me. And sometimes all of those adjectives at once! Here in date order of the original post are my top eleven Best Cause Marketing Efforts of 2011.

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What’s the Difference Between Buying and Giving


From a marketing perspective, there is no difference. . Whether you are trying to get people to buy or give, both require solid marketing strategies and tactics. And both include some level of fairness. Bottom line: There is no difference between buying and giving.

Cause Marketing in the ‘Hood: Starbucks, Whole Foods

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In my travels this past weekend, I came across two cause marketing programs at two stores my family frequents a lot. You load the card with dough and every time you spill the beans at Starbucks through the end of the year five cents goes to CI.